Reviews for Fire Emblem: Spellbinding Radiance
CalmAndComposed chapter 142 . 4/9
Thank you. I think that's all I need to say
Blizzard Wolf Claw chapter 142 . 4/8
Nice to see the story ISN'T discontinued (as it's an inspiration that makes inspiration that gives you inspiration... wait, does that sound weird?) Anyway, this story is a great milestone in not only the FE community, BUT the whole fanfic community as well, and this is a story I'm proud to have pressed the "Fave, Follow" button for, and I would do it multiple times if I have to. This story is just about one of the awesomest pieces of literature (note, I used the BIG term,) that I have ever read, and I would LOVE to read even more of it, and if inspiration ever runs low again, remember to check inspiration FOR inspiration out of other people's work that YOU inspired! :) If that's confusing, well, look at it this way; I just spent 8.79 minutes typing a review to motivate one of my favorite FF authors to continue a story, and even read ALL of the author's note, (maybe I skipped a paragraph... or 3, but that's not the point!) This story is piece of ART, and if you want to add another movement to this nice little orchestra ensemble, I say GO FOR IT! :)

With Motivation,
Blizzard :)
Guest chapter 141 . 3/18
Again Dumb Fanatics would not be able comprehend the Difference between Constructivec and and Flames.

You Story is B . But You made so many contracdictions and ignored too many key points. You need to admit your Oc is self insert.

If he is a Self insert.. Then he is a Dumb one., considering you shouldv everything about the game.. Despite your Knowledge you made no attempt to use the Knowledge to your Advantadge and Even slacked off during the time skip... You Allowed Your Biased to negatively ruin the story potential... If calling Ike a Gary sue is any indication ... and your refusal to show the Point of view of greil Mercnaries and making them more Antagonistic and Shunning Your oc.

Even if your intention was not make a Oc a Self insert.. You failed because you places to many of your problems and bailiffs into your Oc

I was Disgusted That You Butches the Black Knight Personalty and nerfed him and Ike and Greatly Exaggerating Mist's Combat ability with Suddenly holding against the Black knight out of blue.

You are aware in Canon Ike and Mist only Survived the battle because Zelguis The Black Knight went Easy on Ike and threw the match and faked his death when ike Told him He Only deafeted his Father because Griel Crippled himself. Ike was spared Because Zelguis wanted Ike to grow strong enough to be in par with Gaiwan/Greil(In his Prime) so he can finally test himself against Griel in prime years
LancetheGallade chapter 141 . 3/14
Good OC fics are a rare bunch. Like, really, really, rare. I'll admit I was disappointed at some parts in the story, but usually I like to actually figure out where the author is going before complaining.

If you ever get down, just remember what awesomeness you've bestowed upon the Fire Emblem community, and we'll keep trying to flood out the haters with good advice and constructive criticism.
Chi-Suna chapter 141 . 3/11
You are an amazing writer! I love this story and its characters! Don't listen to the haters if they don't like it they shouldn't read it.
Guest chapter 141 . 3/10
You not doing a good job at making John a good character.

You're first mistake was making John weak after the timeskip.

I figure you learn from Dragon ball z. Lol
Guest chapter 141 . 3/10
No review war is happening . lol.

I only see a Bunch of fanboys harrassing the Reviewers that letting the Author know of this Story's Flaws and pros.. Not really a war.

Also deleting reviews are rude.

Saying Constructive Critism is the same as flaming is a sign of Arrogance On the Author part and Silly favoritism and kissass to extreme on the Fanatics part.
Blue Wyvern Rider chapter 33 . 3/1
I missed your Happy Histcaymas by a day! On the leap year. Uh, well, Happy late Histcaymas. Here's an internet cake, wrapped in aluminium foil for you. (Ignore the missing slice).

Blue Wyvern Rider chapter 141 . 2/23
The Anonymous: Well, since putting up that review, I've occasionally glanced at this chapter's reviews, and, well...words fail me. I was honestly a little jealous at the amount of attention and reviews this story had...once upon a time. Geez. I now understand what you meant in the author's notes. There's not much the community can do about these postings, but one provided filter is to use the Moderate Guest Reviews option, which was created for just such a purpose. Other reviews can be removed any time after the time window, too. And this is a privilege giver to writers, so if reviewers don't like it, what do their opinions matter?

What you've got on your hands right now is a flame war. Happens in many places, especially in social media spots. I suggest removing them and having everyone move on before it gets any more out of control. Can't do much else for you.

