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Guest chapter 129 . 12/30/2014
The only thing I see is people saying he is a gary-sue because he isn't a emo bitch. That's hardly a good argument for the 'John is a Mary Sue' case.

If people said he was a gary-sue, because... I dunno ! Because he found a tome in his dream, because he was way too much of a goody two-shoes, because he passed out way too much in the earlier chapters which no character ever do, because he has 1/100 independence... Yeah err... something like that !
Thoses would some actual, good, arguments, even though the story is still kinda good, but they would be argument that make sense.

Crap, I'm not even an actual 'fan', who love this story, but I find myself defending it... but don't misunderstand I have a lot of things to criticize about the story but I prefer to wait the end of it. Probably.

There's a lot of things I don't like about SI, from 'canon-sticking', from people who scream Mary-sue for the wrong reason. You guys says he is a gary-sue because he's not a sasuke wannabe, how screwed up is that ? Gimme a break.

... when you think about it, I DID criticized it, so I'm kind of the middle ground.
I'm weird too.
Idea chapter 129 . 12/29/2014
Remember Your story. Your rules. I Predict John to succumb to Darkness. He is only Human. Things always get worse beforr they better.

John is Still Weak and Rusty in my Opnion. Hopefully he Will get back in shape and get back being he could icoperate his Musical talents into battle somehow.


True Ultimate Spell... SpellBinding Radiance

To Cast the Spell Two Blessed Fire Tomes, One Blessed Wind Tome, One Blessed Thunder Tome, One Blessed Light Tome, and One Blessed Dark Tome Must Be Cast Together Through One Sage that know and master the Elments and light and Darkness or Though 6 Spell Casters that Mastered the Requirements TWO Casters that mastered Fire, one caster that Mastered Wind, one Caster that Mastered Thunder, One Caster that Mastered Light, and One Caster that Mastered Darkness.. This Spell can Can potentialy outright Destroy Grima.. but Against someone of Ashera's power it can only Serverly Weaken her. But the Power of the Spell is dependent on the Willpower and Bonds the Caster or Casters have with others.

For Spell binding Radiance to Work against Deities like Ashera, The Caster or Caster must have Their Tomes blessed by a Deity of significant power... like Yune
Guest chapter 129 . 12/27/2014
To the other guest: yes he is sort of gary sue how could not see that? It is obvoious.

But anyway john had no buisiness getting himself involved in war.

I'am annoyed at the author he Kill of canon relavant character and replace them with Oc?

Also Why petrine never recognized Greil?

What Will sephriaan do since he lost Zelgius.

.. Have you even Fully even Fully Completed Radiant Dawn? Do you Understand the plot?

Did You Know Soren is the True Son of King Ashnard?
Guest chapter 129 . 12/25/2014
Nice twists on things... hopefully you will not take long too update. Anyway Merry christmass
Demonfan50 chapter 129 . 12/27/2014
Give us a new chapter for the new year soon!
Guest chapter 129 . 12/25/2014
Well John, all that crap could have, indeed, been avoided, if you didn't though it would be a good idea to be a patriotic idiot for Daein. It could've been avoided if you had actually did something during the time skip other than losing magic skills for music skills, seriouly this thing bother me.

Btw, what's up with people saying 'don't make John into a Mary-sue', just because he, what, don't 'fall into darkness' when a lot of people piss on him ? Because, he don't rumble crappy emo things a la Sasuke ? At least, he move on in a realistic way and don't cry much like some character.
John is already his own character and the story is at 129 chapters now, so...

I honestly want to understand the logic behind it but I just can't.
Oh and Merry Christmas to you too, and to pretty much everybody here.
dragonngo chapter 129 . 12/26/2014
I think this is the work of the blood pact, and that instead of being used on Daein it is actually being used on Crimea, since John had "help" made it come true, how come he hadn't considered it yet, and since he saw the future from that time in Daein, why again, he haven't he considered that too? Is the whole Elincia event really drove John that far? Are you are going have the Daein people turn against John too as well? If that's the case, once this whole war is over, I assume that John is probably going to quit as one of the four riders and decide to never involve himself in these affairs ever again, and if that does happen I think John need to come to term to his mistakes, improve himself as a person, and go though this mind journey to find out not just about himself, but Tellius as well. So, don't make John a Gary Stu character, but make him an over powered character with problems he developed in his days in Tellius, and a hint of his old self before he came here.
Cormag Ravenstaff chapter 129 . 12/26/2014
A late Merry Christmas to you! :D

Hmm, an interesting chapter. I liked how you're dwelling on the potential consequences that are going to happen. It really hits home just how fucktastic the meeting went.

"I yearn for the simple days of pokemon battles and oranges."
Ah, that's an important line. For obvious reason, mainly because it shows how John regrets things. He knows it too.

History lesson! I liked all that about BK's armor. Pretty cool stuff, I seem to recall something similar to that...somewhere. Where did you get that idea?

Where's Jay been at?

I think Matthew should meet a certain purple haired woman sometime. Eventually ;)
Lord Cow-Cow chapter 129 . 12/26/2014
Yus, Toradora, still one of my favorites. :3

The Black Knight stuff, Icwutudid.
That Katrina is super protective I see, that's a good thing, maybe. XD
Signature assassin move sounds kinda sketchy. Hmm...I wonder how that works...and how someone can imitate it...If Bastion or Geoffrey did it that would be insane.
Oh god so many wars, that sounds terrible. This is going to be nuts if they all get dragged into it...
Selena is a good friend...and yes, Pokemon battles and oranges, where did you go? :(
It's sadistically interesting to watch John break down like this.
Nailah is right, people die, things happen. Good way to think of things. And John, nice racism. XD
Oooh learning more things abotu Gawain, that's interesting...
Still confused why Petrine was a former student of Gawain yet didn't recognize him later on.
But anyway, things are looking...crappy. XD

Hope you had a good Christmas. And good luck with your dreams! Woo!
godofmadness43 chapter 129 . 12/25/2014
huh the Black Knight is more complex than i thought
Guest chapter 128 . 12/20/2014
Not bad. I love your story. But i beg of of you to mot make john to much of a gary sue. . the dark path is interesting... but i beilive The Way to Dawn path will spice up the story. Kingdom heart reference. Lol.
aznxa21 chapter 128 . 12/19/2014
Interesting story, but I do hope you don't turn him into a Gary Stue character by not having him fall into darkness after this incident.
D chapter 128 . 12/12/2014
It Would Be predible and clithe if You Fully potray John as a person untainted.

Let him fall in Darkness.. he is only hunan afterall... only to Find that the a Small But Bright Light is with that Very Darkness that will give him Courage and Strength.

We are all Human and are bound to Sometimes Be Filled With Hatred and Rage when we are Horribliy Wrong. Dont Make John a Gary Sue, But his Own Character in his own right that have similar problem like you. Dont make him a Copy, But a Character that you have grown proud of and readers can relate to in a way.

... The Only Question is... What is John's Light
Tomovnikov chapter 8 . 12/13/2014
Reading back over the earlier chapters you can see the change in John's character from naive and all loving to Jaded and calculated. It's a very slow but very interesting arc.
dragonngo chapter 128 . 12/8/2014
Man... John really have it rough... Foxwolf Jackson, I know that you just recently went through all the emotional hardships with your girlfriend and you are pushing all those feelings in this story. Will these tragic turn of events end up making him a heartless monster that resent those who wronged him or become a man who been scarred but have seen the truth of humanity and become the savour that he is meant to I do know is that once this Act is over, John will never be the same. For the better, or the worse, and for all the characters in this story, you better hope it is the former.
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