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Cormag Ravenstaff chapter 132 . 5/2
Woah! Foxwolf's back in the game with ANOTHER chapter! Keep 'em coming, mate!

FE14 looks like it'll be a lot of fun. Which path will you take?

I agree, that crossover game looks pretty shitty. I was expecting...Fire Emblem. Like, some FE compared to Tiki and Pegasi

I added Project DETA to my reading list. I'll watch the Cards against Humanity videos for sure

I couldn't have asked for a better shoutout! Thanks yet again, mate!

Jiggly is the shit. I'm not good with her, but people have recked me with her

Jay! You've got some catching up to do!


I had forgotten about John's Kirby level mind. Glad to see it's back!

FFVII Advent Children! I liked that movie

And even still, I picture Noah as Noah from FE6. Though he's pretty cool, so I guess that's good. Helps me tell him apart from John

Matthew and Selena are still alive, fool! The future is ours to decide! The future ain't certain, we can change it! IT'S SHULK TIME!


John, you brought another girl along? Hell, I ain't complaining since this time it's Micaiah

Oh hai Dawn. I forgot about you

Big dragon is scary. Not a Kirby boss

Bye Jay, see you soon

You are VERY good at describing magic. Apocalypse was great. And damn is it a pain to spell

I'm surprised Micaiah didn't comment on the pinkness of John's Mind Palace

It would be that tome. Oh man, things are really going to light up now

Inspiration, away! Great to hear that, mate. I love seeing these notifications in my email inbox
godofmadness43 chapter 132 . 5/2
wow...dream fights sure are intense
Demonfan50 chapter 132 . 5/2
Great chapter I have a good feeling the inspiration won't leave you _
Anon E. Mouse chapter 131 . 4/14
Hey. i just wanted to say, I love your story. i guess you probably get reviews like this all the time, but i just need to let you know that i have loved watching John grow though these events, and i think you are an amazing artist. You go, dude! Take life as you need it, because this story, (and all you've said) prove you deserve it.
godofmadness43 chapter 131 . 4/15
well this is about to get bloody very fast
Lord Cow-Cow chapter 131 . 4/15
Alright first of all. You don't need to feel bad about having been so long between updates. It's best to write when you feel like writing after all. And this is just a fanfiction, your happiness and health is infinitely more important.

As for the chapter, fun stuff...well not really. I thought you were gonna kill Matthew there for a moment and that freaked me out I won't lie.
It's nice you're showing racism and prejudice on both ends...especially as the game seems to treat Laguz to Beorc racism as something that's more okay, which is wrong.
Er, anyway. Good chapter...glad you had at least one moment of silliness there with the forgotten keys but yeah anyway, that's all I've got. XD

Now the second A/N. Yeah I agree. And I know what you mean. It's tough sometimes seeing the people who are obviously just trying to get attention. And the load of "sexualization is key" cosplayers and artists and such...urgh. But yeah I know what you mean. Personally I write for me; I would write no matter who saw my stuff. However I do enjoy entertaining people and...frankly if I could get money for doing'd be great. ;
Buuut don't worry. If I see you going down the path I'll do my best to smack some sense into you.

...That feeling when the response to the A/N is longer than that to the chapter...
Cormag Ravenstaff chapter 131 . 4/14
Another very powerful line this chapter: "That was something I could not do to my nation." Keyword is MY. Showing John's loyalty to Daein is very important, in my eyes. He's still from earth in the back of our minds, but I'd say he's from Daein too

Second wave? Tower defense game!

Micaiah is here! Wasn't expecting that! And she gave John a hug :D :D

Woah...that was intense. I can tell the main part of this chapter was the racism ideal. John killing that Laguz like that felt to me like a pivitol moment in his character arc. I completely side with John here, but that was cold.

And then that bit about even his allies not trusting him? Damn, you need to drive that home further. I'm guessing it went over some readers without much thought. But that's huge when even your friends give you fearful looks

So you got a girlfriend, eh? Best of luck, as always

For your top author notes, I can understand that. Last fall I hit the lack of motivation wall. It was only for a little less than a month, but I know what it's like.

