Reviews for Enlightenment
stacygrrl2002 chapter 35 . 9/8/2017
stacygrrl2002 chapter 34 . 9/8/2017
The sword is still hanging there
stacygrrl2002 chapter 33 . 9/8/2017
Pay attention Harry. If it doesn't feel right, it's not! Don't slack off yet, he's still a scheming nasty
stacygrrl2002 chapter 32 . 9/7/2017
Just because albus doesn't know it, doesn't mean it doesn't exist. Another culture, the goblins, hell even the centaurs may know of a way. Even someone in the Dom may know. Albus needs to get off his butt, destroy the horcruxes and fight against Moldyshorts. Albus has to stop living in a dead civilization and get on with things.
stacygrrl2002 chapter 29 . 9/7/2017
Homes needs to hear that from Molly! Theft, possible line theft, misuse of authority, and on
stacygrrl2002 chapter 28 . 9/7/2017
When I read that passage about Ariana, and maybe visiting his friend in prison, I presume gellert. my first thought was gellert was impersonating albus, albus was in the prison, and this way gellert got out from under the losing side with the Nazis, and was free to continue his plans to take over from within and behind the scenes.
stacygrrl2002 chapter 27 . 9/7/2017
Ah ha! So the scumbag knew all along! Lots more to answer for. This should get him out of the school and into jail.
stacygrrl2002 chapter 26 . 9/7/2017
Not the weasels! That's the last place he should be. Follow the will, whatever it says.
Guest chapter 41 . 9/5/2017
Great chapter please do more I'm really enjoying it and it's one of my favourite fanfics ever so please do more
Guest chapter 31 . 8/20/2017
Hermione is responsible for her own choices. She let her pride get in the way and took on a challenge she wasn't ready for. She's just as much at fault as Ron was.
Guest chapter 31 . 8/20/2017
At that moment...

Ron realized...

That he really fucked up.
Setras chapter 8 . 8/19/2017
This is pretty good so far but it does push every button I have when people pull the old Hadrian/Harold/Harrison/etc shtick. Hate that. Who would call their kid one of those names.
FotoDi chapter 37 . 8/13/2017
Hello...? Valuable Basilisk carcass rotting in Sytherin's Chamber of Secrets!
FotoDi chapter 19 . 8/13/2017
Occlumency lessons for Hermione.
Albus will strip Hermione's mind like a hungry crow.
FotoDi chapter 5 . 8/13/2017
Wouldn't the Gringotts Healer have been shocked to find Basilisk Venom and Phoenix Tears in Harry's blood ...? This medical anomaly was the Result of Harry's recent (/- 6 weeks?) life-threatening encounter with the thousand-year-old Basilisk in the Chamber of Secrets.
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