Reviews for Master of the Zanbatous
Doer Of Things chapter 28 . 7/27
Once again, a beautiful story.
Fgougeon chapter 1 . 7/7
Naruto is a sage in this story with sage mode right or is sennin just given to the holder of the contract
MrSunshine744 chapter 28 . 7/6
this was a fantastic read, thought the parts at the ends of the chapters from the perspective of the folks in heaven was a nice addition!
robert krause chapter 3 . 7/4
when before meeting the others over time Naruto had put the back rooms out of it now and one sllem ball night club and gaming den out now and when then the moeny he get he was it the misy to pay for some pay off to the old owner of his sword with of the bothers of mist his own frolmy old swords and then the pothers of his godfather and the 3 hokle too both men was going out now , when Naruto saying to him sir you sword is now my I will took care of him and his bother now , form one sword men to other is my way , ninja way . Naruto
Guest chapter 1 . 5/17
Sakura is SO ooc.
brodylopa chapter 18 . 5/7
I just love these little heave side shit
Guest chapter 4 . 4/20
Notice in the naruto series, naruto had the "shadow clone" technique throughout the whole two series.. BUT kakashi ONLY clued him onto what it could REALLY DO, after 1) he proved he was too dumb to figure it out on his own and 2) he was already DONE with the rasengan, summoning, and had beaten a BIJUU and several jounin, POWER is what made kakashi actually HELP naruto, if he was still a WEAK shinobi, kakashi never would have said a WORD! NOBODY in the village is going to help a feeb... It's cruel, it's downright NASTY that they feel it's OKAY to abuse and put someone like that down, but they do! In that respect it's a LOT like sparda used to be.. Grow strong or get dead! After GROWING strong, then EVERYONE is your friend, they will help out, offer advice, etc.. Weak? They wouldn't spit on you if you were on FIRE! So a LOT of naruto's problems actually come from NARUTO too.. If he had gone to the hokage when anything happened, he'd HAVE to do something about it (the seal is held by naruto's will to live.. if that started deteriorating.. the village was TOAST). but instead that goofy grin (which so many find charming, I find MORONIC.. you wanna change your world, THEN CHANGE IT, don't smile and keep letting crap happen)
Wolfone10 chapter 4 . 4/20
I'm not to sure why naruto gets SO shocked when the village, and sakura acknoledge him, after LIVING in the village, he should have ALREADY figured out they ONLY respect power, that's about it! I mean look at the hyuuga, if your seen as weak, your made weaker and in general ABUSED, if you show your b.a. your left alone and praised, I'm not sure why this lesson didn't sink in earlier. Did you think kakashi earned his reputation for "helping people" and "looking after others"? NO, he got it by KILLING all who went up against him! Do you think hiashi got to be clan head (among a bunch of schemers that are cowardly and will do ANYTHING to keep being relevant) by being a "well-rounded" leader, and LISTENING to his clan?)...No, he got it by CRACKING SKULLS and not CARING what "elders" want! AND showing them, THEY DON'T MATTER ANYMORE! Sorry, but JUST A FACT OF LIFE, and after naruto BEAT pein?.. He's shown he's TOP DOG, when he BARKS the world BOWS... That is going to get him the stuff he wants!
Guest chapter 4 . 4/19
"even if he ended up dirt poor he wouldn't get rid of the furniture"... How the heck is he going to be dirt poor? It's not like he's RENTING the furniture, and HE'S RICH! The bounties on the akutski ALONE would have seen to that, PLUS the money from his mother's clan and her and his father! I'm confused, he should be WEALTHY beyond all of his understanding of the word! (and that's BEFORE we get into the bank account that would have gone to naruto from jiryia as his apprentice, and HE was wealthy already too)
Guest chapter 4 . 4/19
Pity party? Yeah that's a good term for it,"I was cast away", yep he was, SOOO leave the village and never come back! (he already tossed aside hinata, sakura MADE HER CHOICE), so really why care about people that cast him out?... Makes no sense to me, throughout the series he has PLENTY of girls that would fall all over themselves to be with him: Spring diyamo, the mizukage, shion, ameru, iseribi, the land of birds diyamo, saseme, yugito, samui, karin, heck even temari and kurosuchi! The WORLD is literally FULL of them... So instead of WHINING, just go SOMEWHERE ELSE! The leaf didn't want him and NOW he no longer needs them! -seems to me, they haven't DONE anything to really INSPIRE loyalty, or reason to stay!-, so DITCH THEM ALL! The leaf doesn't like it? Tough, they'd have to go against a foreign power (and thus start ANOTHER war and this time THEY'D be the VILLAINS) and naruto would be BACKING the foreign one! (aka, they'd LOSE probably, HORRIFICALLY). I mean come on, staying stupid and hung up forever is just dumb (naruto's GOT to be 19-20 by this point in the story).. That's a LOOOOOOOONG time BEFORE your FIRST girlfriend! In fact, it is MORONIC!
