Reviews for Enlightenment
skullkid1515 chapter 1 . 12/1
THIS! I read this YEARS ago! I don't know if it was here, or somewhere else, but at the time, I forgot to save it to my library. I lost it, and couldn't find it for AGES! At some point, I wondered if I had just imagined it all and gaslit myself into thinking it was real. I am overwhelmed with joy to have found it once again and to know it's real. Truly a wonderful, amazing fic 3 3 3
csgtforever chapter 41 . 11/26
please continue this!
gusjo chapter 8 . 10/16
Oh, now that chapter ending is just so very promising!
csheila chapter 41 . 8/8
Such a great story, even though its not finished

Sirius must quit competing with Harry. Otherwise he will lose him
csheila chapter 26 . 8/8
Cousin or not, i have the same reaction to him marrying Ginny
csheila chapter 20 . 8/7
Luna is always welcome.

Her inate wisdom strengthens the group. Plus she’s fun. Your Harry and Hermione act age appropriate. With Ron and others it may be hormones. More likely, it’s too much free time
csheila chapter 1 . 8/7
Always one of my favorites. Gives Harry an oppty for a clear eyed response
Motherofthehorde chapter 41 . 8/5
Not finished.?
Hope you are OK
JK chapter 41 . 7/30
I think this story is really interesting. I think the plot is quite good, however if the author wanted Harry to end up with Sarah, perhaps they should have just cut Hermione from the main fic because Hermione's jealousy in the beginning was annoying but now it's beginning to feel a little bit more warranted. Harry's flirting with other women doesn't seem like he's just simply being friendly either, it's not tasteful or subtle either, it's quite crass and very open bordering on vulgar. I think you can be flirtatious without being crude or obvious, the basic language and often simplistic innuendos show a lack of imagination and intellect which is ironic considering the intelligence the main protagonists have in the original story. I don't understand why the author has chosen to write simplistic dirty comments posed as flirtatious behavior but kept actual physical intimacy between Harry and Hermione exceptionally limited. Additionally, the author makes Ronald Weasley seem like a cad and a complete arsehole but Harry or 'Harrison' doesn't fair much better. His openly lustful behaviour towards nearly every single woman who bats her eyelashes at him, or smiles prettily at him, is just gross. Many of the women in this fic are reduced to vapid, hollow vessels and shells, they're not given a lot of depth as characters and they don't seem to care that much about anything other than their own vanity - good looks and being popular. Harry has become some super jacked up sort of superhero whilst many of the other main protagonists and characters in the story have significantly diminished roles. Nobody can compare to the great Harry Potter, Harry Potter is not only the smartest wizard of their generation, but he's also the next most powerful wizard of their generation, possibly in the history of ever, he's a great friend, he's got a way with the ladies, there's simply nothing Potter can't do except be a devoted and committed partner to one person apparently. Snape is evil. Dumbledore is evil. Molly Weasley was dubiously grey. This fic is riddled with unfortunate tropes unfortunately that even extend outwardly towards physical appearance and descriptions of the characters. Petite, slim is good, whilst women with lots of curves, although certainly attractive don't seem to have any long term potential when it comes to finding suitable mates or life partners. There's not really much to indicate Harry and Hermione are in love, there are lots of reasons as to why they might be good friends, possibly even great friends but Hermione will never be Harry's equal. Apparently no one ever will be or is because Harry Potter is amazing and superior to all. Please pick up on the sarcasm here. Harry Potter is a highly flawed character, being infallible is ironically a flaw, I do not agree with the author's summation and portrayal of Harry Potter's character as the main protagonist and to read about everyone being in love with him is nauseating. It's almost refreshing to read about Ron and Snape's discontent with him. No human is perfect. Every human is flawed. A good partner can support you, a good partner matches you or challenges you by possessing strengths, characteristics and traits you do not, and compatibility comes from whether or not you can find any common ground or respect and admire each other's differences. Honestly, reading about Harry's relationship with all the characters and how Harry is incapable of doing anything wrong is extremely annoying and entirely unrealistic which makes him difficult to like or relate to. The pranks was interesting, the invention of some spells was interesting, there appears to be some ingenuity in there somewhere, and true creativity. I believe the author has unfortunately placed too much accomplishment and achievement on one character or the wrong characters because at the moment the relationships between the characters feels entirely superficial and wrong. Something else that feels wrong? The way other people seem to be perfectly okay with overstepping their bounds and spending Harry's money. The author