Reviews for So Close: 'Out of Reach'
goldeyedsoul chapter 1 . 12/14/2011
hello! :)

This is my favourite fic:) please do a follow-up :)

I beg you!

greetings from austria
KlynneL chapter 1 . 10/29/2008
I know, I'm a lurker. I spend too much time reading the stories, and not enough reviewing. :\ I've tried to read this story a couple of times, SI isn't one of my favorites. I like to pretend it didn't happen, kinda like Star Wars episodes 1-3. But I like what you have done with a story that could have had potential. Before this story the only good I found that came out of that movie was Annette O'Toole getting to be Mrs. Kent in Smallville. Now there is a little more something.

To take the bookends and make a whole new story takes a lot of imagination. I can't wait to read more.
SassyReaderGirl chapter 1 . 10/12/2008
Really good! I love how you add a little bit of Smallville into the mix!
Jade Dagger chapter 1 . 9/4/2008
*sigh* Does it HAVE to be a oneshot? On the other hand...having it as one isnt so bad. Really liked it. Even if I barely (not really) remember S3.

Nice job
framework4 chapter 1 . 7/12/2008
Delightful. I'll look forward to the sequel. IIRC in S2 we were led to believe Superman could not have sex with a human unless he didn't have his powers. In S3 they had the evil version of Superman have sex with the woman Lois refers to as "that little blonde twit," will still superpowered.

"It had only been two months" so there is still plenty of time for Lois to discover she's pregnant.
Dannie Tomlinson chapter 1 . 11/22/2007
February? ARRUGH!
laramary chapter 1 . 11/22/2007
Loved it! really sweet and accurate portrayl of what i imagine lois' inner thoughts would be like. Looking forward to the follow up! Keep up the good work! :-)
mitzi67 chapter 1 . 11/21/2007
Great. Iwant lois to lay into him like a nuclear bomb but in the end they are together. In Sup.3

Lana sold her wedding band for money?. If you do bring a pregnancy/Jason/situation in Please

have clark there. If you do the five year hiatus crap(Brian Singer debacle) please shorten it. Turn

Richard into a stalker. I want Clark/Superman to also get an a$$ whipping from his mother and

father. It saddened me to think that his father died in the movie so quickly. Maybe there is two

other signals from space. One a possible Supergirl. The other Brainiac. Zod and Luthor have been beaten to death. So over. Ciao.
starlightxxv chapter 1 . 11/21/2007
Trekkie6 chapter 1 . 11/21/2007
One of the secretaries at school was listening to the Aida soundtrack. Apparently, I need to watch this.

{I can’t just take a normal vacation like everyone else.} I hate that they did that to her, stupid director… But what an excellent idea to write on!

{So, of course, I leave to deal with a problem with the man in my life, that of his sudden desertion,} Oh?

{I head out to the Caribbean to deal with a torn feeling I couldn’t explain,} Interesting…

{I … come back with a front-page exclusive on corruption after being abducted in a taxi and one of the greatest revelations of my life.} lol awesome

{And my little week and a half-long adventure with those mercenaries was just enough to break whatever was keeping it all dammed up in my skull.} Uh oh…

{The panic caused by the fear of being caught with a dead American woman on their hands was enough to cause them to scatter} Yep. That’ll do it.

{More from the memory of those two days that had been missing since I left Metropolis with Clark on that stupid story in Niagara.} hehe I hear Margo loud and clear here.

{And the fact that, for once in our history, he hadn’t been there when I needed him.}Aw. I think it just goes to show that she doesn’t need him as much as she thinks she does. She *can* hold her own.

{But he thought I had forgotten, that much was clear. Especially looking back the days before we had left for our separate trips, the way he didn’t seem capable of looking me in the eyes} lol Swinging a bikini around in his face couldn’t have helped either.

{There, alone in my apartment, I tried to tell myself all of those images in my mind were created by my subconscious, trying to find ways to distract me from the stress of the interrogation.} Cuz there could be no other explanation as to why she was thinking it. It had to be made up because the alternative meant something she couldn’t wrap her head around. Man that so sucks…

{Forced to watch him agreeing to have his powers being stripped from him, biting my lip, feeling utterly useless and more than a bit unworthy of the sacrifice.} I know right?

{Attempting to knock out that Kryptonian bitch in Perry’s office} *grin*

{By a kiss betrayed} Ooh, where’s that from?

{But to know that he hadn’t left me at least with the comfort of our time together stung. I hadn’t even been meant to have that.} *waps him*

{And yet, the entire time I typed up my notes, the real Story of the Century continued to haunted me.} Oh…

{facing what I now knew with a man who had no clue} Love that part for some reason.

{Probably a toppling mountain in some little Swiss village or a cat stuck in a tree outside the Hague,} Bitter much?

{I don’t care what anyone says; it sucks to be short.} Heck yes!

