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keane chapter 19 . 4/30/2009
story . write as soon as possible continuation of the story
adel chapter 19 . 12/8/2008
write new chapter . great ,beutiful, nice story .
CidySmiley chapter 2 . 11/26/2008
wow i really liked that chapter. im really glad you write long chapters ..ya Orochimaru creeps me out too...there for a little while i thought i was the only one !
CidySmiley chapter 1 . 11/26/2008
this was a really good chapter i don't think it was that long! um, i am kinda with you on the no negative comments I just think that is rude so i will not post negative comments because as far i can tell this is a good story. you put so much detail into it i am shocked. well i am going to read the rest !
thack chapter 19 . 7/10/2008
Why is it this story has only 89 reviews as I write mine?

This is a great piece of work told from Kushina's point of view. It's not the cheesy type of 1st person PoV either, to put it simply, it's amazing.

BLAHOSAURUS, you have my praise. I look forward to your next chapter.
Xan chapter 19 . 7/10/2008
ah i'm so happy right now a new chapter always makes my day! i'm so glad you're back from wherever and you should love this story coz it's such a realistic view of these couple.

that part where kushina showed him how she seduce, i was expecting blushing minato but angry minato? wow! i guess when it comes to his girl, that's crossing the line :D so jealous, i LOVE it

i'm so glad she was there for his coronation. i'm sure on his big day, he would want her to be there to share it with him. i wonder if she's gonna stay in konoha for good now that he's hokage...

it's amazing how these two can still be committed to each other despite her disappearing all the time but i got a feeling it's gonna be a bit strained now that he's hokage. but we all know that they're gonna end up with each other so that's ok

god i love this couple so much... plz continue and don't give up on this k
Dying Wings Of Byakugan chapter 19 . 7/9/2008
Beautiful. That's the only word that can even slightly describe this story. Even the ending, "Never close enough." just made me want to cry. Your writing really hits the emotions and I truly love this, this Naruto Masterpiece. Please update soon, we'll all be waiting patiently for chapter 20.

P.S. I was reading your reviews for this story, to see what other wonderful things people were putting, and I must say that tenten-sama, reward for longest review ever goes to you. OJ (Only joking).
Moriko-Demon chapter 19 . 7/8/2008
It's good to have you back!

Yay for the Hokage!Minato.

Another good chapter, building up their relationship. Mhmm. I can't wait to see what you have planned for later on!
twin083 chapter 19 . 7/8/2008
good story update soon
Dying Wings Of Byakugan chapter 15 . 7/7/2008
I am so very sorry if I have not reviewed this story yet. This is personally one of my favorite KushinaXMinato stories out there and I love it! Your writing style is superb and every chapter I read, the more I'm in love with this. Please keep up the great work and hopefully I can give you all the reviews this story truly deserves!
Tenten Sama chapter 19 . 7/7/2008
HURRAH! you back super yay! XD i almost creamed when i checked my mail i swear i was like ''aw when are those exams gonna end!'' XD yay! can't tell you how happy i am! and OMG it's monday! wow. anyways so like i can't believe she actually went to the battlefeilfs i mean oh gosh there must be like 300 dead people there...or 300 shinobi that died and what i didn't really expect but sorta expected was minato being named hokage. i thought it was really cool how she heard of it and made it back home in time and ohh my favorite sentence/ expression in this chappy wa '' ...Minato put shakles and crowns on.'' oh my gosh that had me laughting never heard that before but it's a reall cool expression i just LOVE it! XD

obito's death was unseen for me in this chappy but i guess it had to be expected since he died before minato was given the title hokage...hnn ... i feel stupid for not seeing that *slaps self*

oh and minato's raction to kushina's 'method' of obtaining the info on the thingd did surprise me yep. i thought he would have been horrified or like would have ben surprised or somthing but lol i love how you make them make up in the end. it's soo funny and very cute _

i havn't put out a nice review in a while...wasn't motivated enough. but now i am again! yay... now i'm all excited again! wo my favorite story's got gas again and is moving! XD (basically i've been pretty shitty to other stories DX)

anyway welcome back to ffn! hope all your exam results are awsome and i kmnow they wil be! hehe my exams are all also over thank goodness for that but now i'm done high school and have nothing to do... wanted to go straight to collage but my mom wants me to do A-levels...(CRAP!) and i can't protest that seeing that i got one more year until i'm 18 so pouts for me...:( oh well! i get to sorta be a slacker for the next two years i games read fanfics etc. XD (look at me i'm ranting again...*sighs*)

okay now i go! XD MUCH EXCITED FOR THE NEXT CHAPTER! XD hazzarrh!

ottawa chapter 19 . 7/7/2008

This chapter...this was just so, so-perfect!

This has to be one of my favs, no matter how many times I say it. The characters, their actions and just everything was excellent as always, well written and just, just f*ckin *ss sh*ty hell remarkable.

I understand what'cha mean though with the real life sh*t and stuff, and I'm superly glad your back. Take your pace however however you want, either way, it excellent to have you back.

love ya, and ja!


ksuzu chapter 19 . 7/7/2008
This is the best multi-length Min/Kush story on .

Bravo, and congrats on updating! :D
ottawa chapter 1 . 6/25/2008
Ne, BLAHO-san; you still alive? -pokes with stick-


Just came back to rejoice in MinaKushi, came to see if my favorite authors updated (yes you count). And all I must say is ah no one updated..-sniffles-

If your to busy though, hey I understand! I just hope the aliens haven't kidnapped you again, hope they remebered what happened last time those god forsaken things.

