Reviews for One Percent Immunity?
Husain Mahdi chapter 1 . 12/20/2007

I am doing this review for a project therefore please don't get angry. Thank you

I would like to first say i loved the concept of your story and i could tell you put effort into the story. Some improvements i find will be helpful to you are, one that you should have some side problems which make the story more interesting for the reader. Another improvement would be don't try to be perfect about what you are writing. For example if your character is illiterate then let him say things that will show he is. Another idea in which might help you write is to let more imagination into the story for after all it is a cartoon. You should also use more description therefore as the readers we could imagine what you see. Though you may see it we don't. Lastly, try to use the settings and characters given to you and work with them, don't change who they are into something else.