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godofmadness43 chapter 151 . 10/13
well, when you can't follow canon anymore, just go off the rails
Guest chapter 151 . 10/13
Look We Know Your Ike is Different. But Your Reasoning For Ike Giving Ragneel Is A Bit Weak. Mist Is Not Ready Yet. No one Is Using In Games As Coumters. This simply does not have the Physical strength to wield a two handed you sword with one hand... it would be a struggle for her to wielding with both hands.. You Try too Hard To Change Ike. Only Expand and Give New Light To His Persona.. Keep In Mind He was Given Urvan for A Reason.. But Game mechanics limit radiant Dawn.. For Example Fire Emblem Three House Is Good Example That Chracters Can Be Skilled In Different Areas Of Combat.. You Do Do Underatand That Unlike Other Lords Ike was Born Commoner. I see you dont look enough into their personality. But maybe i'am nit picking. I understand you are movong away from canon. Just promise that you Be More Consistent. Have Mist train under mentors

Using ragneel would require her to use Different form of Sword Combat
Realistically speaking it would be more fitting for her to weild 2 Light Weapons

Perhaps Dual Weilding Florete and Wo dai

Elegant Rusty Pelican you expand on the other Grill Mercenaries.. What About Mia?.. Perhaps Mist Be Be Mia Fated Rival.. Mist Needs A Rival.. A Rival Thatbis More Skilled Tjen She Is.

the problem is that you're making her too strong for no reason

Keep in Mind She was 15 Year Old Girl That Was More Fresh then Ike Whem it Come To Fighting... Keep in Mind Ike Had Been Fighting In The Front Lines ans Stefan Mentored Ike Im Swordmanship... ItvIs Even Implied That Teachings Allowed Ike To invent technique called Aether.

Think Of Rey From Star Wars... You know The Mary Sue... She was A Poorly Written Chracter Meant as A Social Agenda.. She Suddendly Rivals Kylo Ren in Last Jedi in The Span of Months or weeks.. Keep in mind Last jedi happens immediately after Star Wars force awakens.

You do not give others chracters enough focus in my opnion
Guest chapter 150 . 10/13
Okay this Is Bad writing. Ike is Stated To be The Most Powerful Warriors stated Fire emvlem heroes and Was Stated be one Of Best Swormans in the Game..

Botton line.. Hehe Could master Sword and Axe in radiant.

The Fact that Could have SS Rank in Both Sword and Axe Shows He embrace The The Legacy of Gaiwan abd Greil.

Look I Know Want to Make Mist relevant but I feel you are going about it the wrong way.. You are just going make her A Ike Cone.

Make her Unique Where She Can master the Sword and Learn some Magic and Horseback riding..

She is Suppose to Valkyrie.

Make her Own Legendary Weapon..

Weapons Can Be Forged Correct? Have her Florete be Forged To Stronger Varaint.. Have Rhys Teach Her Light Magic and Oscar or Titanna Teach her How To Ride a Horse... Based on her constitution aka phyaical Build she is going to need Two hands to weild Ragneel

As Ike Even stated She and Matthew teamed uo to beat a Weakended Black knight that Ike tired out... Though i Question your lack of Knowledge on the chracters when i read that chapter.. You did your best.

But I would prefer that you keep a consistent in the swordsmanship and slowly learn ing to use the axe. Simply have ike teach mist to use Ragneel in case anything happens. Not juat randomly give it away
godofmadness43 chapter 150 . 10/12
glad we got a Mist POV, it was cool
TheBraveGallade chapter 65 . 9/25
K I did NOT EXPECT mist being so badass here.

Hoping to see an alondite welding mist in the goddess tower
Cormag Ravenstaff chapter 148 . 9/24
ahhhhhhh I’m finally here! School has been such a bitch lately but here I am!

What a twist! Finally people from both sides are teaming up and I for one cannot wait to see how this pans out. I can’t imagine this is going to go well at first. Hopefully the rest of the central characters get on board with this and jump onto the revolution train.

And wow I never knew tgat was canon! Those two are so cute together.
Lord Cow-Cow chapter 149 . 9/20
Hm, sometimes the interjections from other characters feel kinda jarring/unneeded. Mist's "That was well put" for instance.

That being said the dialogue for the rest of it worked well. I enjoyed seeing Matthew venting a bit of frustration (And Elincia too) finally.

I was just thinking the other day about how you killed off Gatrie and Kieran :(

"A leather bag" and "It's a rock" lines got me good, idek why.
Now I want a conference call Fire Emblem parody...
"Is Ike here?"
"Oh sorry I was on mute."

Holy shit I forgot about Patrick. You really put a looot of players on this board.


Also ikE lmao
godofmadness43 chapter 149 . 9/17
lets hope there can be peace for them all...if the goddess allows it
Guest chapter 148 . 9/2
I remember, many, many years ago when I hit the last published chapter on the previous story if this would become one of those abandoned husks that litter this site. I never imagined when I hit that follow button the complex relationship I was signing up for. Getting that new chapter email is like looking at an old photograph; no matter what I’m doing, I know that its call will not let me focus on anything else. I’m glad you’ve decided to keep working on it. I like this turn the story is taking. Perhaps how we got here was a little sttange, but I’m glad to see these powerful characters taking action. I look forward to the next update email, no matter how long it takes.
kreeft123xx chapter 148 . 8/26
I really did not expect another revolution. Very interesting.
Basically binge read the entire story and found it very enjoyable, so really looking forward to more updates.
Lord Cow-Cow chapter 148 . 8/25
Hey, don't worry, just listen to me and I'll tell you if a chapter was crap or not :D

In any case, I enjoyed this one. Rather simple for the most part but then bam, you managed to surprise me. Good work on that.

Also oh hey, Ash, nice to see you again. She still throws me off ngl.

Gonna be fun to see where this goes.
DerpyTrollFace chapter 148 . 8/25
hey there. long time reader, from years ago. just wanted to drop a comment to let you know that it's always been a blast reading the series. when you revived the series after a long hiatus I was super happy. thanks for everything!
Trivia chapter 148 . 8/25
Here is Link Of Radiant Dawn Bio below.. The Prevoius Link that Showed You was Path of Radiance Bio.

. 2016/11/28/fire-emblem-rd-tellius-recollection-vol-2-scantranslation-compilation-post/amp/
Trivia chapter 148 . 8/25
Here is information on Guidebook of Telluis. Link below

. 2016/07/31/fire-emblem-por-tellius-recollection-scantranslation-compilation-post/amp/
Trivia chapter 148 . 8/25
Regarding Nailieh amd Rafiel their relationship was a bit More noticeble Japanese version of the game.

We don't know a lot of things about Fire Emblem games because terrible English localization.. many Fire Emblem games are not properly translated correctly deliberately or due to lack of care and respect
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