Reviews for Chocolate Covered Love
Guest chapter 1 . 1/3
That was the most amazing thing I have ever read.
Fred's fanatic chapter 15 . 5/28/2017
Lily bashed him up and he now realises she's s rotten
Individual yet he s still obsessing over her what an idiot
She's the most useless worthless uncivil vindictive
Thoroughly crazed vicious subhuman he needs his brain examined if he has any left most normal teenage boys
Would steer clear of her yet he's weirdly attracted to
A killer so she can kill him whenever she wants to he's
Not worth saving nor should he abuse Sirius as he forced him to go out with Lily's deranged friend if he. Gets
Murdered its James fault what a whiny lousy cowardly
Misbegotten squib he's become its I'm
Loving this strange story and I'm pleased it's not their
Love story as Lily's not worth the hassle but his friends more than make up for Lily's psychotic manners while
Bringing such spectacular characters to a thoroughly
Exceptional sensational interesting development
During their school years though they do deserve
Each other both losers heaven help Harry though
At least he has hermione she's very well ntelligent
Unlike his parents you've been quite a remarkably
Wonderful marvellous writer that I'm hoping continues
This writing of such delightful fanfic so stories though
Maybe with some more normal people Next time as
These ones were crazy as the death eater bellatrix
Though they're lucky you were the superlative author
Whom made the redeemable so thank you very much
It's highly skinner
Fred's fanatic chapter 14 . 5/28/2017
I've decided to stop feeling sorry for James as he's
Known since he was eleven that Lily's unhinged and
Totally psychotic whatever happens to him is his own
Utterly stupid fault so she can kill him or mutilate him
If she chooses todo which she will as she has the instincts of a death eater serve him right although by
Putting his friends lives in danger is completely worthless
All for a vicious loser some you've written an exceptionally spectacular story the only truly
Evil person is lily Evans whom has a indicative bent of thought the rest are absolutely excitingly brilliant yet
Very funny also while remaining great teenagers so my
Ranting I'd like to apologise for but Lily's character turns
Me into a rather cruel person as I loathe bullies and it
Doesn't really matter how his name is spelt he would
Understand so anything you write I'd wait to read as
It's totally awe inspiring and thoroughly enjoyable.
All,y love Elizabeth skinner from Australia.
Fred's fanatic chapter 13 . 5/28/2017
So James wants his best friend Sirius to break an oath
Simply because he's frustrated over little miss holier
Than thou very mean spirited lily boring Evans whom
Needs a good kick up the rear I'm on Sirius side surely
James can see the vicious person she is honestly an
Anaconda would be more attractive unless she undergoes a major brain transplant making her a lovely
Human being totally civilised he should forget the snake
And James supposedly had a brilliant brain except where
This toad was concerned she's nothing but a spiteful
Nasty cow and I'm hating using this language but lily
Makes me sick with her lousy attitude though on the
Other hand you're such an incredibly marvellous and
Very inventive writer that I really am enjoying this
Story however I'd like to throw down a challenge if
You can turn lily into a more humane kind nicer truly
Genuine less vicious vile witch I'll never write the most
Revolting remarks I've been calling her for the past
Four years and the air would be very colourful but
She cannot change from a goody goody two shoes
It's impossible yet your throughly one of the greatest
Fan fic writers so please this might be an exceedingly
Difficult request but I think your up to it congratulations
On a brilliant story minus the skinner
Fred's fanatic chapter 12 . 5/27/2017
He's been chasing lily since their fifth year and she
Hasn't endeared herself to siriusin fa real unless she stops being such a twisted bitter virago she never will
Not many people can stand ago lire than thou sanctimonious goody goody two shoes without resorting
