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LittleMissWriter91 chapter 22 . 7/18/2009
Yeah, that is pretty haunting... but it sets it up for the next chapter, so it's fine, I guess.

Well, took you a while to finally update. Least you actually got around to it, so it's not a total crime, I guess. OKay, I did not see that coming, Shandrey's pregnancy being that far along already. Three months? I think I said before that it was four... ah, whatever. I don't have any theories as to why it's suddenly speeded up, something to do with Nayia... I dunno. I just hope you get the next chapter out so I can try to figure more out.

Now, I think I'll go and read the other thing you sent me. I'll PM you my verdict. Talk to you later!

LittleMissWriter91 chapter 21 . 5/23/2009
I read this chapter a couple of hours before and was about to comment, but then I had to got to church. I hate church...but I'm back and ready to review.

Yeah, church was boring and as usual I sta back in the pyre and daydreamed. But, it gave me time to think about that last section, and I have a theory. Kinda like in the latest installment in Shan's story wheh Shandrey spoke through Lee'm mind. I'm sure that was Nayia. Sure because of the following reasons: Lee only ever calls her Shandrey, never Shan. The 'I'm not dead' part sparked the theory. The mask's questionable, but it sounds like something to do with her.

Raynerd's starting to scare me, Julian as well. If Nayia knew what he's planning (Shan's probably his main target, her being Yue and Hotaru's main adversary and all), then she'd... well, hate him as much as the others. Nice little additon of Regan regretting not telling her his feelings. Little does he knew he'll be getting a second chance.

I can picture Lee giving him the evil eye as he tries to tell her, Nayia figures it out, then begs Shan to 'talk' to Lee and try and convince him to give them a chance. Of course Shan'd be able to eventually convince Lee, she's his wife and she's beautiful. Can you think of a reason why he'd still say no?

Now, all i have to do is wait for Lee's Thoughts. Shouldn't be too long now, right?

Talk to you later.

realfanficts chapter 20 . 4/10/2009
Well, perhaps Regan does care after all, under all that bravado, letting them stay another night.

She forbids him to blame himself. Well, at least that should have SOME effect.

her healing is blocked? Definitely eerie. That cursed Ring is too powerful for her own good.

Yes, in a war, there are casualties...but would that there had never been a need for war.

I'm frankly surprised the temple's still standing with all the destruction that was wrought.

Reynard? As in the weerewolf? hmm...I've got to send you what plans I have for him earlier during the war. I do plan on him playing a fairly big part, at least for the first few years. Remind me if I haven't sent you the details som time in the next week.

Wow...I was not expecting the death of one of the main characters. Though I trust you when you say it was not without reason. I nearly shed a tear reading that.
LittleMissWriter91 chapter 20 . 4/9/2009
I suppose you're going to expect this from me but... WHY? WHY HER? WHY NAYIA? You should know that for Shandrey, losing someone like her would only make her feel worse. She was going to be an aunt... Man, can I only imagine how Shandrey's feeling right now...

I really don't know what to say, except I did not see any of this coming. I know this'll proply be very unlikely, but I hope they are able to bring her back. Nayia, after all she's been through, deserves to live a long, happy life.

I'm literally crying now. To lift my spirits, if a little, I think I'll go read part tweleve of LT.

realfanficts chapter 19 . 3/11/2009
Again, i liked it all, but I especially loved the fight scene between Mockingbird and Elm. Truly inspired.

and I see there is one less villain to worry about. :)
realfanficts chapter 18 . 3/11/2009
I don't have a prepared review for this...needless to say, i liked how you had My characters interact with each other...and I never even thought of Amyah healing the Black Plague, though now i'm not sure why i didn't think of it.
LittleMissWriter91 chapter 19 . 2/15/2009
*Slaps you up the side of the head* Took ya long enough. *Gives you a bagful of cookies* But here's you reward for keeping your promise anyway.

Yep, there was defniatly a lot going on in this chapter. I could Lee was already developing... How do I put it... a father's attitude, judging by the way he confronted Nayia about Julian. Don't tell me he's going to be like that when his daughter brings home her first boyfriend. Actually, picturing it right now... It'll be quite funny.

Is it just me, or does Nayia seem to have a habit of getting into trouble and being injured? She's like a danger magnet, but so is Shandrey, in a way. Ah, I guess it's a good thing that Nayia has a friend like Shandrey. God knows she needs one.

Anyway, now that this chapter's (finally) done and dusted, it means you have another one that you need to do. So now, get going.

Oh, and did you get the thing I sent you?

Gotta go!

LittleMissWriter91 chapter 18 . 1/7/2009
Okay, you are seriously evil. Keeping me hanging like that; three part events. Not that I hate them, it's just, now I have to wait another sixty years for you to finally have the finale done and dusted. But, then again, who am I to complain? I've done it a few times.

