Reviews for No Me Without You
Lamanth chapter 1 . 11/19/2007
*huggles* Well you know who I want it to be don't ya? Well you should do knowing me as well as you do, and I want to add it to the C2 but if you tell me it's not them then I won't. SO TELL ME!

But damn Nix, that was ... AGH! *runs round manicly* the description was just... *jibbers at the computer*

So lost for words right now and so full of emotion. It made me want to laugh and also to cry, does that sound strange? I could see everything playing out before me, you paint the scene with words Nix so people can see it in their minds eyes. I had to smile ast the end cus this reminded me just how much I love the way you write.

Love Lollie