{Although at least that way I found out that he stood me up for the millionaire who had been named Humanitarian of the Year just before I had left for Bermuda.} Clark stood her up?

{I only took a momentary deep breath before making myself shove open the swinging glass doors into City…And slammed the door directly into the back of one Clark Kent,} Life’s SO funny that way. *smacks it*

{alias Superman, the Kryptonian Kal-El, full-time Defender of Worlds, part-time perennially-late reporter, and my amnesia-inducing former lover.} That’s a lot of names. And perennially, LOL

{His expression was clear, open, delighted.} Cuz he was looking at you!

{“Lois! You’re home!”} And he’s so excited to see her. *sigh*

{And it was all I could do not to push him away. But it was the secret that was important, the mission. Regardless of how mixed my feelings were, the thing that had pushed us apart was important enough to still my tongue.} You’re a good woman.

{” The stammering, the reddening, the playing with his hands; it was all an act that I could clearly see through. It was amazing just how much of an act it was to once you knew.} That must be so annoying…

{I was just catching up with my boss and the man I had considered my best friend…} GAH! That totally sucks! You’re best friend LYING to you! Utter betrayal.

{“I promise you, Clark, the world would explode if something bizarre didn’t happen to you every day,” I commented with a wit I didn’t really feel and a wicked grin that felt like a mask.} *pats her shoulder*

{Are you still so wrapped up in that reunion article you wrote you’ve forgotten what your real job is?”} OOH LANA! I forgot about her in all of Lois’s musings,lol

{I passed Jimmy with a salutation and a wave, making a mental note to talk to him later.} Cuz everybody loves Jimmy.

{something felt even more wrong than it should. Not only was it him, but something else} Something’s in the air and it ain’t love…

{If I’m so damned terrific, why did you let me go? Why couldn’t we work it out? Why didn’t you tell me what you were going to do? Why didn’t I get a choice?} *hits him with a Kryptonite anvil*

{Sentimental pieces had never been his strong suit.} HA!

{“What?” He seemed honestly surprised, confused …and a bit…something else.} heh heh

{Especially the part about the little girl back home.”}Sincerity, thy name is not Lois Lane.

{where I was supposed to fit in now. If I was supposed to fit in at all. I just had to know, to understand.} I feel you on that one.

{In that moment, I hated her more than I had ever hated anyone in my life.} hehe Yeah well, how could you not at that point.

{Little Miss Midwest} lol Don’t be jealous.

{Just what had he said? Or not said?} I wanna know too.

{“Me, too. I couldn’t believe it when Clark gave it to me,” she’d gushed,} hehe I can’t help but like her, even if she’s driving Lois crazy.

{something had happened while I had been dealing with the fallout of what happened between us in Bermuda. Something he had sworn would never happen. He had lied.} No he didn’t. But what else is she supposed to think?

{How I hated him in that instant, how I wanted to yell at him for being such a liar right here in front of God and Perry. Let the biggest story of the century explode into a front-page exclusive before his eyes.} That would have been interesting…

{Faberge Egg} Those are pretty.

{Miss Henderson wheeled a machine into the room, crowing over this new automatic Jingo-Ball gizmo.} lol I forgot about that.

{What he saw there seem to spook him. Badly. Mumbling the need to run some errands before lunch, ‘Clark Kent’ was gone before Perry could argue.} Punk. And you just got there!

{I’m not sure how close it got to her, only heard a squeak like someone punting a small annoying dog. Yip!} *evil cackle*

{I slipped away to my desk. Our desk.} Dude, that hit *me* in the chest…

{How could you love and hate a man so much at the same time?} Good question.

{“Lois, that was one heck of a look you gave me earlier. Are…are you mad at me or something?”} *smacks him*

{Either way, he’ll go on without you. He already has… do you really think that little farm girl will last long? Look what happened last time. Take your pick, Lane. What will it be?}I feel so bad for her, but what else is she supposed to think?

{Closing my eyes briefly, I slowly turned to look up at him, already knowing my answer.} TEASE!

{The ending is left open, since I plan to do a follow-up to this piece. Keep your eyes open around February.} *gasp* You never said anything about a follow up! *evil grin*
Spidey2 chapter 1 . 11/21/2007
love it! don't make the story so long though, break it down into smaller chapters; otherwise readers will get bored of it very quickly. As for how I'd end it, I'd let Lois tell him she remembers everything... Keep going though, want more...
t wrecks chapter 1 . 11/21/2007
Neat take, I remember the scene
Jodi Palmer Joy chapter 1 . 11/20/2007
I like the story - I like all your stories, especially Little Secrets - but the ending seemed like a cop out to me. I would have loved to see how she convinced Clark that she didn't remember after all. Plus this Clark seems like a real jerk. I couldn't be happier that the Superman Returns universe did away with the whole Lana debacle.

Good story, though.

And now, back to Little Secrets? Pretty Please?