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Lord Cow-Cow chapter 141 . 1/13
So since can't review more than once, hi, it's me! If ya wanna reply to this just reply to the other one, totally forgot how this worked. ;

Oh hey this was a much smoother beginning, nice!
And Jay is always silly. It is amusing to think about how random soldiers might occasionally catch them talking to an "invisible" woman in the sky...Jay's the true goddess :o
I'm excited to see what John has cooked up...It's interesting to think that both sides are fine with the starting on even footing, kinda. Suppose it says a lot of how the armies have changed.
Speaking of. John is a lot more confident nowadays.
Ya made a typo. "Count Bastian entered alongside Lucia, Elincia, and Bastian."
Ah yeah, Selena would have reason to feel bad about being on opposing side with Ike...This is all so sad.
But wow everyone's so...understanding, not sure if that makes it worse...
This was a great way to prelude the battle.
Lord Cow-Cow chapter 141 . 1/13
Don't make me repeat what I said on FB with that quote, lol.
But yeah hope things are going alright.
Also checked the reviews and that particular Guest is back and he's such a massive asshat who 1.) Keeps posting multiple reviews (It's easy to tell it's one person...) and 2.) missed the point of your words entirely.

Quote me on this next chapter, no really. "Hey dude, Ike is totally a Gary Stu, and you really don't know what constructive criticism is. I've read the Guest reviews in question (not all of y'all) and mostly they're just pointless flames and opinions that don't actually help. The author has put up with a lot of shit over the years of making this so it's kinda sad you claim he's arrogant and cowardly. By the way your spelling and grammar is atrocious. (And your attempt to post as multiple people, while having similar writing habits and points, is kinda sad)"- Lord Cow-Cow

And actually I need to go to work in an hour but I needed you to see this, Mr. Author, to make sure you know that most people understand. I'll try and read the chapter itself soon and give my thoughts. :3
soren180 chapter 141 . 1/12
I'll just say it, you do you man. Do whatever you feel is right. Just be sure you don't waiver, be resolute. Otherwise you'll doubt yourself into the ground.
Guest chapter 141 . 1/10
I love this story so much, this has been the second time i have read it and I still feel the anger , regret, sorrow and happiness you have portrayed it would break my heart for you to stop such a wonderful story and please write it as how you feel it should be written do not allow others to change your vision I deeply admire you for all the time, love and work you have put in this and even if you decide to stop it I am happy to have found such a wonwonderfu fic.
P.S. sorry for either bad grammar or lack of punctuation
Guest chapter 141 . 1/9

But Your portrayal of Ike is poorly done. You call Ike a Gary Sue despite your John being a Gary Sue. Ike is Video game character... Have you Even played path of radiance and radiant dawn and look at the character devolopment? What is with the hate on Ike it is biased passive aggressive hatred. It is like an ignorant person saying Saitama one punch is a Gary Sue without reading it watching it.

Your character is a Oc is a self insert ...You push too much of Personality and problems into this character.

Your Story and story Is becoming less and Less Consistent
Guest chapter 141 . 1/9
Not bad . But you need to get over yourself.

Exactly why did you post this chapter so quickly. Did you do it because you are getting Critism or what?

Also to the guest: you are somewhat Right but but I disagree with you about Other guest Being Flamers and yes John is A Gary

A Flame is a Outright insult or saying update. Also I Hope you and That guest are not the same person because I have constantly see many Authors lose as guests to defend their own stories and harass other reviewers

But anyway
Your Potrayal done and your statement of Calling Ik
Guest chapter 141 . 1/9
First thing, you have your studying, you have your life, it's normal, calm down, everything's fine, we're not going to scream in despair. I'm perfectly happy that you can take the time to update once per year.
Secondly, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !

Huh, I can definitely see why you would delete some reviews, I'm looking at you, oh, kind and smart persons who insult and antagonize the author. 'kind and smart' being, of course a sarcasm.

The difference between flames and constructive criticism is often very thin, sometime, it's people just being rude or cold but still giving good criticism, sometime it's being cold unintentionally with the best intention in mind.
There's that guy that I like, plums, an author in this site, his reviews are often cold, blunt and often short, but he get to the point and tell you what's wrong straight. He's very blunt though.
Of course, there'sa lso people that are here to be 100% helpful.
In the review of this chapter, I only see people, mostly guest, that complain that you are complaining, and they insult you, so yeah, I think they're flamers.

I really should sign up on day, I'm the guest who complained about how people screamed 'Mary-sue !' left and right,all of that, without any back up behind it
You should read what The Anonymous said, his review is pure of wisdom, in fact, all of us should read it. I agree with what he said at 100%.
Even though it's a huge ass wall of text, but you know what they say, bigger is better, eh ?

So now about the chapter by itself...
Huh, Micky made a good argument there about Jay, and good ol John though about it, it was smart from him. Though I have the bad feeling that he is the... dindon de la farce, if you may allow this french expression.
So, what about this whole treating John like shit and dishonoring him hell and back ?
Seriously, I have no sympathy for Crimea, no sympathy.

You know what ? I really think I should sign up on this site on day.

