Reviews for Unplanned Trips into the Mysterious Unknown
Guest chapter 2 . 7/23/2012
One word to discribe this: awesome
Aiselne Phoenix Nocturnus chapter 2 . 6/22/2012
I’m not a frequent flyer for crossovers, but call me a sucker for Saiyuki (and Xenosaga, of course). I only recently got into the Saiyuki series, myself, but I nevertheless had quite a bit of fun reading about Jr. teaming up with Sanzo and company. Until reading this crossover, I never really considered Xenosaga and Saiyuki to mix well together, especially considering the massive timeframe gap between them. But this chapter proved me wrong. The fandoms’ different timeframes don’t prevent Jr. from fitting in with the Sanzo-ikkou. For me, the best part about this crossover was reading Jr.’s interactions with his new traveling pals.

From what I saw, Sanzo and co. were in character, colorful and badass as ever. Hands down, Jr. and Gojyo’s relationship was my favorite. The redhead/half-breed controversy was a perfect way to meld the youkai and Red Dragon themes. But I can’t ignore the rest of the cast’s roles: Hakkai the perfect mediator (incidentally, his tolerance level for Sanzo-ikkou’s shenanigans reminds me of how Nigredo put up with Rubedo and Albedo’s bickering). It came as no surprise that Jr. would admire (and challenge) Sanzo’s marksmanship, and I would *love* to see those two make good on their promise for a duel. And then there’s Goku, who’s always a hoot no matter what.

But my favorite aspect of Minekura’s saga is how the series balances its coolness and comedy with genuine drama, and I’m happy that this crossover stayed true to form. We all know that Jr.’s background is overloaded with tragedy, just like Saiyuki’s protagonists. You definitely found the appropriate similarities and common grounds between Xenosaga and Saiyuki to help give this crossover some depth.

I know I wouldn’t mind seeing what happens next in Jr.’s trip through Togekyo, but I’m not the type of reader to pressure writers out of hiatus, either. Take all the time you need and good luck with the rest of this story!

P.S. I’m a Supernatural fan, too, so your author’s note has me curious about Jr. meeting the Winchesters. :)
Error Not Active chapter 1 . 12/26/2007
hey, this is pretty good so far, i like it, and i'm looking forward to more, but i'm more interested in what jr. will come across next. i love stories like, there need to be more like this on fanfic,nice job, update soon