Well, like always, I eagerly await the next chapter. If I give you a cookie, would that make you write the next chapter any quicker? Ah, you'd need more than a cookie, wouldn't you?

Oh, and another thing, I've been reading over the stories that have Shandrey in them, and there are a few every important things I need to talk to you about. I won't mention it in this review, but you have to know that it's very important, because it's to do with her character.

Anyway, see ya.

realfanficts chapter 17 . 12/29/2008
Hmm, that came as a surprise. So Mifune actually still has some semblance of honor.

Ah, that was indeed very clever of Lee.

Yes, I think they do expect her to sit there and twiddle her thumbs. With her being as far along as she is, she’d be more of a hindrance rather than a help.

A bun in the oven? I’ve never heard it put quite like THAT before…

Well, it is an expectant mother’s prerogative to think of names, but not reveal them.

OK, I hate those little snatches of missing moments, but they sure make stories interesting when it’s later revealed what they said or did…

Smash and grab really is the most applicable term, I suppose.

Of course, her far-sight (what I call her ability to see things from a distance through pools of water) would enable her to watch every step they take.

That, a Summer home? Nah, I’ll take somewhere that’s a bit less humid.

Now that’s cool…and a pretty darn clever method for keeping out any unwanted trespassers. Too bad it doesn’t work if a Chevalier who didn’t want to be one in the first place accompanies them.

Remain unspotted? Well, there goes that plan.

Kill the rest? Mockingbird’s not going to like that.

So, Julian’s on the loose now. Things are really getting muddled for everyone now. I doubt any side is going to be coming out of the coming confrontation the way they want to…

So, Dr. Owen makes another appearance. The outcome there will definitely be interesting, to say the least—most certainly worth waiting to see. As will the entire next chapter. Nothing is going according to anyone’s plan, so I can’t wait to see the next chapter. Let’s hope it’s a little longer, eh? ;)
realfanficts chapter 16 . 12/29/2008
That’s weird—I never got an alert for this chapter. Just another piece of evidence to show I can’t always trust the site to work properly.

Heh, they can't exactly help being weird. They’ve all had it thrust on them to some degree, though admittedly, Elm partially chose this kind of life.

OK, that’s an audacious plan, at least. It just might work. Though the others have a point about it being crazy, it’s probably the best shot they have.

The Earth Crystal being unearthed? Now there’s a bad pun if I ever heard one…(wink)

So, she’s there without Hotaru’s knowledge…interesting.

And that’s why. Hoo boy, this just got interesting. Very, VERY interesting.

Yep, he’s one of those people.

Better safe than sorry? Hey, he’s talking about Pascal’s Wager…

And of course, it has to be Toph who saw him with Mockingbird. The one person he wouldn’t be able to mislead until he felt ready to talk, if at all.

Hmm…Julian must be going through a tough time right about now…

Whew…Regan showed up just in time, I think, to prevent that argument from turning nasty.

The Cairo Museum, eh? And on display…that figures. They’re looking so hard for it, and it’s in plain sight.

Heh heh, poor Elm. He probably doesn’t know what to think.

Yeah, there’s no denying Mockingbird without facing her wrath—quite a formidable thing. We’ll just have to see how this plays out. And I can’t wait to find out where they really are…

Ah, here are the children. I was beginning to wonder if they had disappeared…nah, just kidding. I knew you hadn’t forgotten.

Uh oh, she takes all the knowledge and memories of the host? That’s definitely going to spell trouble…

Oho, looks like Elm made his call just in time to save Amyah. But something tells me this wasn’t the way the good guys had imagined it happening.

OK, I didn’t see that coming…I wonder what tipped Simon off to the fact that she’s merely mortal…

Ah, good, I was beginning to think Ring didn’t have a weakness. Though we (the readers) still have no idea what.
LittleMissWriter91 chapter 17 . 12/27/2008
Well finally you updated, and they way you kept it shorter than usual and only part of... a big event has me begging and pleading for more. I guess it is a good thing that she decided to stay behind, even though she hates the feeling of being useless. Seriuosly, you are evil for leaving us reader(s) hanging like that... I couldn't be prouder of you!

Oh, and on the subject os names, I think you should throw 'Nayia' in there somewhere. I'm sure she'll be over the moon with that.

So, er, year... I'll start on the next chapter of Harbinger. It's round about now that I have to try and sort out how everything is going to fix together.

Well, talk to ya whenever!

LittleMissWriter91 chapter 16 . 11/30/2008
Well, I guess now that you finally updated, I can call off that interrorgator/hitman I hired to "talk to you". Now, where did I put his mobilr number...