Guest chapter 4 . 4/19
He's STILL on that stupid question "why me?" about housing the fox?.. WHY NOT would be the ONLY answer, otherwise it would be someone else, with THE SAME STUPID QUESTION! Really and TRULY: "why NOT him?" That's the only answer to some questions(including that one)! It's pointless and stupid to even think about them... The answer is as DUMB as the question is!
Guest chapter 3 . 4/18
Not sure, if they ALL care for him, WHY they are making something this important, into a GAME, seems stupid, cruel and COMPLETELY unneeded (ESPECIALLY if you give a DARN about the person)
Guest chapter 3 . 4/18
Exactly the point of killing sasuke instead of returning him, after all WHAT'S THE POINT of bringing him back? More headaches and heartaches for people that are ALL READY OVER HIM, there is no BENEFIT to returning him, the clans don't CARE about his dumb butt, the hokage doesn't care, none of the ninja care, and if the villagers do care? SO WHAT? It's a ninja village, their opinions don't matter!

Another thing I always thought was funny, was that the toad's "spy network" was able to tell them days after orochimaru's death that sasuke killed him, BUT they still can't tell them where a SINGLE base is, and couldn't warn them that TWO ARMIES had mobilized to attack the leaf during the chunin thing, OR that orochimaru was the head of a new village, that seems AWFUL "hit-and-miss" intelligence doesn't it? (it's yet another "plot-hole") and now Naruto whom is taking over a "spy network" doesn't know that the guy he went through ALL the trouble to get, was executed OR that danzo and all of root have been terminated (sounds like he's about as good at the whole "spy" thing as the previous toad was) IF there was even a REMOTELY effective "spy network" then jiriya and now naruto should SEEM almost OMNIPRESENT! Knowing everything about EVERYTHING even if it seems IMPOSSIBLE! That's a SPY network! Where they are so knowing that it TERRIFIES everyone else!(not MISSING the most GLARINGLY obvious things COMPLETELY!)
Guest chapter 3 . 4/18
Would you just get DOG BREATH and hinata out of the story already, it's ANNOYING ME, hinata DIED for naruto, LITERALLY died for him TWICE in canon, it's not a crush, and it would NOT be transferred over to kiba. EVEN if he liked her and she ever WOULD like him like that, HE DOESN'T (that's fanfiction drivel that is BASELESS in canon), NOT only that but it would never be allowed! It would be seen as bestiality and uncouth from her families' point of view, so NEVER HAPPEN. So I (and fans) get it, you don't like the naru/hina canon ending, that's fine then don't have it, BUT DROP IT all ready!
Guest chapter 2 . 4/17
Actually, danzo can't really STAND sasuke , he is the one that assigned sai the mission to KILL the uchiha! He's pretty much DONE with the uchiha clan all together. Now it's just a question of killing him off so no other village gets the sharringan either. (so this is OOC... I don't know why so many writers think he would WANT to keep sasuke in the village, traitor behavior is the ONE thing even HE WON'T PUT UP WITH) Plus after what sasuke did to killer B, sasuke is kinda RADIOACTIVE... Nobody will take him in (including the leaf) because he's a LIABILITY more then an asset! Whomever would take him in, would face WAR with kumo and all it's allies(and they don't want negotiations, or money, or anything else, they just want his head!), so... sasuke's better off DEAD for EVERYONE! I mean think about it, in the series without naruto and with the akutski and orochimaru dead , HE HAS NO MORE ALLIES AT ALL! NONE!
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