Reviews for It's All In The Past
Noa-Pearl chapter 1 . 1/9
Hey Olivia, I noticed you've been leaving quite a few reviews on my older stories (notice this has been written over 10 years ago, wauw, it's been so long!)! I was 14 when writing these stories, obviously still learning a lot about life and people in general ;-). First of all, thanks for reading. I do notice however that you're constantly upset with my point of view and with my love for Catherine and Grissom as a couple. I obviously respect your opinion and appreciate the feedback. However, I'd suggest you simply stop reading if you're really that upset with my writing. I've always written about parts and people I considered interesting, writing about their flaws, their strengths and about what I'd love to see happening. That also means that not everyone will agree with my point of view. I've always seen Catherine as a strong, independent yet vulnerable woman. I've always considered her looking for someone to simply hold her, love her and care for her. People make mistakes on their way, longing for physical contact and just a little of that human touch. I think neither one of us has misunderstood Catherine: we simply see her from a different point of view. Your feedback is always welcome, but do yourself a favor and stop reading my stories if you're that offended by them. It prevents me from reading reviews in which I'm being attacked and disrespected and it keeps you from getting all fired up because you disagree. Have a nice day, Olivia.
Olivia chapter 1 . 1/8
Were you serious? Catherine couldn't let go the past was the reason she couldn't be with Grissom just yet? You see, this is the proboem with you lot. You just don't get Catherine. She's the type who lived for the moment. It's easier for her to have some casual encounters with the men she met at the bars. (Going Six months without sex, she had to complain and we were forced to hear about it. Remember?)

She was damn lucky that she couid call Grissom her friend. He covered her indiscretions, mistakes, and questionable behavior like a great friend would. A man lije Grissom did not deserve a loose one like Catherine!
spottedhorse chapter 1 . 11/27/2007
I thought it was good. More please.
candidata chapter 1 . 11/27/2007
I got the point alright...all I'm asking is: more! It was great;) We need more, he needs to go after...she is hurt but not as much as she is affraid he will hurt her Gil go go go! I think it might eventually hurt her even more if he doesn't! Loved this!