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AnimeEevee13 chapter 15 . 1/28/2012
Well... I love you Toshi! Ok my question is for Mayuri and can you turn Toshiro into a toddler please it would by an opputunity to see him act childish. If you do you will offically be better than Urahara. Sorry Toshi but everyone would agree it would be freakin adorable, right.
HyourinmaruIce chapter 15 . 9/3/2010
Ahhh! You haven't updated in a while... i like randomness. I have a q if you don't mind! It for Hitsugya TAICHO, Hitsugaya do you want to be tall?

Ans the voting thing, i vote yes for Hitsugaya and Momo.
Akako Hama chapter 15 . 12/6/2009

Hichigo: Why are you always trying to take over? Ever try making yourself come out in your own body Zanpaktou can?

Ichigo: Why is it you never tell off your dad? You could get him in alot of trouble.

Renji: Why does your hair look like a pineapple?

shadowXkiller chapter 15 . 9/6/2009
randomness is awesome sorry karin i just hate you a lot and OMG YOUR GAY ICHIGO HAHAHAHA!IM GONNA DIE OF LAUGHTER! 1) i dare crystal-chan to get a machine gun and kill somebody 2) i dare momo and shiro to admit your feelings and kiss or i will get a machine gun and kill both of you 3)this one for ichi who your favorite couple in bleach 4)for ichi too y dont you just confess your feelings to rukia you never know til you try well unless you really are gay like everyone says for real stop being a wuss 5) this is for the captains and the 3 traitors too cats or dogs 6)this is for everyone i dare everyone to get a weapon and...GO ON AN ALL OUT WAR YEAH! i know im wierd and random um...and another thing crystal-chan can you revive all the dead people oh! and b4 i forget here ya go its cake im a fan of ichiruki but im a bigger fan of hitsuhina in not a crazy fangirls though they are really annoying i vote on both of them to kiss oh yeah if you dont answer i will hunt you guys down and do unspeakable things to you that you really really dont want to know(LAUGHING EVILY)HAHAHAHAHA!(REGULAR LAUGHING)HAHAHAHAHA!IM JUST PLAYING WITH YOU GUYS...OR MAYBE IM NOT DUN DUN DUN WELL SEEYAS
Nyaa26 chapter 15 . 8/3/2009
This is cool~ i love bleach :D. I wanna say hi to grimmjow and ask a question: why are you extremely sexy? Darn you and your abs. Theyre hypnotizing! im sad he "died" in the manga. My favorites always "die"! Like Itachi, Edward Elric[technically], Deidara, Spitfire. I fear for those i love! *cries* can i have a hug from grimmjow? itll cheer me up :D youre doing awesome crystal, keep it up!
DeactivatedKaikenCollison chapter 15 . 7/28/2009
Herro everyone! So, yeah, first off, I HATE YAOI. It should die... in a hole... being pecked to death by canadian geese.

Number 2: *walks over and destroys Ishida*

Number 3: *walks over and destroys Orihime and her disproportionit rack*

Number 4: I don't think you're gay Ichigo. You're meerly bisexual.

Number 5: I notice Urahara hasn't gotten much attention so please allow this. OMFG, I LOVE YOU! YOU'RE THE BEST AND ARE GOD! GOD I TELL YOU! *glops him* YOU MAKE BLEACH THE BESTEST~! URAHAARA KISUKE!

Number 6: You should die Rukia. I won't kill you like I did Inoue and Ishida, but you must leave. I don't like you... at all.

Number 7: Toshiro, you don't belong with Karin, or with Momo. Because Karin is a lesbian, I know it. And Momo crys too much. She a little wussy.

Haha, that was long, but I love your story! The randomness is wonderful. *hands out very large slices of rasberry chocolate cake* Keep the writing up!

And put my name as Kaiken, I don't like my screen name, I'm just too lazy to change it! Lol.
Aly Dee chapter 15 . 7/27/2009
totally awesome! XDD anyways i have some questions! XDD Nnorita: Why do you look like a spoon? Ulquiorra: Can you smile plz! itd be totally awesome! Ichigo: for crying out loud! kiss rukia! dang it! mhahaa rukia" if you dont kiss ichigo ill burn everything chappy in the world and itll be chappyless (even in soul society and hueco mundo mhahahaa)im just evil like that _
Kisa-chan chapter 15 . 7/27/2009
Yay! I got a role in teh fic! *squees* o.o *looks at Kenny's blown up remains* ... *revives him* YOU CAN'T DIE I FORBID IT! Let's see...question...Ok this is getting ridiculous. Shiro/Momo and Ichi/Rukia, just admit you guys like each other already. It's painful to watch you guys being in denial over ur feelings. And Momo, no hard feelings. That one review...where I told you to back off of Shiro-chan...Just act like that review was never there. He's all yours. *winks* And Ichigo and guys are just insane. Just confess to each other and make out already. It's gonna happen sooner or later. So just get it over with. ...And Ichigo, if you just refused, like I know you probly did, think of it this way. If you confess to Rukia it'll make people stop calling you gay. Just a thought. Ok I think that's it... *hugglez Shiro, Kenny, and Yachiru* Byez!
Plumalchemyst chapter 15 . 7/27/2009
lol simpson ref anyway Ichigo are you dating tokyo mew mew ichigo or mew mew power (gags at how horrible 4kids is for butchering anime) (leaves cake for the autor)
Muskee chapter 15 . 7/27/2009
I've some questions to lay off to all of you.

