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Guest chapter 1 . 8/1
Looking back, regardless of how interesting his character, Kakashi was a terrible teacher. Jiriya was a terrible teacher too. Heck, the academy was a terrible school and Sarutobi was a terrible leader! wonder everything fell apart.
Haru chapter 1 . 5/4
Salome Maranya chapter 1 . 5/4
Well that made me sad. :(
Yes, he is hard on himself but it is also true that he has neglected his students, especially Naruto and Sakura, even if it was not entirely his fault and circumstances just made it worse for him.
Now I have to search happy Kakashi fics.
JDL45 chapter 1 . 3/1
I can almost see this as reflecting what Kakashi actually thinks.
Loner Kid chapter 1 . 1/19
That's quite true...If Gai really brings it up, Kakashi lost already. He failed his team. He should've trained them more seriously (was he ever serious?)
paracuties chapter 1 . 9/21/2014
Awww! Poor Kakashi! This is a new perspective on this; many authors have tackled this Kakashi-upset-about-Team-7-broken prompt, but this is definitely one of the better written ones. That line, "So Kakashi goes home instead, to a bare apartment and a solitary dinner and a framed photograph: two boys and a girl who are not his students anymore" is really heartbreaking.

Dang. The guy's so resilient, in that he keeps going, keeps trying even after all these terrible things happen to him - it's not even his fault! He just has the worst luck!

Keep up the great work!
She of the Wind chapter 1 . 4/7/2014
Deeply affecting, solemn, emotional, fantastically well written brilliant story.
xLL-Ax chapter 1 . 3/24/2014
Poor Kakashi :/ good story, I really liked it (:
Error 404 - Talent Not Found chapter 1 . 2/16/2014
Well written in its melancholy. I loved the way you used their rivalry as a comparison. As for the various sections, it feels like you're counting the losses that Kakashi has in regards to it. One loss, two losses, three losses, infinity...Infinity being the irreparable damage that he's caused and the mistakes he made that could have saved them if he didn't make them...excellently written, especially with the way its described when he goes home to that emptiness...Great work.
LunaBianca chapter 1 . 1/25/2014
Nice. This captures Kakashi's guilt and sadness in a way that's not obnoxious. I want to exchange wry smiles and subtle head nods with this Kakashi, not hug him to death nor kick his emo ass.

The format and excerpts from the manga flow well together. Thanks for writing.
Lokiismylife chapter 1 . 1/18/2014
That was very well written. Good work, I'll go put it on my Favorites.
charlieslion chapter 1 . 12/18/2013
That broke my heart :( chapter 1 . 10/27/2013

The angst. I can't even.

But seriously, if you think about it, I guess Kakashi hasn't had it easy, despite being a celebrated, top-caliber jounin. In the end, he "lost" his team, as each student was mentored by another, even when Sakura and Naruto technically stuck with him even after the time skip. I haven't paid too much attention to it before, but I'm glad you wrote about it. I mean, I've read a few stories that compare and contrast Team Seven and Team Gai, and I have to say that this one is one of best ones I've read so far.

I know this was written such a long time ago, but I still wait to say it: Kudos to you for a wonderful story :)
memory's marionette chapter 1 . 8/31/2013
This was a poignant look into their eternal rivalry, and it was very well done indeed. Sometimes I wonder whether Kakashi lost even before Team 7 disbanded though, because while I'm sure Gai has seen his fair share of horrors too, to have the past repeat right before your eyes must be terrifying, especially when you know without doubt that there's really nothing you can do.

I think Team Gai is relegated to the role of comic relief at every opportunity; this is evident from the filler episodes, especially in Part 1. I mean, the Curry of Life Arc was ridiculous but hilarious. But I think because they're made into such exaggerated comedy sometimes, people forget just how tight-knit they are and how much they care for each other. Out of all the teams, I'd say they're the most like family. Yeah, Neji and Tenten can usually be seen rolling their eyes at Gai and Lee's antics half the time, but at the end of the day they're all there for each other.

While Gai does favour Lee over the other two, just like how Kakashi resonates more with Sasuke (and this may be due in part to Obito) Gai does help Neji and Tenten as well. Kakashi, on the other hand...well, he's never quite been there for Sakura in my opinion: maybe it's because he's simply not suited to teach her, maybe it's for reasons we'll never know. But overall, Kakashi seems to neglect his team sometimes, even from the way he shows up late to team meetings. The man lives in the past, and because he cannot move forwards into the future, he traps himself into having it repeat since he cannot live and learn. There's so much guilt that he carries around, but he will never be able to solve the problems that haunt him, simply because it's much easier (and more possible) to deal with that which is still alive. You can't fix something that is already dead, and this may be why Kakashi is one of the most tragic characters yet.

Great job. :)
The Darkest wizard chapter 1 . 5/13/2013
This is a great story.
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