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Guest chapter 142 . 4/17/2016
Naivety.. Yes Ike group has loyalty o Crimea.. But they Turned their back on Your self insert and no one even beilive that John was Framed..

The Tensions between the Wolf Magic and Beast Tribe was also Lazy and Forced.

You say understand the your story flaws.. But never make any move to correct it. We Should not have always point out your flaws for you to correct.. Some of us want to see you Correcting Your flaws instead of you Doing nothing

I can see that No matter what any one say you will always be Biased to Ike and the Tellius Series.. . you choose to be Biased because you simply not open minded enough.
Tomovnikov chapter 142 . 4/13/2016
I was initially worried that the Micaiah convo was just a poorly done death flag, but in retrospect, I shouldn't have. You're a far better Author than that, and it felt earned to have this hefty conversation as a payoff for a slow build between John and Micaiah.
cprime.3000 chapter 142 . 4/11/2016
This story just keeps getting better, started reading it in 2012 and I have been hooked since I sincerely hope you keep going.
Guest chapter 142 . 4/10/2016
Sacred stones was alright.

Your biased is just an Opnion

Your defination of Gary sue is still a fanon term and only still your Opinion. But ok.
Guest chapter 142 . 4/10/2016
Actually the guests were being kissas I was just calling it as I see it. It is simple.

I assumed you ignored my reviews because I originally thought you are just one of the many Arrogant Authors who needed to pull a stick out of his or her ass. The Author who lash out the moment he or she is criticized.. Who delete Constructive Critism out of Spite. And the other accusations you mentioned...And even meet Authors who mocked Reviewers ideas or suggestions and even have the audcity to steal that person ideas despite rejecting it.I have seen those type of shitty Authors.. So I'am very Cynical.

But I guess I was somewhat Wrong about you. You have some potential

Regarding Radiant Dawn.. The plot was a Masterpiece in my Opnion. The Support conversation was Lazy.. I agree that much. The Thrid Tier System was awesome in opnion and the Unique SS Class system.., but some class were Underpowered and Some Overpowered... Part 3 was fine. Part 4 was Rushed they should added more chapters involving Tomrod, Vika, and Muariam. Kurthnaga was merged. He had the power bring down a castle and intimidate an army to temporarily back down... And the moment you get him he have shitty stats with Breath rank of A Class so late in the Game?.. Sigh... The their was not much flaggerrzation. It has been three years and everyone developed as a character... Again the support was Lazy.. But only paying attention to the bad details of the Game. I admit their flaws.. But it is still a masterpiece.

The plot was much better than Fates and Awakening plot. That for sure. Do not get me started on Conquest Poor plot. . but Complex And good gameplay.

Conquest and birthright Black and White Moraltily.

Nothing about Radiant Dawn story was weak.. You just being biased about it.. That is fact as you not focusing on the good points as Well Proves my point. It like you can grasp the deep concept and themes of the story

So no Radiant Dawn is not a terrible And weak game. Lol. .. But you are free to feel that way.
Cormag Ravenstaff chapter 142 . 4/9/2016
Alright. Gotta quick do a mind crunch to remember where we were

Rock solid, Johnny.

Lucia hasn't really done much in this fic, if memory serves

Aw. I wanted Micaiah to wield to SS Fanservice weapon!

Good. Even if he's turned into an antihero, it's nice to be reminded that John is on the right side. He's not an antagonist, he's just doing the right thing

I think John's stronger now than he was in part one of SBR

That whole disposable tool monologue? Here's how I would have done it:
"Imma pimp ass motherfucker, and those Crimea bitches better watch their butts!"

In these kind of long exchanges, it wouldn't hurt to remind who is saying what now and then

The slap!

They should have finished that conversation

I smell a suicide plan

No wait! It's the fire plan from RD! I bet it's actually going to work this time

Medieval batteries!

It's good you didn't split this up. The chapter is converging nicely

And now the infiltration plan by the mercenaries...very nice

It'll be a trap

Forgot a linebreak, yo


Secrets! :D

Or wait, THIS is the supply burning plan? It wasn't the Daein horses before? Huh.