In other news! I've decided to reread the story...I don't remember it being this long. I still get a laugh every time John hits Boyd in the backside or the princess has a bipolar flip in personality. I know girls who do that. In fact, my sister does that. I'm also reading through an LP of the other Fire Emblems to find out about the other universes, since I've only played 9 and 10, so I'm now able to connect a little better with the story. You seem to perform their characters as well as you do Tellius' characters. Your character develop for them is also great, changing them as the influences around them change, which is realistic. I reached John's point of promising Sothe to protect Macaiah, and it touched me as Sothe's earnestness then would protect Macaiah at the cost of his life. Just a perk of reading through once already.

Anyway, Just stopped by a second to encourage you once more and try to help. Oh, and I've managed to learn five songs on the piano now! ...Or, my right hand has, at least. So keep reaching for your goals. Good luck at whatever life tries to throw you!

-The Now No Longer Anonymous

P.S. Your story is still inspiring me. I've decided to improve my writing a little more and dabble at a self-insert myself.
King Keith chapter 141 . 2/21
Sigh well while everyone does cause a ruckus in your review page and I have seen it believe I have seen agruements left and right I think I could be a good thing. I mean if they argue about it that means there is one good thing about it right? Man cheering people up might not be my forte...
Also you've been sticking to this since your high or jr high school days right? You have my respect for writing this story this long! Whether or not you decide you give this up or not just know that there are people that enjoyed this story is all. Be happy what you accomplished during those times and thanks for all the laughs and tears if this is the end.
One more thing everyone struggles and has to take on the darkness in their life so if it helps you don't suffer alone even if you think you do. That is my personal thoughts when life gets hard.
Good luck with everything,
King Keith.
Guest chapter 141 . 2/20
To Truegrammer: Dude shut up., it is Obvious you To mentally immature to Know the difference between Constructive Critism. The reviews are not spiteful.. Perhaps you just one of those Arrogant Authors who beilive they do not need to be Criticized? .. The Author can Author can himself thank very much.. You not helping.. Being Naive Fanatic.

A True Critic see the pros and Cons of a Story.. Not constantly Showering the Author with Rainbows and candy.
TheTrueGammer chapter 140 . 2/13
Oops. Didn't mean to submit that review yet.
Anyway, what I'm trying to say is that I adore this fic. And it the fact that some Guest is repeatedly posting spiteful reviews just for the sake of being a _ makes me want to punch a puppy. Except, I love animals so I'd only give it an aggressive pet.
If you do decide to end the fic here, I'll understand entirely. I know that may sound hollow coming from some random person on the Internet, but I really do mean it. I may be a wee bit sad at first, but I'd get over it. Besides, I could always re-read it, which sounds like a really good idea right now.
Hm, I had some clever way to end this review(s), but I'll just opt for this instead: The Game.

Sincerely, Gammer.
TheTrueGammer chapter 141 . 2/13
Uh... How do I want to word this?
Have you ever heard the phrase 'haters gonna hate, potatoes gonna potate'? Actually, that doesn't make much sense. What do potatoes do besides get eaten for nutrients? Hey, maybe that's what that phrase means; hateful things can be consumed and use for nutrients and growth just like a potato! Aw man, I just made myself hungry.
Oh wait, I was trying to say something. So, if you go back to, like, September of last year, you'll find me stumbling upon this fic for the first time. Having nothing better to do, I gave it a read. Hours later, I was all caught up. And I'd missed all sorts of deadlines and previous obligations, but that's beside the point.
From the first chapter, I was hooked. Not only was the writing some of the best I've seen on FF, especially as time went on, but I also found myself liking a lot of the characters, be it OCs or familiar faces. Believe it or not, but this fic, and a couple others, are what inspired me to start writing more often.
Guest chapter 141 . 1/31
While it is true you have so many flaws... It is ultimately up to you how to work this story.

Get over it. Learn from your past Mistakes and worry about the present and work on your long and short term goals.

Stop bitching about your girlfriend or the past.

Your Mind is too foggy and unorganized

Worry about yourself first.
Guest chapter 141 . 1/26
Of course Lord crow aka the kissass or the Author posing a No name Blank Account would would harass any Guest for stating facts.

Grammar? -_-. What does grammar have to do anything. You sure seem understand what I,an saying. Lol. It is Obvious you just Narrow minded fool that always fap to this Author. You just a petty fool who changes the subject and too biased and ignorant to point out the Authors flaws. That is why You are a fool. Also stop talking. I'am pretty sure the Author can defend himself.

To the Author: yes you arebeing Biased. Stop being so Arrogant to say Ike is a Gary Sue. Regardless of how sugarcoat your character .. He is a Self Insert. You put too much of personality and life into this character. Honestly Ike being a Gary Sue has had been debunked in many sites. It Obvious you Can not comprehend the growth of many fire emblem characters which is why you kill off some characters and ignore other characters because you choose not to understand them better.

Also stop abusing that word. Gary or Mary Sue is only Self insert in fanfictions.
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