You could say I was hoping for this to be the "Lee's big breakout" chapter... but it wasn't, I guess I have to wait another sixty years for the next chapter to come out so I can see.

Shandrey's "mood swing" was funny; I got a few chuckles out fo that. I think that perhaps next time, she should stay behind and let the others go into the lions den. Not that I don't think she'll cope, but she's pretty much fragile right now. She's already four (and maybe a half) months down the line already; that's usually whe sne should start taking precautions about what she does.

So, have you got any ideas for names for Shan's baby yet? Being who she is, I don't think Shan would settle for something as common as "Elizabeth" or "Jessica". I've been thinking maybe something like "Rhiannon" or maybe even "Cornelia, or "Freya" (The Norse goddess of love and beauty), or "Paige". Names like those that you don't really hear much of these days. Lee might throw in a Japanese name for the middle name, but I agree with you on putting "Moira" in as well. She may have been compleatly evil, but she was still a sister to Shan, and she still loved her.

Please make sure the next chapter comes out a little more quickly than this? Or, I'll have to call that interrigator/hitman again, and he's becoming a little agitated...

Just kidding; there is no guy like him. I'm just bad at waiting.

See ya!

realfanficts chapter 15 . 11/10/2008
Yeah, somehow I don’t think this is the appropriate place for Toph to tell her story—especially if another chevalier is close by.

(Shrugs) Well, that’s one way to cross traffic safely.

I wonder what these thugs want of him…

I suppose Regan could sell an Eskimo refrigerators, the way he—nah, he’s not quite that convincing.

Well, Elm, nice timing. Looks like he owes you another one.

Uh oh, he called them a sea of freaks? Not a smart idea. Way to go Toph!

He calls her the greatest earthbender who ever lived—and she claims that’s too little credit? Ha ha, that’s just like her.

Stick boy? Hmm, interesting—that’s another nickname Toph could use on Aang if she hd the opportunity.

“Yes, after so many years the two of you will have something to fight about again.” I almost choked on a swallow of water from laughter when I read that line.

I pity any other would-be swordsman who comes up against Lee in a straight-on swordfight. Such control…

Oho, Mockingbird’s in trouble…

Heh heh, I suppose having your life saved would tend to make you a bit more hospitable toward the people who saved you.

Of course. If anyone could help them, it would be Yue.

Of course Aang would be the first to volunteer, but the other two have a point. He needs to fight the Fire Lord.

And Toph was certainly the logical choice. Despite her power, she’s the most…well, forgive me for using the word ‘expendable.’

Yeah, I’ll say some of those people aren’t human…I can think of two right off the bat.

Hmm. I can’t wait to hear of this plan of Shandrey’s. (No, that's not a request for further info via PM. I'll wait just like everyone else.)
LittleMissWriter91 chapter 15 . 10/31/2008
Well, I see you finally updated, and Nayia finally found out about her future neice/nephew. For some reason, I can really picture her and Lee argueing about who's turn it is to hold her/him... while Shandrey stands in the background holding the kid and sweatdropping.

I don't really know what to say othr than the cliche "I hope Lee will escape soon", and, "I hope Shandrey beats the living crap out of Mockingbird for gwaking at Lee like that". But, whatever. Just update soon.

I promise I will soon as well.

realfanficts chapter 14 . 10/9/2008
Her anger’s perfectly understandable, considering what just happened. I just wish Elm didn’t have to suffer for it.

He’s right—he literally can’t take her back.

I think Lee did it not just to save her, but their unborn child.

Whew, she…well, if not calmed down, at least she’s refocused her anger in the right direction.

Of course the Earth Kingdom hasn’t existed for a while, but the place where it was is still there…

Heh heh. “Not your cup of tea?” Ha ha…

Well, good…at least Mae isn’t being drained as quickly as the last host. Perhaps it has something to do with her own power.

Yeah, when you’re pressed for time to escape, finesse isn’t the first thing on your mind.

Yeah, Elm’s been all over the world. And he has quite the aptitude for languages, as he’s already stated in the chapter I wrote.

Happy response…I like how you put it.

Another destroyed house? How many has he lost already? :D

I just love his wit, even if he’s an obnoxious…well, I won’t type the words that come to mind.

Heh heh, it must have pained him to compliment Shandrey.

Ah, so it was only one house.

Yeah, wrapping one’s mind around a concept like that could take a while.

An idea? Hmm…kidnap Hotaru? Whoah!

Oh, that’s right, Nayia didn’t know about the child yet.

Oh, good to hear Elm is full strength again.

Toph? Okay, I can’t wait for the explanation on her presence. I certainly did NOT see that coming.
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