To reason it worked for James is because he
Knows how to be a genuine true friend whom respects
His friends whereas lily is a user plus two faced so I'm
Loving James he's a great magnificent funny classy
Wizard I hope he returns for another appearance and
That someone teaches lily manners she's very ungrateful
And bossy ugh what a nightmare to be around yet I'll
Always love this tremendously interesting terrific story
That has such mind blowing dramatic moments yet
Retains the excitement throughout however I'm missing
The tender fluffy quiet times that could be as great as
Previous chapters just a different slant to it plus to
Much agro isn't good although your still an exceptionally
Brilliant author with over a trillion fans whom know you've got the right technique for a greater story
Sometime soon please carry on its unforgettably
Fred's fanatic chapter 11 . 5/27/2017
I'm not sure that anyone's eyes are supposed to twitch
Like minasdo that often it's very much like Severus does
When he's in the wrong whichhappensquite often plus
She's. Very aggressive and high strung I'm wondering if
She's related to bellatrix which could explain her hatred
Of Sirius as bellatrix could take control him either it
Sent her hogs,ease with James how delightful hopefully they will have a bright sunny day
Of fun and frivolity without Lily's foul filthy mood
Ruining the day she's a nasty shrew maybe an
Attack by slithering idiots would scare her enough to
Turn into a decent more humane witch but I doubt it
She's lucky James married her what a vindictive very
Unpleasant nauseating witch she is. .once again you've
Gotten such great writing ability its reminding me of
Shakespeare whom wrote truly magnificent well loved
Dramas yet this one is totally and thoroughly amazingly
Full of laughs tears great pranks tremendous characters that fascinate readers until the last word though it
Doesn't surprise me I've loved every chapter it's a
Timeless love story without an equal you've made it
Stand out in such an exceptionally brilliant way.
Elizabeth skinner
Fred's fanatic chapter 10 . 5/27/2017
Why did he have to get my favourite professor absolutely
Furious honestly Minnie's the greatest one and his
Arrant stupidity over a slag called mins has cost the
Wondrous gryffindor twenty points mins cannot be that good imbed she's a frigid repressed virgin who's so cold
Nothing could war her up he's never supposed to prostrate himself over her how revoltingly humiliating
He's got no pride or even a backbone unlike regulus
A snot song ugh what a complete waste of
These losers deserve each other so they can kill themselves finally although James will mourn him
I wouldn't I'd sing and dance the day going
To be sad when this exciting story finishes its quite
Impossible to do as it's totally brilliantly written except
It's all hatred which is weird as it's supposed to be a
Love story yet I positive that there will be some fluffy
Scenes coming hopefully soon while it's an exceptional
Story it's missing certain elements there's to much
Hatred even lily had to take a long break and James
Needs some action from the witch although you've
Become amagnificent intrepid great author and I'm hoping to read some more stories similar I'm hooked
And again for life thank skinner
Fred's fanatic chapter 9 . 5/27/2017
So little narrow minded mina has just shown herself up
For being nothing more than a deluded opinionated
Spiteful lying cow what an unhealthy joke she is
Apart from beings lousy hypocrite she's as crazy as
Bellatrix except in a different house maybe she's a
Blood sucking vampire Sent by Sirius wacko parents
To eliminate him,which would hurt regulus actually
It's not his fault he's charming that's good fortune
This is aunique type of fanfic which actually has an
Incredibly insightful writer who is putting their own
Spin on a remarkable favourite love story and your
Doing an exciting exceptional job it's such a completely
Wondrous story that keeps you coming to conclusions
Which turn out to be wrong yet I'm loving this tremendous version so thank you very much.
Elizabeth Rowling would be very proud.
