Reviews for Only One
patricia.remacova chapter 9 . 12/25/2016
damn you for not completing this! :D
Koterre chapter 9 . 9/7/2015
All these years later, and I still wish your muse would return so I can finally learn Charlie's fate. I hope you're ok IRL. Take care.
Guest chapter 9 . 8/5/2015
Second best Charlie torture fic i ever read!... Please come back and finish? Lol I may be sadistic but I want the comfort part of the fic too!

Anyway great job on this so far! If you ever continue I will definitely want to finish reading.
LoTSh chapter 1 . 2/15/2014
I know it has been several years since you updated, but this story is so awesome and needs to have an ending! Please finish it soon!
GlOmP3R chapter 9 . 9/2/2013
Oh this was so kickass ! Is Charlie dead!? Can't wait to find out ! Please update soon !
kasey chapter 9 . 8/10/2013
OMG! This is a awesome story. PLZ finish it. I believe it should be a deathfic. The heart can't take that much trauma. Either he dies in the hospital later due to heart failure and there's no time for transplant or he dies in don's arms there in the warehouse.

But PLZZZZZ finish :)
Guest chapter 9 . 3/23/2013
oh god please give us an ending...

somebody's sister chapter 9 . 3/19/2013
please please please please please please please please please please please finish this and let charlie be okay. i'm literally begging you. PLEASE! i love it and hate it at the same time and i want charlie to be okay and fine and great and better and don to have saved him in time and for charlie to not be dead! Please!
Guest chapter 9 . 3/16/2013
Please come back and update!
Guest chapter 9 . 2/12/2013
Please finish this story. It's good. Thank u
Guest chapter 9 . 11/28/2012
I really wish u would finish this story. It's good. Thank u
Marmie chapter 9 . 3/30/2012
this is so good! i know you'll probably never update it cuz it's been like, five years, but c'mon? just one more chappie please!
IsleofSkye chapter 9 . 6/30/2011
AHHH! That cliffie is killing me! It's been 4 years so I guess it's hopeless to want an update. But I wish you would. This was so well written. I live Don in it. Seriously, great job.
destinationmirkwood chapter 9 . 6/25/2011
Eh! You can't leave it there! Please! One more chapter!

This story is soooo good! You can't end it right before the end :(

Please for the sake of writing just finish this story, I'm begging you.

Storystuff chapter 1 . 6/22/2011
Sorry, just a note, just realised the updated date for this :S Have you given up? Plleeeaassseee reconsider, this is so good and I would LOVE to read more, it's amazing :) Thanks again and I hope you might continue with your very talented writing in this great fic :)
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