Reviews for Part Two: The End of All Things
Ccero chapter 15 . 1/22/2008
Excellent fic. but THIS time you have made one SERIOUS mistake.

THE BEAST IS NOT EVIL! It represents the primal instincs of beastBoy only. Its is, in a way, part of him as Raven's emotions are part of her. So, the Beast would NEVER do something that beastBoy wouldn't. For example, into he Episode "The Beast Within", Everytime Cyborg tried to communicate the Beast tried to answer (Then Robin would come telling Cy to "hit it with everything you got". Jerk).

Also, as the PRIMAL enttity that the Beast is, it SHOUDN'T receive orders like that (drug or no drug). in an EXTREME example, commanding the Beast should require as much (if nto much more) training as a non-domesticated lion or tiger would require. I personally think that it is simply impossible.

But except for this not-so-little slip, I absolutely loved the fic.
Night-Ice-Queen chapter 9 . 1/19/2008
Wow! Amazing!
Teen Tyrant chapter 15 . 12/29/2007
Holy shit. This is, second to Blue Ten's Ten Leisurely Days, the best story I've ever read.

I mean it. This was just... genius. A true masterpiece. You had Slade so evil, his plan so insidious... the effects on the Titans, their breaking up... Robin's degenerating mind due to Slade's influence, turning on his teammates and even STARFIRE finally snapping out at him, demanding her Robin back...

It was just, incredible. And the love story weaved into it, I wasn't sure which part was the actual story; the BB/Rae get-together or the Slade-hunt. And that's what made it great, because any great story such as this has two separate stories being told within it; a love story, and a confrontation story. And you pulled off both at once flawlessly. This is now officially my favorite story by you. Maybe not my favorite BB/Rae story, as this one is not simply about BB/Rae only, but definitely my favorite story you've written altogether, and better than any other altogether other than TLDs. Excellent work. You're probably resting after cooking out this one, but I hope you have more ideas along this line. You only have a few more to go until you hit a fic count of 50! Don't stop now!
AbeilleN chapter 15 . 12/28/2007
sweet ending to say the least.

the chapter where slade tried to rape raven... that creeped my out yeah... but you captured robins slade ocd perfectly, glad he got some sense knocked into him.
Snazzy Elle chapter 15 . 12/9/2007
You wonderful, wonderful person! I applaud you on your best story yet. Honestly, it was beautiful to the very end. Lots of drama, humor, and-of course-romance. Congrats to this story and hats off to you for thinking of this amazing idea. I love the ending-it had just enough sweetness to it.

Anyways, thank-you for writing this masterpiece and then posting it for the entire site to read. Thanks to your story, I feel inspired. Maybe I'll go brainstorm on my hiatus stories.

Thanks so much again.

Rachel or StandMyGround
Purplerave chapter 15 . 12/9/2007
OMG! I was so angry with Robin throughout the whole story, I wanted to punch my comp. I love the ending though, you did a very amazing job! I felt so angry, excited, nervous, desperate, frustrated, and happy through out the whole thing, at the end of it I actually felt a little exhausted. I love your writing, please don't stop.
angelicravenx3 chapter 15 . 12/8/2007
ah! loved it! you are such a talented writer!

can't wait to read your other stories! _
RaexBB72 chapter 15 . 12/3/2007

But the whole dark cells and aboned mansion were a little to much like the saw movies for me.

But I stilled loved it all.

Yoiur dedicated Fan,

~ Linz
RaexBB72 chapter 1 . 12/2/2007
Yeah, um...Robin has a very unhealthy Slade obsession. He needs to work on that. Lol
darkwriter11 chapter 15 . 12/1/2007
Is there going to be a part three?

I honestly cant wait to see more development from this relationship

and its such a beautiful story

D Hurricane chapter 15 . 12/1/2007
That was so great! I loved it,The writing the drama the angst, The complete cluelessness of Beast did scare me when you wrote that slade was gonna you 'know' The 'R' still a great fic.I knew I could count on know that your like a legand here on knows about your fic's,And I hope one day I could at least compare to you.
OK ALL THE GOOD NAME TAKEN chapter 15 . 11/30/2007
AGAIN, you amaze me, great story, but chaptor 12 to 14 why,you are an evil person

OH, And by the way, this is not a flame, just wonna know, why.

PEACE AND CHICKEN GREASE! i need a new thing to say
SVR08Gamer chapter 15 . 11/30/2007
At the end of the last page, it says "No Flames", what could anyone POSSIBLY flame this (or any other story of you for that matter) story? You never cease to amaze me, keep it up. Can't wait for the next story (or maybe some possible sequel).
taping the stars chapter 15 . 11/29/2007
That was fabulous. So fabulous I blew off my economics paper to read it! And it was so worth it too.
Jadee chapter 15 . 11/29/2007
If I fail my biology quiz tomorrow it’s because I spent the entire evening reading this. It was worth it too. )

Well, you’ve done it again. I haven’t read anything that kept me this hooked for a long time. Thank you for a magnificent story.

All the best,

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