Fred's fanatic chapter 8 . 5/27/2017
So mins was caught in a very compromising position
Dressed like salut her words not mine and it's actually
Sisius fault as he's a man whore again their words how
Would they know that those other witches could've lied
To make themselves mora desirable no one can really say and Sirius was being a normal teenage boy wizard
Playing the real ladies don't pout or sulk nor
Stomp like filthy death eaters at that age they will get
Lots of wrinkles from frowning so many times the only
Voldemort would consider them attractive as they're not
Drop dead gorgeous anyway although I'm loving Sirius
Wacky sense of humour it's truly marvellous and wry
Wickedly amusing it's my kind .if Minas stupid enough
To hold a grudge because he called her a slut in front of
The school that's her fault for acting like the horniest
Slut to ever grace hog warts it's not his surely they
Could've found the nearest hotel once she got that reputation she will never lose it truly was the wizard
Not that intelligent he was probably Cedrics uncle
How low can a witch want an awe inspiring
Sensationally tough yet fair writer though it's going in
The girls fa or I'd love to read some justice and fairness for James and Sirius soon as it's only fair to hear their
Side actually I could retread this love story so many
More times as it's such a bewitching mesmerising
Dramatic fun filled adventurous story you've been
Truly magnificent throughout very
Fred's fanatic chapter 7 . 5/27/2017
Mimas not better than Sirius although she's exactly like lily a very repressed uptight foul mouthed witch whom
Thinks she's better than anyone else they both need to
Be put in a lovely vat of acid then they'll lose their looks
And no wizard would touch themnoteven death eaters
got an exceedingly vulgar filthy tongue
Which needs to be cleaned out though this is a very
Exciting intriguing chapter and Sirius was usually most
Witches type yes he was arrogant that's part of his charm though ,Mimas jealousy is coming through quite
Easily which must mean she's not his a
Great thought provoking conversation to have in the
Common room that seems to get so much action
Happening there if those walls could speak a hat a
Best seller it would have though you're doing
A terrific wondrous job of bringing everyone in that
Room hopefully to becoming more civilised I'm
Meaning the deranged witches that no wizard would ever want to kiss senseless as they're not human yet though
Your such an exceptional writer that readers are beginning the feel sympathy for them it must be
Quite impossible to find any redeeming qualities in
Lily ,mina or even tests a not even you being a truly gifted writer should have to try these three have
Lost the plot an asylum is called for with filch as their
Jailer although you're a absolutely great imaginative
Highly creative author that it could be done quite
Easily which it does soon poor jameshes such a wicked
Exciting messy haired wizard that she's into effect with
But the shrieking ss turn off so could you please
Change her im positive that nothing would be difficult for such an enterprising brilliant author such as you are.
Good skinner
Fred's fanatic chapter 5 . 5/27/2017
I know that tessa is one of the deranged friends of lily
But whom is Taylor as they must be quite stupid to
Have gotten lily mad enough to attempt to kill them
And while James is the only one brave enough to try
To calm her down why would he although his best friends might get hurt ,I'm hoping lily hasn't attacked Remus like she said she would I'll never forgive that she needs to learn how to take a joke and see the funny side of
Things she's a teenager for crying out loud not s cuddly
she's a very boring person and should
Be totally humiliated more tham once ugh and James is I love with a nasty cold serpent he's gone around the bend
Although he deserves someone warm caring loyal and
Thoughtful plus sort of sweet not the viper of death
She's a secret slithering .youve made these unique
Characters absolutely very intriguing though impossible
To understand which is quite a feat while staying so
Amazingly tremendous when writing such a dramatic
Story without losing any pace as teenagers are difficult
To pin down since their emotions never settle in one
Place so congratulations this story has already delivered
It's uniquely exceptional spin on a truly remarkable
Love story that was the start of Harry Potter it's very
Unforgettably brilliant you've worked some magic
Thank skinner.
