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Frog-kun chapter 47 . 12/24/2009

Soren in this chapter was pure gold.


“You are not a girl,” Soren said.

“Damn it, I'm trying to be one. Cut me some slack,” I said. “I need a mirror.”

“That is more like it,” Soren said.

“That was rather sexist,” I mumbled. Soren was silent.


You rock.
Frog-kun chapter 44 . 12/23/2009
John? Oblivious? Never!

Yaw ha ha ha ha ha!

It would be so nerfed if the mysterious male who Elincia likes turns out to be... Tormod!
Frog-kun chapter 43 . 12/23/2009
You know, it suddenly occurred to me that pretty much all the John/Elincia interaction consists of them arguing about how to address each other.
Frog-kun chapter 37 . 12/23/2009
Those were some surprisingly modern barbs being thrown. What I mean is, those jokes surely weren't medieval, eh? xD

I still laughed. The best part was when Ike participated because somehow, I could see him doing that, even when it was so ridiculous.

And the 'your girl' and 'your mum' jokes being exchanged between John and Boyd. Those two crack me up!

Although to be honest, this chapter was such a random mood swing I wasn't prepared for it. Especially after the angst fest that was chapter 36.
Frog-kun chapter 35 . 12/23/2009
Oh my God, I was so sad about Gatrie. I hope to God he lives.
Frog-kun chapter 33 . 12/23/2009
As I was reading this chapter, I was reminded very much of the Christmas Truce of World War I, so when I saw your Author's note, I wasn't surprised that you'd drawn inspiration from it. All in all, a very heart-warming chapter.

Petrine Whip pwnsomeness. I wouldn't like to be serving under her, though.

This line in the chapter was pure win: “I THINK YOU SWITCHED MY PRESENT WITH SHINON'S!”
Frog-kun chapter 30 . 12/22/2009
My take on the filler episodes: They're pretty amusing. I was somewhat dubious about the perspective switching at the start, but it was nice to see other people's viewpoints. I particularly liked Ilyana's chapter and Rhys's chapter too. (Funny, though, you'd think a priest would swear himself to chastity. But, oh, whatever.)
deletedsorrynotsorry chapter 10 . 12/22/2009
I'm really enjoying this, and I think the philosophical stuff is great. The story just gets better and better, keep up the good work!
spygirly chapter 61 . 12/21/2009
Hm. To be honest this chapter made me feel a bit that whole growing-up sad. It's amazing how far Mist has come in terms of battle skill, but her becoming that mature and even that formal way of speaking-well, it makes that whole blow about her parents seem a lot worse.

That comment John makes seems quite true, actually. The way he's progressed sort of convinces the reader that he's a quick learner, but then in terms of growing Mist really outclasses him.

...Is it just me or have these last 2 reviews been very I think it's because the chappies have followed the original script a bit more tightly.
spygirly chapter 60 . 12/21/2009
Hahahaha wow Boyd is dense. Very nice touch with the lightning bolt.

I think you've gotten better with battle tactics-the blowing the rocks up and long-range attacking thing was well thought-out. Storming the hill...mwahaha.

I'm glad you mentioned how you're a bit sketchy on the details, because it sort of explains a lot.

I thought that Ena was the one who had that whole long theory about the war...if that was her then it was a clever touch for Soren to say it. That's exactly the kind of thing he would say, really.

I love Karla. She's enough of her old self to half kill someone who interrupts her, but she's nice enough to smile about it right after. And all of those extra details about the pairings were nice...haha it's kind of funny when the main character, writing in first person, is that clueless.

And Tibarn is awesome :)
Poison-Stripes chapter 61 . 12/19/2009
Wow. I'm glad that Mist was able to be seen again in the story.
godofmadness43 chapter 61 . 12/18/2009
man, Mist has grown up a lot
Frog-kun chapter 27 . 12/11/2009
Props to the awesomely long chapter that was Chapter 27. I think my favourite bit was John's explanation on musical instruments. Gawds, made me wish my brother was there. He's an absolute musical geek, lol. He'd have probably joined right in.

Moving on, I liked how you made John's opinion of Ike change. Ike may seem a little annoying and overly righteous in a video game but if I knew someone like him in real life, I would want to believe in a person like that. I think that's what John realised. Least, that's how I choose to interpret it.
Frog-kun chapter 22 . 12/11/2009
Ah, I get what you meant with the Karla subplot. I feel kinda happy that she and John broke; she was kinda dragging the plot back anyway. It felt too much like a real relationship anyway, instead of a fictitious romance. Lol, hope that makes sense.

I had been wondering over the last few chapters I read when you were going to get back to the plot of PoR, since I thought you were going a little off-track with the arena, and then with the whole magic academy thing. That's why I liked this chapter, if only for how it's refreshing to me.

There were two other things I liked. No, wait, three.

1. How you described Sothe's fighting made me laugh out loud. I think it was because you used the word 'shank'. That word never ceases to make me smile.

2. Your description of Tormod was epic and spot on. RPG hero indeed! You made me think about something I heard, that all great literature really just states things you already know.

3. You made Selena's eyesight worsen. Just like with Keiran's death, you strayed from what is standard in these kinds of stories. Selena may not be main Original Character, but she is still of your creation, and fanfic authors tend to be kinder to the good characters they create. As in, they don't die or suffer serious injuries and stuff. So what happened to Selena was a nice subversion to that.

This is probably my longest review so far. Heh.
Frog-kun chapter 18 . 12/9/2009
For some reason, I enjoyed the Rhys and John "support conversation" (Ha! I'm gonna keep thinking of it that way!) more than the whole flirting session with Karla.

I felt like this chapter dragged back the pace of the story a little bit, but it was okay because it showed the consequences of using too much magic.
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