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Guest chapter 135 . 9/4/2015
Not bad. When will chap 136 be posted.
Lord Cow-Cow chapter 135 . 9/5/2015
Read the author's notes the other night, realized was too tired to read, then read this tonight...almost forgot it was Elincia POV XD
"rabid wolves to an injured cow" LITTLE DO THEY KNOW HOW BADASS COWS CAN BE! Er...
Sheesh nobles are such idiots all the time XP But wow heaping praises onto John I see ;)
Geoffrey would look good in noble clothing...anyway. I like how you wrote the relationship between him and Elincia. Seems...legit.
And holy cow that rant. Nice one Elincia...poor Geoffrey though...ugh this whole situation is fucked...
You like giving people magic to show their power increasing don't you?
"There is no right or wrong course of action" Oooh that whole thing was a bit chilling, think about how that realization must feel...nice.
VOLKE!? Such mixed feelings to that one.
makmix chapter 102 . 9/5/2015


In all seriousness though, I found this story by pure wandering around, and I was not ready for what yesterday afternoon into midnight had in store for me...

All of this culminating, and judging by the comments, 4 years in the making. All the characters entering from different games and what not. This is.. It has to be THE BEST self insert fic I have ever read. So much has been taken into account when you wrote all of this up to this point. It is AMAZING that this story with how old it is, still creates something that no one has ever properly done before.

I have no idea what you have in storage for us to read, but I know for a fact, it will be SO BLOODY AMAZING! Transcending universes, dimensional telepathics and some weird ass time travel timey wimey 1.21 jigawatts madness coupled with amazing characters... This is my favorite story of all time... Nothing else I read can compete now... But I'm happy with that.
Cormag Ravenstaff chapter 135 . 9/3/2015
This was an excellent decision, being able to see inside the enemy's base.

RIP Geoffrey's self esteem

Elincia and Geoffrey are pretty scared of Johnny-boy, eh? Then Soren shrugs, saying, "Fuck that."

I'm interested how they plan on taking Micaiah and BK out of the picture.

I have a feeling John's going to assassinate members of the other army. Like, playable characters. Just don't kill my girl Heather.

John vs Bastian...that'll be a hell of a fight

Quick update! Nice!
godofmadness43 chapter 135 . 9/3/2015
wow...well poor Elincia...but man this is getting good
Folytatni kell chapter 134 . 9/3/2015
It does seem like this was hard for you. I would try planning ahead and writing ahead a bit to steadily release chapters as time goes on. That said, only if you have time for it.

P.S. I miss our chat's John.
Cormag Ravenstaff chapter 134 . 8/30/2015
Two great men.

Reading a book of destruction calms the nerves.
I can see it.

Random posse of soldiers! Huzzah!

That conversation that was coming from a mile away. Micaiah handled it well, ordering John to desist

Ah, that bridge. Fun battle in RD. Can't really remember the one in PoR

I wonder what Selena's take on the Dawn Brigade's actions are?

John class changed to an Orator there for a minute. Or an analogy man.

Silly Geoffrey. Silly Elincia. But I know you two ;)

If I had a better internet connection I'd fight you. But mine lags, and that ruins online

Your ending was fine. It didn't feel out of place to me. And now that this boring bit is done, on to the good parts! I knew you could get through this one!
Lord Cow-Cow chapter 134 . 8/29/2015
Oh man the feels from the A/N...
Cause you deserve one *hugs* remember that you do things that people enjoy and you bring joy to many people. Maybe not the amount that the greats do but you sure have given me and many others a lot of happiness over the years. Keep it up and more people will get to enjoy it as well. Who knows how big you may become?

First a bit of a critique. First sentence felt a bit...clunky.
I wonder if John is gonna go all the way from Chaotic Good to Lawful Evil... (Heh I actually wrote this before you specifically mention DnD)
Oh noes momma (Micaiah) and daddy (John) are fighting :o Sheesh...that wasn't pleasant.
I'm glad John is making troops do non-lethal attacks, there's that glimmer of hope in there still.
Oh damn John's speech was impressive. (even if shadow behind your light was a wee bit cliche XD )
It's just a bit confusing since just earlier Micaiah was saying how important he was. ;
"I am the danger"
Waaaait...did you throw a bunch of references into that? XD

I, too, often wonder what people are like behind the screen as it were. But I know I can't reach out to people very easily and get to know them. Despite how much I would like to. And yes, I do wonder for you too. ;

And I don't mind copping out to get out of the filler. (though I don't mind some filler if it's amusing *hinthint* )
godofmadness43 chapter 134 . 8/29/2015 John really changed a lot
L'assassin orange chapter 134 . 8/29/2015
Happy to see youˋre back. As for your doubts about the quality of your work, as à fellow writer I can say without doubts that I know the feelings, but you honestly have nothing to fear. I also sympathize with your feeling about your life: it is very hard sometimes to say to yourself that 'you're going to do what you truly want one day, you just have to hold on' when you're just so tired of doing things you don't care for just to pay the bills. I also know about the infamous writer's block when no matter how hard you try, it just doesn't come out right, and I can only say that if you've been changing it for weeks, don't try to make something good: simply allow for something solid plot wise, and soldier on. That sometimes do the trick and you may find your muse whispering the long awaited solution in your ears once you're started. You have all my wishes for you to succeed, both for this story and most importantly, in your life's goal.
freakingouttoad chapter 1 . 7/29/2015
At this rate I expect John to straight up pull a Big Boss and make MSF, if not go full on Outer Heaven.
Guest chapter 133 . 5/16/2015
How about you stop being stupid Micky ? And how about you start using your fucking godlike spells John ? Just a teenager... if he's just a teenager, then the story didn't just hit the 133 chapters. He, too, become more and more stupid.
Volke cracking joke, it's freaking nice actually.
L'assassin orange chapter 125 . 5/17/2015
That was the first time that I felt such emotinal turmoil while reading that I wanted to throw up. Why must you do this to me? To them ?! Urg, that feeling...
Cormag Ravenstaff chapter 133 . 5/13/2015
Well, if Daein is going to be up against everyone, they'll need to stack the deck with those tomes

That plothole! I had forgotten about that one. But you did a good job of patching that up

Seems like we've got the three to use the tomes. A trinity of magic amd a trio of generals!

Ethical discussion! John's reasoning fits perfectly with his character, but his tome made it sound like he was trying to justify it to Micaiah

Hand on the shoulder! One step at a time!

Oh shit! Crimeans!

Warp Staff! Knew it. But...MATTHEW'S BEEN CAPTURED?! Noooooo! He must live for his darling Leila who must exist here somehow since they cannot be apart!

Volke...shoulda known. And now he's making jokes? Strange times indeed

Now shit is going to go down. I wouldn't put it past Geoffrey to execute the Dawn Brigade
Lord Cow-Cow chapter 133 . 5/13/2015
Interesting to note that the three top generals are all magic users (well, not totally but still)
Jay rambling makes me happy. Especially since John went all robot on us. :T
I...almost want to ship Micaiah and John...
I will say one thing. So many battles so far have been "We're going to lose, oh no, what shall we do, we must keep fighting" kinda thing. It's almost a meme by now or something. ;
Volke is awesome and I'm glad you're making him joke around.
And now Edward, Leo, Nolan, and Laura are all prisoners, fun...At least you didn't kill them off.

Overall good stuff. People got to see Robo-John's inner workings, Micaiah being all strategic, Volke cracking bad jokes. Very nice.
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