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grayfan chapter 30 . 6/27/2010
i really love this story, the relationships are great of course brooke/peyton (so cute!) brooke/julie (big sister) and now peyton/rachel (humorly adversarial) my only plea is that since this is ending soon (pout) can we have a happy ending good luck with job search thanks
rain1657 chapter 30 . 6/27/2010
once again you gave us a pretty awesome chapter. the characters are extremely well developed in this story and it shows in this chapter. you nailed the dynamic between Rachel and Peyton which I was super excited about. also, its obvious that Julie is a well thought out character and wasn't just thrown into the story without reason. great job as always
Miguel51 chapter 30 . 6/25/2010
Yah! Great chapter. Loved the Pachel 'rivalry', and especially loved that last exchange between Julie and Brooke, on Brooke being someone's solid ground, and how Peyton's always been Brooke as well. Fantastic.
svgurl410 chapter 29 . 6/1/2010
Another great chapter! I really enjoyed the Brooke & Julie parts, as well as the Breyton. I am glad that Brooke was able to calm Peyton down about Rachel and I lol'd at Peyton's solution if Rachel annoys her. That's the way to go! :)

One thing I've noticed though, is that you tend to put the comma in in the dialogue after the second quotation marks and it's actually supposed to be before. Sorry, that's nitpicky, but since there's a lot of dialogue in your fic, I can't help but point it out.

Your characterizations continue to be strong and I can't wait to see what happens next!

Wonderful job! :)
svgurl410 chapter 28 . 5/23/2010
Ooh, I'm so glad that you're continuing this fic! I was really excited to see that you posted updates. I loved the chapter and the Brooke-Julie interaction was cute. I hope she's able to figure things out.

I totally understand about not being able to write sex scenes. I'm the same way. I certainly don't hate you and while I wouldn't object to one, I love the story as it is! :)

Wonderful job!
juicetroop82 chapter 29 . 5/22/2010
Love this story. Good chapter. I hope they find a way for both of them to be in New York. Plz update soon.
rain1657 chapter 29 . 5/22/2010
good filler chapter. you gave us plenty of fluff and still moved both the Julie plot and the Breyton relationship along nicely. can't wait to read the next one! great work as always
grayfan chapter 29 . 5/21/2010
liked the julie/brooke moments loved that peyton is jealous of rachel can't wait to see how the new york/tree hill situation works out thanks
Ally-617-luv-tv chapter 28 . 5/19/2010
I promised reviews, and here I am! I have to say, I thought this chapter was adorable :) I love Julie! Hey, Peyton and Brooke are way too old for me, do you think you could make Julie gay? :P It made me sad that she was resorting to drugs, and everything, to take her pain away, but I liked that she was mature enough to know it was wrong and that she shouldn't have done it! More than most kids my age would do, trust me, I know. And the sex scene! Hahaha, well I'd say if you were to include it you might want to up the rating to M :P But I thought it flowed without it, I mean you're writing for content and love, not necessarily for sex! I think the story's good enough without it, but that's just me! I'm so glad that everything seems to be coming together, at least the girls know they love each other. Even if it's gonna be long-distance. I love Peyton and Brooke, I was thinking that your story is as good as all the LGBT ones I've been reading lately! Just... amazing! :D Oh, and thanks for ending it with the girls getting pizza, because now I'm craving it too, thanks Brooke! Plus I'm extra hyped about it because I was listening to Glee while reading and it kept playing songs appropriate to the chappie! 3! I have to go review your Glee fics! But you should update this soon, I can't wait to read more, I love your writing so much! Oh, and it was hilarious how Julie just walks in on them in the beginning like nothing! She's like, oops lesbian sex, well I'll go! If only the world was like that :P Well, not like, that, but you know what I mean! You need to update soon, or else I'll come beat you up, okay? Okay! So I'll be reading a new chapter soon! :D Lovely job on this one as usual!

grayfan chapter 28 . 5/18/2010
great update and i'm so glad they will be more frequent although i am not looking forward to this story ending i personally think you do such a great job showing the intimate and loving relationship between brooke and peyton that sex scenes are not necessary can't wait for next thanks
juicetroop82 chapter 28 . 5/18/2010
Great chapter. I hope Breyton are able to make the transition to New York. Plz update soon.
rain1657 chapter 28 . 5/16/2010
I liked this chapter a lot. it gave us a couple of really cute Breyton scenes and it also showed how deep the connection with Brooke and Julie goes. the way you are writing that friendship is interesting and exactly how I would picture Brooke handling something like that. anyway, great chapter!
faberryxbreyton chapter 28 . 5/14/2010
First of all let me just say, that I love you lol. Second of all, welcome back! Oh, how i've missed you and your wonderful updates.

I'm super disappointed that the "sexy times" were skipped in this chapter *sigh* BUT I understand that you've never really written anything like that before and it feels a little awkward when you try me,I blushed like a 12 year old in a sex education class when i wrote my first hehe. I'd love if you did go into detail in a future chapter, simply cause I'm so in love with this fic, and I'm not gonna lie, i want it probably more than I should hahaa. If you do decide to write it in, i'd be happy to help you if you need it. Not that you need ANY help what so ever with your writing, your talent astounds me every time I (re) read your fics lol.

I really did love this chapter, its fantastic to see our girls all happy and in love. And i've really warmed to the character of Julie! I kinda wanted to hug her in this chapter...then I realised I was pondering hugging a fictional character and promptly walked away from my computer for a few minutes...hehe.

oh! And i'm SO excited that you've started writing Faberry! Glee is my new obsession and i'm more than a little in love with Dianna Agron hehe. And is it just me that thinks she's totally in love with Lea Michele? Wishful thinking? Probably lol.

Anyway, now that i've written a review almost as long as the story itself, I will leave you to bask in your awesomeness. Cant wait for the next chapter, and I look forward to more Faberry goodness in the future! Xxx
Immortal Illusion chapter 27 . 4/3/2010
hey, i know i haven't reviewed before so i thought i should rectify that mistake. you've got an awesome story going on and i hope you continue it soon. you're really good at portraying the characters' emotions such that they are beliveable. hope you update soon.
bitten2 chapter 27 . 3/22/2010
awesome! keep em coming update soon!
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