Reviews for For the Love of His Son
Ellie75 chapter 15 . 4/8
so very good. i couldn't stop reading, i read it straight through! wow
Sarah chapter 15 . 2/23
This is my second time reading this story. I love happy endings too.
lara5170 chapter 15 . 2/6
This was good but I wish there was more
Daddy Shmurda chapter 1 . 12/24/2021
shadowphoenix143 chapter 14 . 11/29/2021
I have no idea if you read any of your reviews anymore, but I am leaving another one anyway. My last review for this story was nearly 14 years ago and I am still coming back to read this, and your other stories, for like the hundredth time, and I still love reading them.
emowoods205 chapter 1 . 10/10/2021
Here I am rereading this story! I've always loved this story and I just keep coming back to read it again and again
nshai chapter 15 . 2/16/2021
this was so good
Syaoran-Lover chapter 15 . 1/4/2021
My favorite part about this was Kiba’s rising up in tank in Sasuke’s eyes.
I loved how Kiba went from stupid idiot to Naruto’s best friend/bodyguard or stg.

I can’t forgive Tsunade here. While I understand she was hurt and thought Naruto was lying, I don’t think she even apologized after slapping him that hard the first time... slapping a child who had already been plenty abused. And while she didn’t exactly do it on purpose, how could an experienced doctor like her leave when the due date is coming in and inexplicable enough pregnancy? Oo

Nice fic
Isesrez chapter 15 . 9/24/2020
This was your bestest bestest story along with Dirt and Grime.
zainab.198923 chapter 2 . 6/13/2020
I was thinking where is the usual humour and there comes the bag of chips joke smooth!
Guest chapter 15 . 10/17/2019
Thank you for writing a good story.
sasunaru1214 chapter 15 . 9/28/2019
been looking for this story.. im so happy
Flower573 chapter 15 . 7/7/2019
I love this story so much!
Lily chapter 12 . 6/26/2019
i can't stop reading this fic. It's my favourite Naruto fanfic ever
Cafrye chapter 15 . 11/27/2018
Splendid, marvelous, why does Sasuke never get pregnant in stories. A pregnant, pouty, broody Sasuke. That would be hilarious.
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