Reviews for Fire Emblem: Spellbinding Radiance
Guest chapter 142 . 4/11
Whelp, at least, I know I'm not one those guests. :p
Ah yes, the famous Sue question come back once more.. They still use the worst reason.
But you're right, what's so bad about being a Sue or a Self Insert ? I personally think that people who dislike them are boring as hell.

About the stor... well I tire of seeing John not being able to do anything and being trapped in pointless drama and situation. Make him do something. Hell, make him kill Ike... just something please.
cprime.3000 chapter 143 . 4/11
Aaaw yeaah...The king is back.
godofmadness43 chapter 143 . 4/10
wow, well John's gone...or is he?
Guest chapter 143 . 4/10
Nice to see you back.
WinkinsLite chapter 143 . 4/10
YES! Welcome back mate. I'm glad you're feeling well enough to find some motivation to write again.

And holy snap this was a absurdly long chapter to read. The reactions to your act were really in character with how you shaped them to be, if my memory isn't too hazy.

Might have to reread the whole story again to straighten that out...

Being addicted to gaming is okay as long as you don't go to the deep end :L
Carismastic chapter 143 . 4/10
It's good to see this story updated again. It would have been a shame if this story was abandoned since it's one of the best Fire Emblem self-insert story's that is still around.
Star Geman chapter 124 . 2/18
OH boi and that spar was a bit ... weird... sexual in some way too.
Guest chapter 142 . 1/26
I reread the whole thing and the new chapters as well (133 to 142) I have to say I love the whole concept and it is really engaging! Keep up the good work! .
Star Geman chapter 54 . 1/9
I just shat my pants. Lord Vad- ehm i mean the Black Knight and the mad King together?!
Damn that is hard. A wonder that nobody died.
Star Geman chapter 53 . 1/8
Flesh out Brom?
Like you did with Gatrie?
Boi if you kill him in the next 10 chapters i riot!

Star Geman out.
Star Geman chapter 7 . 1/3
Nice "side" story really enjoying it!

Star Geman out.
Lazy chapter 142 . 7/29/2016
I don't feel like signing in, but I just wanted to say thanks. This story's been such a good read over the years and always worth coming back to. The occasional update email brightens my day even I don't get to read the chapter for a month or two, and having a few chapters saved up to read is always a good night. Sure, the story has flaws but so do some published works so I don't really see it as a negative. It's been fun to see your writing improve as you progress and I'm interested to see how much more it does as the story continues. I hope you find enjoyment in this story again, and if not I hope you find enjoyment elsewhere.

Regardless, I hope you have a good day,

A Reader
Sup2backup chapter 128 . 7/27/2016
Reading the arguments put forth by bastian, there is seriously so much fallacies and holes that I'm surprised John handled it terribly. 'It seems to point that some were behind the former leader's assassination' so basically bastion has made the assumption that the wolves assassinated the leader and therefore guilty based on their characteristic as 'cunning', with no evidence to prove they actually commited the deed. You'd think John would have remembered ad hominem fallacies in English class but guess I'm wrong. Worst person to debate for the sake of an entire species.
Roaming Traveler chapter 142 . 6/7/2016
Well, considering John's situation, we now have to ask: Who's going to die, so that John will live? (Twice before, someone else died in his place. Or was it three times before?)

I was puzzled over the course this story had been taking for a while (and still wish John were more like that fun nerdy guy we liked from before, though I understand that he had to mature (maybe not to this extent, but that's life for you)).

But amusingly, your comments at the end of this chapter finally made the gears click in my head, by reminding me of a detail from an earlier chapter I had completely overlooked. If I'm right, then it looks like you're about to pull off one fiendishly clever plot twist.
And considering I'm normally somewhat genre-savvy, that's impressive that you've pulled off this possible twist without me even realizing it until now.
If my theory is right, then you're going to deserve a round of applause, FoxwolfJackson.
Guest chapter 142 . 5/7/2016
Dude quit making up excuses. The self insert ducked and it was bad enough you negatively potray other characters..

Do not use a character if you do not understand a Character..

Yes I agree with guest.. The Reviewer Fapping to you provided nothing useful.. Just being Yes man..

Also what Does grammar has to do with this? Do every Author insult someone's Grammer just because they got Critized?-_-

But at least you totally not like that... But I Hope you understand the flaws of your story and Understand what a Gary Sue means.
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