Reviews for Beautiful Lie
Lamanth chapter 1 . 11/25/2007
Muse: One straightjacket for the homicidally insane red head please.

Dedi: Sorry no can do, I’m all out of straightjackets.

Muse: What did you do with them all?

Dedi: I put the last two on Lamb and Nix as per your instructions.

Muse: AGH! I can’t believe I got stuck with you for the dopey side kick.

Dedi: Hey you win some, you lose some. That’s just how life goes.

Muse: Fine! Now what you do is get Tala to kill Lamb and Nix and then put him in one of their straightjackets.

Dedi: With them still in it?

Muse: No fool, you take the corps out first!

Dedi: Corps?

Muse: Yes corps! Cus Tala will have killed them.

Dedi: Oh. You mean like what he’s about to do to you?

Muse: Huh? *turns and gets stabbed by Tala*

Dedi: I tried to tell him, but would he listen.

Tala: Nope!

*both bow and exist stage right, Tala giggling manically*

Lamb: Is it safe now? I loved this bubs, even if it did make my head go a bit crazy. Could you tell? But you’re really giving Tala a hard time at the moment aren’t you, has wonder boy done something to upset you I wonder? Still really cool fic bubs, and the description was WOW!

Love Lolly