Reviews for The Story of Pants on a Stick
jen chapter 1 . 6/19/2008
this is really good hahah :D

forgot kids were like this...eek
Kimna chapter 1 . 4/21/2008
I love this to pieces! So much. Oh my gosh, it's just so adorable in so many ways- I can't help but smile while reading.

Just yesterday my brother randomly popped in our GGX2 game (which apparently works in a PS3 o-o) and I was immediately reminded of why I love Guilty Gear so much (despite the pain you get in your thumb after trying to do Dizzy's super coffin-move to no avail). xD

When I like something- I tend to get obsessed with it until I latch onto some other fandom to fill in space saved for fanfic reading in my days. Now that the GG muse has gotten me all riled up- I'm rereading my favorite stories with much contentment.

Of course- after being absent from the Guilty Gear world for so long, I wondered what was new? Another remake of the X's (adding on to how many they already had)? New characters? NEW GAME COMING- WHAT? So I've only heard of Overture for probably less than 48 hours, but I've soaked in as much info as I could possibly find about it... which actually isn't THAT much. *sigh*

So that's where fanfic author's theories and ideas come into play- just like this one! I just knew there was going to be this suspicion floating around and probably end up in doujinshis or fanfics... Ky and Sol's-! Your author's note made me laugh. So much research! I actually didn't know about Sin's "R.T.L" bit, so imaginary brownies for you! xD

As for the fic itself- I adore. I'm a sucker for dysfunctional family stories. They get me every time! The characterization is appropriate for the story- Ky and Sol act like themselves, but obviously not... LIKE themselves cause their relationship is unfortunately not like this in the canon verse. Actually- heck, what do I know. They could be. xD

But yea, the way they play off one another. I love the interaction. And SIN! Gosh! I want to glomp him! So so cute~ Kya! *ahem* I applaud you for the background information bits- like "S.I.N Project". Easy done detail, but clever nonetheless. And of course the origin of his weapon. Gosh- you've imprinted all these scenes in my mind- I think I'm gonna be disappointed by the real thing! xD

One of my favorite lines was, "No parent was ever so proud the day their child learned to electrocute themselves as Ky was." I probably laughed aloud at that one- and definitely at others. I'm so glad I could stumble on this story during this high point in my Guilty Gear fever. I actually think I'm learning to juggles multiple likes at the same time- so if you're planning to write any other GG material any time soon, I'll be sure to read it.

Aha, of course- it's fine either way. Hopefully you had as much fun writing this as people who read it! o-o

Thanks for the story- and keep up the great work. :D
yumiii chapter 1 . 3/7/2008
this is so cute please a sequel!
NetBelleAnie chapter 1 . 1/12/2008
I lawled so fucking much. It makes so much sense XD
Spikesagitta chapter 1 . 1/2/2008
oh my! cute! and just funny! nice fic!
Nephylim chapter 1 . 12/31/2007
Wow, that was good. Love the comedy. My favorite line:

“But you’re not human,” said Sin. “Didn’t you get made by a mad scientist?”

“Kid, I was the mad scientist.”


Kept everyone in character very well. Plus it is a very interesting idea of how Sin came to be.
aphelion-orion chapter 1 . 12/15/2007
Gods. Words can't describe how much I love this story. There's way too little good Guilty Gear fic around, but your story easily makes it into my top five.

I love how you managed to work in all the little quirks and details, and kept "mama" and "papa" reasonably in character. I loved their snarking conversations.

Also, it's really funny how your fic makes more sense than the canon ever could. XD
Marching Madly Onward chapter 1 . 12/4/2007
I hate the idea of the Sol/Ky pairing, yet I loved this little gem to death. Whatever is happening to me?

Seriously, though, this story works on so many levels. It explains all of Sin's eccentricities in ways that are entirely plausible and acceptable. Even Sol and Ky manage to stay in character. That's so rare in comedic stories, which often times feature one or more characters landing in the realm of the surreal for the sake of a few jokes.

I really liked the touch of the Jellyfish influencing Sin's eye patch. Plenty of jokes have been made that Sin is a pirate, yet I overlooked the Guilty Gear world's resident pirate band. Silly me.

Genuinely funny and quite clever, I found this little ditty to be excellent.

(Oh, and by the way, the rumor mill supposes that Sin is actually Ky and Dizzy's progeny. Of course, that hasn't been confirmed yet, but Edward Chang-the man who translated the Guilty Gear novels, CDs, and more-says as much. If he says it, it almost has to be true. It looks like you were right on the money with Dizzy having a role and Ky being a parent. Eerily clairvoyant of you, eh?)
mille feuille marzipan chapter 1 . 11/30/2007
I love this fic to bits! It's a hilariously cute way to describe Sin's history. It's really innovative, creative and just oh-so lovely! Total favorite
Raging Tofu chapter 1 . 11/29/2007
Hello again~ I'll give you another review here, now that I've had time to read it over once more.

Overall, the story is still entertaining and I quite like how you've written out these three; very true to character (or in Sin's case, as much as we can assume at this point) The flow is nice, it's well paced, but I do wish there had been a bit more in the way of detail and imagery in some parts.

About the only real thing that need attention is something you wrote in the introduction paragraph- it conflicts with with another fact in the story's start. (but I may have been the only one to catch it...)

Compliments all around to you madame; I would like to see some of the other tales you have for these two soon. Best regards with your future projects.
Version 1 chapter 1 . 11/28/2007
Funny stuff, man. Sol and Ky acting like husband and wife was hilarious.

On a different note, I've seen the previews for Guilty Gear 2, and I think it's kind of strange for GG(as if GG wasn't strange enough as it is) to go from a 2D fighting game to 3D beat-em-up/strategy or whatever they're trying to pass it off as. The switch from 2D to 3D seemed inevitable to me, but jumping out of the fighting game format was the shocker. Maybe somewhere in GG2 there MIGHT be a fighting game, but these are just my first impressions.