Reviews for A Layer of Dust
Elliot Bowers chapter 1 . 3/29/2002
_Not bad, this was not bad at all. But I just

can't say that; I have to back what I say. Let

me just say-to begin-that there were some problems.

Some words-a few-were misspelled and out of

place. For example, you wrote "shortie" instead

of "sortie": Gally is a "shorty," and a "sortie"

is a quick and short trip." (C'est comme "sortir,"

n'est-ce pas?) And, there were some punctual

stutters, just SOME errors... That was the bad.

_Now, about the GOOD. This was, overall, a GOOD

work. It was slow, compared to general Gunnm

fanfics, but that was good...very good. We saw

quite good settings for musings on the past, on

troubles, and past troubles. And, we as readers

saw the slow beauty of the meditative thoughts.

In "short," so to speak, your work fit the title.

Indeed, this was not bad at all. Right now, I'll

be running off-before Gally has my head for calling

her a "shorty!"
daisukefire chapter 1 . 9/25/2001
Pretty dang good, I liked it.