And as for turning twenty five and such (Happy Birthday, mate), all I can say is that we can't keep looking in the past. My life philosophy is that the future is something to be scared of and looked forward to. It's full of ups and downs and there's no way to tell which will be next. But that's the beautiful part, because if life goes down it has just as much chance to go back up. So mate, you've got this. Grab life by the throat and critical hit that bitch to death

I've never really thought about that. Am I an artist or entertainer? On one hand, writing is the best part of my life. But on the other, what my fans think and say truly matters to me and getting reviews helps my motivation massively. I'll have to meditate on it

You psyched for the 25th anniversary of FE?
PrincessArien chapter 118 . 4/4
In Troper Ashunera, John and Elincia have *such* a bad case of "Cannot Spit it Out" and "Unresolved Sexual Tension", at least that's how I feel...I doubt that they're ever going to date each other, but it feels pretty obvious to me that they both have some pretty deeply buried feelings for each other that they absolutely will not acknowledge or ever let see the light of day...
PrincessArien chapter 102 . 4/3
Called it, totally called it. Whether the current future we're seeing right now will remain to be true remains to be seen...but I totally knew that Jill and John's relationship wasn't over and that he was her boyfriend on Earth. I can't wait to see what sort of mind-fuckery you pull and throw at us next, that's one of the things that I'm really loving about this fanfic :D
PrincessArien chapter 88 . 4/2
Of course you had to use, it how could leave Micaiah's best line out of the fic? haha...also, my plot radar senses are screaming at me again, I'm willing to bet almost anything that John does eventually go back to Earth at some point, Jill was being way too cagey again when talking about that paper she was reading through...and it being almost exactly what you described about that paper about the Byzantine Empire that you wrote for college...yeah, way too many coincidences for it to not be really important later...
PrincessArien chapter 77 . 4/2
Yup, knew sleuth's nose for sniffing out the intricate plot twists and stunning revelations in stories has never failed me yet, finding out you're right is one of the most satisfying sensations in the world. And no, I don't think you were too obvious at all, you had just enough hints throughout...the only one where it felt like you were showing too much of your hand was the chapter where "Jay" showed up as a "ghost" and had that conversation with John, but even that didn't seem too obvious as it looked like I was the only one who actually speculated as to "Jay's" identity in my review for that chapter...I don't know if people did on your forum for the story or not, but it really didn't seem like it was too obvious at all.
PrincessArien chapter 66 . 4/2
Ok, time to finally drop a review for this story, you're doing an excellent job with this, some moments are kind of "eh, but overall it's a *very* good story. The characters that you do focus on are very well developed and I really feel for them all...the only real reservation I have about the story is the characters you've decided to kill off, maybe it's just a personal quirk or preference of mine...but I feel like characters should only ever be killed off if they've actually been given the screen time and a chance to develop characterization. It's not exactly meaningful or really a gut-punch to the feels. I know that Fire Emblem has a lot of characters, especially since you've been adding and pulling in people from the other games besides the Tellius ones, but I think in future if you're going to kill anyone off you should try to put a little bit more spotlight and give them a little more screen time and chance to develop first.

And now donning my writer's hat of future fortelling...I'm calling it now, Jill is going to die and wind up getting pulled onto Earth and "Jay" is really Jill and there's been wibbly-wobby, timey-wimey shenanigans going on here. I mean there were all kinds of hints dropped *all* over that whole conversation between John and Jay, like the fact that she's originally from Tellius, her first video game was Smash Bros., her boyfriend was a Marth user in Smash like John...there are just way too many hints for my plot radar to not be pinging alarms all over the place. This is either a *really* good red-herring, or my theory is right on the money, either way, I'm looking forward to seeing just how right I am, keep up the good work :D
Mindcast8800 chapter 125 . 3/19
(Regarding chapter 125) Great job, I actually shed a few tears and that say's a lot about your writing, you made it do fucking amazing and made me love this ship and I didn't thin I would. I really want to curse you out so much right now for doing that to the both of them because I legit cried but than I remember its a story, and that is what makes this ingenious...fucking ingenious. You better not let this ship go.
Guest chapter 130 . 3/2
My Friends are my power. ... Also true for Fire Emblem
Guest chapter 130 . 3/2
Remember you are Unique as a person. But you no More important than any other Person. ... Rather you are apart of something much much Greater.

That is a Important theme in Life... and also in Fire Emblem.

The pair up system show that
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