Well I guess I just dropped in to say 'hi' and 'good luck with whatever your doing' and the like, and of course the usual with puppy dog eyes 'update soon, please'. Well, ja,

-rina (lAngelsRequieml/Lady Shinku-chou)
tenten-sama chapter 18 . 5/1/2008
good day!/ night!

TT_TT i NEVER intended this to be so late...omg you don't know how sorry i am! ahh! i was kidnaped by oompa loompas! DX...they...sang...the entire...time...TT_TT

okay no...but i am sorry! ): *apologetic bow*

ahahaha so yea thing got a bit crazy...though for the most part this got a bit delayed out of sheer lazyness...lke iwould half write the rview and then leae the house and then come back and cold boot the pc and then remember that i shouldn't have done that...ahahaha! sorry again...well i'll be in sadness for a while...with exams starting next week...i'll be soo depressed...TT_TT lol lots of things will have to be put on naruto...maga anime...alot to most of fan fics...drawinf...deviantart...

this sucks i'm only leaving room for this fic if or when you update i'll be here...the review may be a few days late but that may be navoidable...but ultamitely i know i can't cut off this fic for sure! you know it's my all time favorite story! and if you look. after declaring this the best i havn't said that about any other fic..i'll just say the other ones were awsome roo XD anyways too the actuall review...awsome chappy btw...

omg i can't believe you! the way your able to keep the story flowing from scene to scene and time frame to time frame a mind blowing! flawlss absolutely amazing! wow! and it always futs! jeez! seriously get started on that first book! XD and i need not mention that there is just no such thing as a boring chapter wih you! XD guess i need to go follow all you other stories too! but i'l save that for later...when there work XD.

so yea i mean the chaer was awsome! it was cool to see kushina portray a character completly opposite to her own personality and actually pull it off! and oh was it funny! for her to seriouslt read that mans actions before hand like that was just too funny! she really did asume very right! ahaha! and his personality was awsome too! talk about bold! and of course i love the fact that you remembered that kushina ws a kunoichi and therefore has a higher skill rank than him the pampered horny dog! lol great move there! even though little is known of kushina the it that we do know id so often ifnored! even though some of the stories that give her a funny...character are very good... it still makes me cringe to read them...ahaha! go kushina! i like that little boy!

and i really loved just everything about the chapter truely SRIOUSLY! enjoyed reading every syllable og it! keeo up the great an every so consistently awsotacful work!(O.o) always a joy to read and review...though i won't lie sometime i get turned of wen it's time to review because 50 % of the time ffn cuts it review aren'y over until i say ''mata ne!'' or ''jaa ne!'' etc...pretty much bye blah blah! enters the first signs of madara and the kyuubi huh? so then in that case theres like 3...4 years before the attack? (please ley it not be any shorter than that! MINATO! *cries* T_T don't die!) wow so yea that sucks...but i find the build up...that has started vaguly and i do hope isn't really quick becasue i want mina!...very interesting indeed! awsome move! instead of having the thing attack out of the blue thaere are sighns and suspitions before...BRILLIANT!... i bow to you BLAH i realy do! ...actually i do have a theory tht minato knew it was madara and invented the dead demon seal (shiki fuuin/ fuujin...TT_TT (i gotta look the spelling up!)) to infact seal away madara and the technique was also incomplete t thetime minato altered it to seal the kyuubi...TT_TT (actually i think it's incomplete because therwe always a way around thins...sorta and minato call kakashi's technique incomple because he could follow his own gast movements blady blahdi bla!...and he declared the rasengan incomplete when it was alreay a perfect justu...but i guess it was only more like a base becasue i mean fromt eh rasengan alone they alreay built 3 other jutsu...the oodama...the raenshuriken and the ultamit rasengan..(that huge behind rasengan that jiraya made...good. grief!) haha so i guess minato ha big plans for okay i just thought of imaged of him using hiraishin to get up behid enemies and blast them all in the behind with a resengan! ahahaha! thats the follow up to the 10 years of pain..that'll be like...eternity of agony justu! talk/ think about ouch! yikes! lol to think if that guy was still alive he would have only improved himself until he could make pain look like and academy student...crud you kishi! crud you! TT_TT.

*slaps self*

um...okay...that was a was i...?

*scrolls up*

oh yea the building up yay! XDso does this ean that kushina gets to (yea i see it as a get to more than a go to again) go back to konoha! *happy dances* (which btw my happy dance is like a hyvrid of the macarina and the caramel dance...and um...mabie some YMCA...but then it won't be hybrid anymore...right?...bla! *spits*) yay more obito! XDD i would LOVE to see them (mina kushi) freak out obito! XD that would kill me in laughter! (oh gosh now that i think aout it please do i can't tell you how much that would help me becasue i would die happy AND as an added bonus i would NOT hav to go though the upcoming stres...god help me! *cries*)

XD oh yea! i have a relvelation! (er..not really but saying that makes it sound bigger and hence makes me feel better bt really it's jst me yapping that the 'bracelet' or whatever aroud kushina's left wrist in the manga page id a hair scrungie (er...i'm not sure if i spelt that roght see i call it something differnt) that she simply takes out when she's home or relaxed bla bla because i do the same thing i mean you would have to be mad to walking around with that hair...uh...i should close the brackets now...*GRINS*) YEA SO MY RELELATION...THING...NOT REALLY (ahaha yea i am gonna repeat *grins*) is that and becasue of tis you see i can now draw kushina witha happy face as i now have somthing to do with that throublsomly long hair of hrs! XD... don't worry i have no idea why i need to tell you this answer the question you may or may not have just asked strayed again...
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