Oh hai Ike

It's been so long, I forgot about the Sonic/Rune combo

If you killed Matthew or my angel, I'll kill you

The dark aura!

Does Karla still have the hots for Mia?

This is a great fight. You're juggling all the variables very well

Oh hai Natasha. I forgot you too

Oh hai Ashley

Wowzers, what an ending. I hope next chapter doesn't take too long!

Well, you know I'm in. I'll write one for you, and perhaps more in the future. I've got two ideas I'd like to talk through with you, and see how you like them!

This review is long. Like this chapter!
Lord Cow-Cow chapter 142 . 4/9/2016
First of all, Sophie best child character y/y?
Anyway onward to the story.

Getting better at the opening sentence thing :) Though it's slightly amusing given that John knows something happens after one dies.
Loved this whole bit, was really well written, and not overly wordy.
Also, John very old, a lot of the time. It's really startling to think about how much he's...not exactly matured, but aged nonetheless.
This is a really heavy chapter, and you seem to do best with these kind of things...It's funny because both sides of it are, imo, your best stuff. Really heavy, and really light, things. Though the middle ground still sometimes is rough.
It almost was a tad too dramatic and dark sounding buuuut the thing with that is it's logical that'd be how he'd feel. So it's tricky, because on one hand it seems almost edgy but on the other it seems realistic, as far as these things go.
lmao time of the month joke in the middle of that, that was great, very nice way of breaking things up
I'm afraid I don't get the Veers reference.
Ominous barrels are ominous and it's scary to think he'd use, evidently, such vile tactics on these people. Scary stuff...
And now I'm starting to wonder if you're making BK's identity so obvious because it's not who it seems.
Oh my gosh John created walkie-talkies...ROCKIE-TALKIES!
Wow this is a legit large-scale battle. Those are always tough to make interesting and realistic, so far, so good though. I'm enjoying seeing the different orders. Makes me want some large-scale battle in the games XD I will say it seemed a bit quick, but that might've been the intent. It's certainly tense.
That conversation with Matthew was quite...juicy. Makes me want mooore
The Ike fight start was a bit out of the blue feeling but the conversation before it was so good I don't mind.
Sheesh this battle is intense. And an evil spirit, eh? That's ALWAYS a good thing, and the Naruto reference made me groan but in the good "You are corny" way.
Holy shit. That's all I can say, that intense scene, the fight, the attack at camp, wow.
AND THE ENDING! That was really cool, and horrible, and wtf, you evil monster I love it!

Dude, buddy, dude. This was it, this was your real turning point chapter. It was so good, entertaining, exciting, witty, good job man. It was well worth the wait, you're in top condition here. There were moments I worried John was too strong in comparison to the heroes, buuut he has always been a high risk high reward when it comes to power.