has stated that Harry is not a playboy kind of person but maybe the author has the subconscious desire to turn Harry into a playboy kind of character as his encounters with several female characters would indicate being a playboy, flirting with lots of other women and sleeping with more than one of them, possibly at the same time definitely appeals to him and is in his nature. I think if the author focuses more on the plot line, and is clear in the conflict they want to create and the resolution and what the character's end goals are it could be a lot better. Unfortunately, there is some inconsistency errors and I thinknthe author has ultimately decided subconsciously that they are bored by, or don't see the potential of Harry and Hermione's relationship and so they have dropped it or reduces the quality of it so it seems much weaker than it should be. I also think because the author has focused so much time focusing on Harry's relationships with other women that the story has shifted and focused on quantity (how much they can fit in I.e. how many women they can get Harry to entertain relations with, reducing the amount of plot or other descriptive factors regarding locations, activities, tasks, challenges and conflicts and so on and so forth), instead of the overall quality of the storyline. I think it's moving to slowly, I think the relationships created are very fragile and shallow, not built upon anything deep and meaningful, and I think the author has diminished some characters in favour of building up other's. It's like they're expressing a subconscious need through the 'villains' in the story, Ron, Dumbledore, Tom Riddle, and even in the general way the plot is unfolding, to take from other people to make themselves seem to have more or be better than others rather than sharing good qualities, attributes, problem solving skills and talents and action around with the rest of the characters in the story. It almost feels like this story could be called Harry and The One Man band show with rare special guest appearances from his sidechicks and b' characters. This fic basically gushes over Harry giving him a free hall pass over every single time he screwed up and let's him get away with anything because of either his past trauma or his celebrity status and fame. The only decent thing about Harry is his generosity towards his friends and maybe the fact that he's humble enough to apologise when he believes he has done something wrong however, the author gives him an awful lot of wiggle room. He has to beat Hermione in her academic subjects and suddenly be the best at everything, all the teachers love him, except Snape and Dumbledore obviously, strangers immediately like him, all the girls love him, people rarely ever say no to Harry. It would be so refreshing to read about a good character, one that is honest, brave, loyal and kind actively disliking Harry. I don't care who it is just so long as I don't have to hear about the exaggerated charms and acts of the boy wonder known as Harry. Nobody, nobody does everything right nearly all of the time. If Harry is so great why not just have him find all the horcruxes all on his own and destroy them all by himself by about the fifth or tenth chapter and then single handedly vanquish Lord Voldemort and send his followers scampering away in fear only to be caught by the less than competent ministry officials and slow aurors. In an ironic and cruel twist of fate everyone seems to be lesser or play a minor role compared to the great Harry Potter. As far as stories and fanfics go that makes it considerably dull to read. One character doing everything almost all by themselves is exceptionally boring and as I've already mentioned unrealistic. This author mentions the villains having serious issues with self agrandissment but what about the hero of the story, the main protagonist? Because the main character who is portrayed as the hero of that story seems to have those same issues as well and is super hyped up for whatever reason. Some action scenes, some conflict, an unexpected plot twist or something, they always say pride comes before a fall so maybe the main character could have been over confident about something only for it to backfire in some way, just something generally much more interesting that quickly moves the story along because the story is quickly wearing thin.
Guddu15 chapter 41 . 7/8
Well it's been 14 years and is mostly discontinued or forgotten but if you read this hope you continue or atleast give a layout of how the story would have played out in like a summary of sort as a last chapter.
Guest chapter 41 . 7/2
Wish this would be finished
Chrisfragger chapter 41 . 6/10
Guess you aren't back? lol...
Chrisfragger chapter 38 . 6/10
That one? Dumbledoor?
TheButterflyComposer chapter 1 . 5/11
you know, this was the first fanfic I ever read, and it's wonderful. some cliches, some rushed bits, some clumsiness, but it's really good regardless.

I'm glad you wrote it and I'm glad I still enjoy it all these years later.
martinbe672 chapter 41 . 5/9
An interesting read it's fun characters are good and makes you look forward to what happens next only downside hasn't been update in a good while overall a great read
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