Fred's fanatic chapter 4 . 5/27/2017
Well it's way to early to begin planning their wedding as
Lily hasn't discovered she's head over heels in love with
James yet but I'm hoping that it does occur he shouldn't
Have to wait to long because she's being very hard to
Get along with in not facing the the way his
Surname is actually better than hers in my opinion
As are his parents hers are wishy friends
Need to calm down honestlyits not like they would ever
Be chosen by James hes to particular although he likes
Lily so there might be hope yet for them as he's rather
Desperate liking lily. She shouldn't fight destiny its
Very moronic and its belief started at hog warts ages
Ago so James is the right one. If someone could pretty
Pleas either kill lily or turn her into a decent honourable
No potty mouthed shrewish harridan whom no one
Would touch with a barge pole that would be bales sing
In disguise as she's a utter disgrace to womankind
Surely James deserves a lady not a foul mouthed
Trollop whom needs her mind done
An excellent story yet the only character whom needs
An attitude change is lily Evans though not that much
Just less holier than thou can't it's really atrocious
However this is s totally riveting amusing thoroughly
Great dramatic love story which gets classier with
Every chapter full of surprises that has reader son
Tenterhooks plus the teenage angst is incredibly
True to life you're on to a winner thank
Skinner from Australia.
Fred's fanatic chapter 3 . 5/27/2017
Well she's coming around slowly yet Remus is still
Going to pay though the ruthlessness potion sounds
More like Sirius than Remus to me it seems like he's
Getting very fed up with how vicious lily is to James
So he brewed needs to ease being so uptight and
Repressed it's highly unattractive plus she's no fun ugh
Maybe Sirius should brew another potion to loosen
Her up quite a lot I not sure where her bra is but I don't
Care either .no one whom thinks they are better than
Death eaters should become like them she's in the
Wrong house,is she positive she's a redhead as she
Doesn't have a wicked sense of humour that we all
Have when we're born its is such an
Enchanting journey your taking every reader on its
Impossible to put down as they're reminding me of
Fred weasley and hermione granger my favourites
But with such a hidden love that one gets lost in
Their unique Love story which transcends boundaries
Via your utterly creative brilliant mind thank you so
Very skinner
Fred's fanatic chapter 2 . 5/26/2017
Lily really needs to stop blaming everyone else for her
Vicious nasty cruel vindictive temper she's a redhead it
Goes with having red hair sometimes a curse other times
It's not so bad unless you cannot handle the truth which
As she's more of a bully than James or even Sirius I'd
Grow up rather quickly right now,as. For chocolate it
Is scrumptious but mind control unlikely she kissed
James because she wanted to no other reason why can't
Lily ever be honest she's lying through her teeth she's lucky that James is in love with her I'd kick her to the curb then leave with another witch in her presence if it
Could hurt her she's an absolute fool pride goeth before
A on James side in fact she doesn't deserve him
Maybe Severus yes but not james he should be treated
So much again you've written an amazing ly
Awe inspiring brilliant well thought out love story yet
It's considerably action packed also some really
Tremendously dramatic scenes still full of fun that
Aren't is a sensationally wonderful
Yet creative idea as if it's too sweet that's rather schmaltzy you've written a truly gifted original
Totally spectacular fiery love story about two
Terrific different characters whom have enchanted
People for decades thankfully it's going to be rated
Highly as this is a incredible entertaining occasionally
Dark lovely story but please could. You write some
Lighter funnier moments thank skinner
Fred's fanatic chapter 1 . 5/26/2017
Lily can mentally try to wriggle out of it all she wants
The fact is James absolutely fascinates her and his abs
Also plus she's been very jealous of his many dates with other witches while trying to act exceedinglysnooty and
Uptight I'd love it if lily could get over her twisted rank
Bitterness as it will age her and then she'll be left alone
Similar to bellatrix was in the is never to be
Blamed ever why James actually bothers with her stuns
Me she's a pompous vain arrogant on the nose holier
Than thou goody goody two shoes at least James knows
How to have fun and. Enjoy life .youre a truly wonderful
Writer whom is an incredibly great awe inspiring genius
And this won't be the last story you do it's totally out
Of the ordinary plus a breath of fresh air yet absolutely
Intoxicating filled with exceptional funny marauder
Pranks coming up although I'd like to see lily cease being
A wet blanket and perfect she's rather highly irritating
Now could you please loosen her up for James
Positive that you can write anything at all I'm loving
This magnificent dramatic love story as it's keeping me
On my toes guessing only an exceptional author could
Achieve that skinner
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