As for the A/N. First, it's crazy to me people thought you were one of the reviewers, that' weird.
wtf is GAFF?
Yeah, won't lie, I'd be sad if this ended. I've not been in it from the start but...heck I was in high school when I first read this, so it's been there for a looong time for me too. But of course, never feel that if you don't want to write it that you have to. That never is good. I do appreciate all the time you've put into this though.
Awwwwww a shoutout, thanks! Happy to help in whatever ways I can, I'm glad I did SOMEthing for you, given how much you've done for us with this story.
Your whole thing on Gary Stu was pretty fascinating, and it certainly made me think, lol. Gary Stu characters do certainly work in some settings. Perhaps the first person view is what made more people point to it as negative, despite that it isn't as bad as it's put out to be?
You tell em! Glad you called out the guest reviewer thing, it was getting frustrating. I also would like to say, it's cool that you admit your mistakes. I will admit, though, that this has always been an entertaining read.
Ouch, Sacred Stones jab. My favorite QQ
Maaan I really want to write a chapter now... (Maybe a Lute chapter since she's been missing and is my favorite Fire Emblem character XD ) But...I'm already struggling with whether to continue world building for one of my stories, or to start re-writing my first story set in a different world without much world building. XD
Plus I'd rather my first contribution to FFN be my own fic, which I also should eventually do...
I have now proceeded to ramble WAY more than intended, sorry XD
godofmadness43 chapter 142 . 4/9/2016
wow, man this got intense, keep going!
TheTrueGammer chapter 142 . 4/9/2016
Man, John is so dark and edgy now. But he's apparently not edgy enough to avoid making a Naruto reference. Or maybe he made it because he's edgy?
Anyway, glad to see this story's still continuing; I'm more than a little curious to see how this Part 3 pans out.
That being said, this battle seems a little... rushed? That might be the entire point, considering both sides want the war to end ASAP, but I still felt like some details were being skimmed over. Or maybe I'm just bad at noticing them, that's possible too.
That encounter with the Mercs reminded me so much of Sothe and Ike's 3-13 convo, it's uncanny. Makes me wonder how different things would've been if Sothe was still alive...
And, it looks like John died. Again. This is, what, the third time now? Wonder how he's gonna pull through this one; I doubt some divine entity will revive him again, and a second Aum Staff would be the biggest Deus-ex-machina I've ever seen. inb4 John comes back as a ghost and haunts everyone by asking them if they're an orange.
Anyway, can't wait for the next chapter!
KaiserCube chapter 142 . 4/9/2016
Oh yes!
You've just made my day, good sir.
I can't wait too see what's next.
Selias chapter 1 . 4/9/2016
Magic and archery? It honestly seems a bit pointless, since they're both long-range, unless you're going to enhance your arrows with spells, or something.
CalmAndComposed chapter 142 . 4/9/2016
Thank you. I think that's all I need to say
Blizzard Wolf Claw chapter 142 . 4/8/2016
Nice to see the story ISN'T discontinued (as it's an inspiration that makes inspiration that gives you inspiration... wait, does that sound weird?) Anyway, this story is a great milestone in not only the FE community, BUT the whole fanfic community as well, and this is a story I'm proud to have pressed the "Fave, Follow" button for, and I would do it multiple times if I have to. This story is just about one of the awesomest pieces of literature (note, I used the BIG term,) that I have ever read, and I would LOVE to read even more of it, and if inspiration ever runs low again, remember to check inspiration FOR inspiration out of other people's work that YOU inspired! :) If that's confusing, well, look at it this way; I just spent 8.79 minutes typing a review to motivate one of my favorite FF authors to continue a story, and even read ALL of the author's note, (maybe I skipped a paragraph... or 3, but that's not the point!) This story is piece of ART, and if you want to add another movement to this nice little orchestra ensemble, I say GO FOR IT! :)

With Motivation,
Blizzard :)
Guest chapter 141 . 3/18/2016
Again Dumb Fanatics would not be able comprehend the Difference between Constructivec and and Flames.

You Story is B . But You made so many contracdictions and ignored too many key points. You need to admit your Oc is self insert.

If he is a Self insert.. Then he is a Dumb one., considering you shouldv everything about the game.. Despite your Knowledge you made no attempt to use the Knowledge to your Advantadge and Even slacked off during the time skip... You Allowed Your Biased to negatively ruin the story potential... If calling Ike a Gary sue is any indication ... and your refusal to show the Point of view of greil Mercnaries and making them more Antagonistic and Shunning Your oc.

Even if your intention was not make a Oc a Self insert.. You failed because you places to many of your problems and bailiffs into your Oc

I was Disgusted That You Butches the Black Knight Personalty and nerfed him and Ike and Greatly Exaggerating Mist's Combat ability with Suddenly holding against the Black knight out of blue.

You are aware in Canon Ike and Mist only Survived the battle because Zelguis The Black Knight went Easy on Ike and threw the match and faked his death when ike Told him He Only deafeted his Father because Griel Crippled himself. Ike was spared Because Zelguis wanted Ike to grow strong enough to be in par with Gaiwan/Greil(In his Prime) so he can finally test himself against Griel in prime years
LancetheGallade chapter 141 . 3/14/2016
Good OC fics are a rare bunch. Like, really, really, rare. I'll admit I was disappointed at some parts in the story, but usually I like to actually figure out where the author is going before complaining.

If you ever get down, just remember what awesomeness you've bestowed upon the Fire Emblem community, and we'll keep trying to flood out the haters with good advice and constructive criticism.
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