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Calmzone1 chapter 40 . 3/13/2018
Lol, 9 years later and it’s still a good story. I read this before but don’t think I bookmarked it to follow or fave. I was unable to comment on ch 41, so I know I’ve read it before.

I love the personal interactions, and how Sara pulled Harry out of his shell. Interesting how the Unspeakables have been watching the other Dark Lord spreading his tendrils throughout the wizarding world. Kind of like ink dissipating in water.

Hopefully your life will allow you to continue or rewrite this one day. Although I don’t think it needs rewriting, just a few touch ups here and there. I’m not sure if there’s a touchpad by your typing but there are a few places in later chapters where entire words are missing or even parts of sentences, like what happens wheni you brush antouchpad, highlighting a word, and continue typing. Gone.
brightflare chapter 41 . 3/12/2018
Very good story, hope you continue it sometime.
Guest chapter 41 . 3/8/2018
I was surprised that your story stopped abruptly with many threads left dangling. Is there another fanfiction that continues the story?

I appreciate your imagination and your writing.
BobTheBuilder chapter 41 . 3/6/2018
I LOVE THIS STORY you MUST upgrade it Soon!
Tbaby chapter 3 . 3/1/2018
What leads you to believe his name is Harrison? Ive only ever seen his full name be pronounced 'Harry James Potter' never Harrison or Harold or Henry. Just and always Harry, i like everything about this story so far except his name being Harrison
Guest chapter 34 . 2/27/2018
The girls in this story are pissing me off. Harry gets pissed when people try to control and manipulate him and now the damn girls are starting it. Can’t trust them if they are not going to be forthcoming
Doris the Younger chapter 41 . 2/26/2018
I doubt that you'll continue this-but what you've written so far is enjoyable. It's another contender in the popular "Harry figures it out and gets smart" storyline but it's done well. I'm glad that you haven't pushed your story over the top-Dumbledore is bad news but he isn't the Worst Lord ever; Harry has a lot of money but he's not Duke of Griffindor or the true owner of Hogwarts; Ron is selfish and childish but not a baby Death Eater, and you haven't even vilified the Weasleys.

It would have been nice to see what you'd do with this-the fight against Voldemort, of course, but everyone needs to put there own spin on it.

At any rate, I did notice some negative reviews recently posted to this story but what I did not see in them was the justification of what they were saying. It's easy to say 'Hiss Boo' but if you don't explain what you're criticizing (and why) it's just a lazy comment.

If I may ask-please add a little update on your profile page-are you out of fandom and/or writing, are you hip deep in the Real World, and above all-are you still happy, healthy and alive? Good in your new ventures, whatever they are.
guest chapter 18 . 1/25/2018
I can't believe you are having Hermione be so hypercritical about the books from the grab bag. If anything she is being hypocritical because she has secrets too that she has no intention of telling Harry. She is not being his friend or a potential girl friend by acting that way - she is being his mum and his keeper and very harshly at that.
devin.kelly.9889 chapter 41 . 1/16/2018
Plz update so good love story and sara she is great
Guest chapter 1 . 1/12/2018
Hi are you planning on continuing this story it's a great read
Guest chapter 12 . 1/5/2018
El comentario numero 2000
Recién estoy comenzando la lectura espero mucho de este fic saludos
Guest chapter 24 . 12/25/2017
For some pne with brains, I am not sure you used it. Let face this, too many stupidity from the adults, no one seems to really help Harry. Amelia goes to morons looking for help, umbitch and Cornelio moronic though with malforme. In small word moronic behavior means moronic story.
Drew86 chapter 41 . 12/10/2017
Please don't quit! Keep writing! It's so good! Faithful readers await!
Guest chapter 17 . 12/8/2017
It seems .moRon stupidity is the only tjong ypu make good. The story was bad, at this point is worst.
To many weaslei stupidity
Guest chapter 13 . 12/5/2017
This crap keep going to the bad trash bin. It was already there now is sinking. The weasley situation is stupid and bad. That a complete family of morons, one fan girls, two bullies and the no brain one plus another bigot one.
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