Oh and I'm quoting myself there...
"First thing, you have your studying, you have your life, it's normal, calm down, everything's fine, we're not going to scream in despair. I'm perfectly happy that you can take the time to update once per year.
Secondly, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !"
Oh, and do take care of yourself will you ?
L'assassin orange chapter 141 . 1/8
I am very thankfull for all the work you put into each chapter. But if the hate and the tediousness of it all start to get to you, don't feel forced to write. Write for yourself first, and us second only. If you don't enjoy this story anymore, no one can force you to write. No matter what you do from here, thank you again for all the work that you did for this story.
Guest chapter 141 . 1/7
Not impressed. Only a Mature Author knows the Difference Flames and Constructive Critism. Do not be calling us Assholes if you are too Full of yourself to accept cristism.

Did You Really Update and posted a chapter all of a sudden just To offend The people just trying to give you advise?
Guest chapter 141 . 1/7
So Want to discontinue because you are too immature to Take Constructive Critism?

What are you Mad that you Got Called out on your Naive Biased? You Call An Ike a Gary Sue... Yet Your Self Insert is not Gary Sue. Hyocrite as much

Deleting Reviews like Coward only Proves Your Immaturity and that you are not rally cut to be an Author.

You are biased and are too arrogant to accept your own flaws.. Which is why you are easily offended when someone critize your self insert because you put to much of yourself in that character.
thatguythere chapter 141 . 1/7
I have been reading this story back when its chapters were still nearing one hundred a couple years ago more or less. I remember spending a whole summer day reading this when I just discovered this site. My eyes hurt by the time I reached the last chapter very late in the afternoon but it felt worth it. This is the fanfiction that made me become a regular reader in this site especially among the Fire Emblem area. I'm no critic, my standards are too low for that. Maybe your naysayers are correct and I just don't have my bar high enough. Doesn't matter. This story is a special one for me that I hope will see the end of.

But I know the feeling of writing a story feeling like a chore. My only story in my profile hasn't been updated in well over a year for that reason. So if your feeling persists, if you think this story has overstayed its welcome, go ahead and discontinue it. Better a story ended prematurely than one finished by a discouraged writer.
Cormag Ravenstaff chapter 141 . 1/6
I'd say go for the interesting character side. You've already got that going, and it's far more interesting than the cookie cutter version

Planning a war's battle? Interesting

Something's going on between Micaiah and Jay. I'm curious!

Nino! Haven't seen you for a while

This reminds me of the meeting cutscenes in RD where the top people would gather around that table. Loved those scenes

Don't know what those Crimeans are thinking. Not who I would have chosen as counterparts

Elincia's spittin' fire

Excellent build up. Next chapter is going to be terrific, I can tell already. I'm very excited to see John fight Elincia, cause it has to happen
The Anonymous chapter 141 . 1/6
P.p.p.p.s. (That's a lot of P's.) We don't all follow the fanpage (no Facebook for me) so any relative information relayed in new chapters is nice. Also look up these two webcomics for some awesome inspiration: Darths & Droids; and DM of the Ring. They might be possible helps to your lp as well.
The Anonymous chapter 141 . 1/6
Welcome to ! Just trying to remind you of where you are. Look, I don't know how much this will mean to you, but listen. FanFiction was set up as a place where people could share their passion about actual works created by others. This is the place for those who enjoy putting all those 'what-if's' we get while reading down onto paper, digital or otherwise. This is not for writing actual novels. We are not here to please the fans of the original work. We are here to please ourselves as we let a creative brainstorm find an outlet in a creative manner. Sure it has real life applications like improving your writing, but if all you want to do is please others, write an original work. I would probably buy it, just because you wrote it. But like you said, be an artist, not an entertainer.

The beginning of your work was at the heart of what FanFiction should be. Fun, innocent, and a scenario that almost every boy and girl dreams of while playing Fire Emblem: what-if 'I' was there. Who cares who becomes a mary or gary stu? How many times do we care while we follow our 'what-if's'? The reason it resonates is because everyone can imagine it and still follow John. Trying to be overly realistic or changing John based on reviews changes that feeling. How many times do people stop your daydreaming and correct it to their vision? Never, because your dream is yours alone. FanFiction is the place where you share what YOU'VE made. Look how long of a story you've made. 600k words is probably longer than George Martin or Christoper Paolini's works. Think on that for a moment.

Just write what you want. If you don't like what is going on in the story, put in a plot twist, such as a third warring nation, or an outside force that unifies everyone. But don't keep writing to please readers. Write under the true inspiration: imagination. Remember, constructive criticism is just someone's opinion. So just remember this quote when you see another 'bad' review: 'Opinions are like armpits. Everyone has them, and most smell without a large layer of protection!' -Me (who is still just anonymous for now!)

So, I'll let you go, and hopefully you'll reread this the next time you sit down to type/write/whatever. I haven't reviewed before, since I'm usually on my phone, and it's a real pain to type out reviews that I want to do, but I can't leave a fellow writer in the pits! And though I have an account, I'll leave this as anonymous for you to leave or remove at will, but I just want to let you know, that since I've stopped reading Fire Emblem FanFiction about a year or two ago, you're the only writer I still follow and read whenever I get an update. Go at your our speed, 'cause I'm okay with it. It's like a gold nugget coming down the river mysteriously to brighten the day when I see an update: I don't expect it, but it's certainly valuable to me! So take your time, and I wish you the best in all areas of life!

p.s. I'm finally learning the piano, which has been a dream of mine. Don't give up on yours after giving such encouragement to me!

p.p.s. Oh, nice chapter by the way.

p.p.p.s. Oh, awesome story, too, since this is my first time reviewing!
godofmadness43 chapter 141 . 1/6
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