Reviews for Breaking Free
ReadReedRed chapter 1 . 4/4/2011
Wow, more people should review this! I feel bad that people aren't giving you tons and tons and tons of reviews because this was awesome! You have a very poetic voice, did you know that? I don't usually go for SquallxQuistis relationships, but this was really good! I really liked it, even though the end was sad. Keep writing! I love your work! :D
Ash Phoenix chapter 1 . 12/22/2007
This one-shot is truly written in such a way that I could literally feel the emotions that were being conveyed. And, the dialougue between both Quistis and Squall was intriguing, as well.

Hurrah for Quall and hurrah to you, for writing such a magnificent piece.

Ash XX
eybiay chapter 1 . 12/6/2007
..and i am talking to you over y!M while i am doing this review. haha.

i'm sure that i wasn't able to understand the first part but it's weird that i was able to grasp the emotion from the story. you wrote vivid descriptions that perfectly connect together to form the mood. it wasn't until i reached the last few lines that i was able to comprehend the scenario the characters were in. yeah, i can feel that you were indeed sad when you wrote that.

still, you never fail to amaze me. i don't know if i still have hangover in doing scripts but your story is perfect for a short film. yeah, i can imagine the scenes and i can hear the sound of the narrator at the back of my head. [it's quite creepy but promise, it's more like an aesthetic emotion.]

putting up a smile only takes 17 muscles. have you read the story of the 99 club? if not, then you should read it. it will make you appreciate what you have. Ü
Backstepkisses chapter 1 . 11/28/2007
Aww, that was beautiful! I love how you describe feelings, you make me almost feel them myself. It's sad, but it's beautiful at the same time. I love that he didn't want to wake up before her, so he wouldn't have seen her going away. So beautiful!
Mare-Mare chapter 1 . 11/28/2007
i suppose the world is only as lonely as you want it to be...but whatever...onto le review.

i loved it. i loved how it was short and sad like a gasp of much needed air. i especially loved how the detail wasn't overwhelming and gave you only what was needed to give off the feeling of naked lonliness, almost like neglect in a way that i can't quite explain.

beautiful, just completely awsome.

hurrah to you
Emerald-Latias chapter 1 . 11/27/2007
That was very interesting to say the least. The bare and condensed nature of it left a lot of imagery in my mind as did the metaphors. Some parts were a little confusing to discern who was talking between Quistis and Squall given that there's no indicators outside speech mannerisms and I'm not sure that I quite grasped everything that happened. Then again, that might be owed to the fact that I only had two hours sleep. Oh well.

I have to admit that being a predominantly Squinoa fan (I don't mind Quall as long as there's no Rinoa-bashing), the primary reason which lead me to read this was due to the fact that one of my older fics was also called Breaking Free and I wanted to see if there was any common ground just out of curiosity.

But as it turned out, the fact that it didn't bear any resemblance whatsoever was even more interesting. Who would have thought two different stories would share the same name? Haha. Your Breaking Free is probably better than mine. I started mine nearly two years ago so the beginning is a little rough. Meh.

But enough of my babbling, I hope that this odd coincidence or odd review (your call) brightened up your day somehow. I know how hard it can be to not get reviews.