Ichigo, your annoying "lala, i'm gonna save Rukia-chan, lala, i'm gonna save Orihime-chan, lala, i'm a retarded dimwit on crack, bouncing and flaunting my Zangetsu-san without any skill whatsoever, just pure brawn no brains. What do you have to say against that? You disgrace Zangetsu and his position as the coolest zanpakutou (other bladed-spirits, I DARE you to reply to this one) with your absolutely pathetic skill. So far, you are just a speed-type berzerker.

Kisuke-san, I KNOW that you WERE Naruto-san in your previous life, this is cool, ain't it? Your biggest secret known...

Captains, do you have spontanous lust-filled sex orgies in Captain meetings, or with your subordinates? Also, do your subordinates have spontanous drunen sex orgies without inviting you?

Rukia, did Kaien-fukutaicho took advantage of you? Is that why you really killed him? Did you really think that people wouldn't notice how he would grope you when he thinks nobody is looking, whispering things that he would do to you everynight. (omg, i'm such a demented pervert)

Kenpachi-taicho, why don't you ever use your Bankai? Burn, baby, Burn. Disco Inferno! is most likely the awesomnest Bankai I ever had the grace to witness. Spawning an 80's disco dance arena, with lights and all, and cracking superb disco moves back from 80's, all the captains know KICK-ASS disco moves...don't they? You release, crack some bad-ass moves, and if your oponent doesn't do any better, he looses a horrible death of dancing to DEATH! Ain't your bankai cool?

Also, why don't you fight that old fart Yamamoto (take that, senile old fool. Your Ryuujin Jakka can't do shit to someone who has a Verpine Engery Absorber (from the Galaxy Far, Far Away) which absorbs heat, plasma, and all the shit your old-ass fighting skills could spawn). So, why don't you kick Yamamoto's ass and take over as Sotaicho? Yoruichi secretly training you as her apprentice in her supreme ninja skills? If so, why don't you kick major-ass?

Orihime, why are you such a bimbo? Your Shun Shun Rikka are probably the most usefull powers from your Ye Olde Motley crew. It's the power of REJECTION! If you could get in range, you could reject Aizen's existance, ending this needless wantom carnage (Statement: a droid has to have his fun, hehe. Clarification: not waiting for impending questions, yes. I, Seiichi AM actually HK-47 in disguise, integrated into meatbag society to assasinate key targests...prepare, Crystal...) which is actually very pleasurable to my behavioural core. My gears are quivering in excitement as more and more litres of blood are spilled from Shinigami reishi-filled bodies. Is that even blood, or some kind of plasma?

Grimmjow, do you enjoy kicking puppies?

Ulquiorra, why must you be such a nihilist? You should try wantom sex and video gaming, and try a hand at FanFiction. (I recommend Resident Evil series, Gears of War and some other butchering games. You'll love it.)

Aizen, why don't you use Kyouka Suigetsu, hypnotize all your inferior enemies and prevent them from preventing you to gain your Key to whatever whacky mushy cliche thing you want to do with it? You'd wipe out Karakura, and all of it's pathetic Yaoi fanboys (read: fangirls).

Ukitake-taicho, why don't you have Orihime reject your fatal ilness which collapses your lung alveoles, filling empty spaces with blood, which when rattled up (read: in battle) get stirred up and you get random bloody cough fits. Do it, you'll be a much better man and probably get laid with Yoruichi (she's crushing on you since child-hood, you know?)

Hyori, why don't you kick Shinji's flat face more often? It's certainly hilarious. Also, you kicked Kisuke-Naruto in the croch an age or some time ago. Your foot hurt. Does this mean that Naruto-Kisuke has BALLS OF STEEL? Urahara, what's your comment on this?

Ahh, enough questions for now. I could probably think up more meaningfull ones (AL IN THE NAME OF RESEARCH!) ,but i won't. AND, Crystal is such a noob in the imagination departament, she can't possibly hope to answer my currently-many-quesitons, let alone any more which I could write. (I DARE YOU TO ANSWER ALL OF THESE QUESTIONS, NOOB!)
SteelShadowFang chapter 14 . 4/11/2009
Ok I've got a question for Ichigo. Well... several actually. Please don't be mad. 1)Are you in love with Grimmjaw or Aizen and if you had to choose which one?. 2)Are you aware of all the fan storys out there about you and Ulquiorra doing um... stuff you should only do with the opposite sex. 3)If the Soul Society were to ask you to become a captain would you? And if you did, which squad? We all know you would make a great captain and you and Rukia could be together forever. You two could even made out in the captains living room. I'm sure they won't mind there's a LOT of space.

DAREDEVIL chapter 2 . 3/16/2009
Soi fong when will you admit you love Yoruichi!

Kuro-puuAndFaiLuvers chapter 13 . 1/15/2009
Ugh, I already did a review for chapter 14, so I gotta go to chapter 13 in order to review...:( Anywayz...UPDATE! Plz, I'm begging you, update, so I can keep my sanity.
Plumalchemyst chapter 14 . 12/7/2008
ok i'm sorry but Karin is right too much random hurts my head anywho Ichigo are you gay for moleman XD

and everyone else i dare you to hit ichigo with live tuna
Kuro-puuAndFaiLuvers chapter 1 . 11/23/2008
Girl, you need to update soon. Or else ppl are gonna start flaming you or something. Plz update soon-ish. DX

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