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Guest chapter 14 . 8/16/2016
221Bfandomlocked4 chapter 6 . 9/27/2013
Hm...interesting chapter! I'm torn between rooting for the protagonists (Harry and Co.) or rooting for my country. (USA)...
221Bfandomlocked4 chapter 3 . 9/26/2013
Dang...sounds like WWIII started...
flame7926 chapter 4 . 9/10/2013
I think this is completely reasonable of him if he thinks she's dead
pettrip chapter 1 . 7/16/2013
I'd like to say series is really amazing in really shows how much effort you've put in writing this story. I can actually fully visualize the the settings and the character's emotions and conflicts. thanks for the good read
Creature chapter 4 . 7/1/2013
I'm not sure if you read reviews to old stories, but after coming this far, I figured it would only be polite to do so.

First of all, let me say I like the real-world intincity of this fic. I've seen this approach done before, but not with as much attention to detail and accurate military tactics. Your historical influences are to be commended as well.

I could list every good thing in this fic, but to save time and get to the next chappy, I'll just say that in this chapter, it is very human. May not be the most ethical, but any man given Harry's background and personal history, would be hard pressed not to seak physical comforts. With that said, good job for capturing a strictly non-bias picture of human behavior during times of conflict. I get the idea though, that the reunion with Genny and Harry is going to be that of an explosive event. Between her not informing him of his daughter, and his trists with Allis; I dare say, it will be a scene to remember... heh
darklightuk chapter 8 . 1/26/2013
I must say I am loving your Dark Ward series.
Theme, Events, Mood, the whole system is synching perfect for me. Could you direct me to any more sites, stories, or random works linked in with this AU.

Many thanks
Dark Lord Of Ori chapter 6 . 7/27/2012
I LOVE your series! But just to mention... in case you want to make bonus points in military accuracy.

"Seamus had no doubt that the entire vessel would have been rocked off course by the mere blast."

The myth that a Naval Ship can be moved off course or even start to rock in place (if only slightly) from any weapons firing is incorrect. A full broadside of 15 of the most powerful Naval Canons in existence able to fire at a target in the range of 25mi (40km)... wont even nudge a ship a few millimeters. The force of the firing shockwave displaces and flash evaporates water surrounding the ship creating the optical illusion that the ship moved from the recoil when in reality if a canon (or canons) was that powerful it would shake the ship to pieces from the firing process... Every action has an equal and opposite reaction is only ONE law of physics thats taken into account... but the drawback such a large recoil supplied by that Law in action is negated by Shock Springs bigger then a damn car.

Also... just to make sure you realize this... Quadruple Guns means all 4 Barrels fire in tandem at the same target, always. Otherwise, like the guns on the Iowa-Class Battleships (who have Three Barrel Guns/Cannons not Triple Guns/Cannons)... they are considered Four Barrel Guns/Cannons. If you base this ship feature in your story off of the Bow Guns from The Flying Dutchman in Pirates of the Caribbean... where they can fire individually... then they are "Four" Gun not "Quadruple" Gun.

Other then that... LOVE THE STORY! Just thought I would help a fellow writer with a few fact checking issues :)
mattemo153 chapter 3 . 4/2/2012
do you have a map of the world for the de collaboraters, nlbf, and anti de?
Thaumologist chapter 15 . 9/27/2011
My only REAL complaint with this is Elizabeth 3. She goes from what would either be mentally ten or fourteen or somewhere in between (she was kept in seclusion, but did have some contact), and being regularly raped; into kick-ass beating Harry up.

I also sort of get that Harry wants her to alpha up, but it just didn't seem to fit with what you had already penned out. It felt weird and silly.

Apart from that, this has been quite good.

nljfs chapter 6 . 9/14/2011
You ask why your readership has dropped? Ask how many of them are Americans... to me, the idea of most of the US kowtowing to DE's is very foriegn. There are some groups - e.g. the religious right, that might see it as a great idea, if not for the Wizards, but the average American would be aghast at the idea - including most of the Army - Navy - Air Force.

I know that you are from Panama & probably have a very different idea about us, since our record in Central America is pretty terrible - BUT I'm getting disgusted iwth it, and i happen to like this story & Imperial stories in general.

So, don't piss off your readership & then wonder why they stop reading. We know where we stand on terrorism, especially within our borders & that of our neighbors, we'd never cooperate with DE's, even if we officially claimed neutrality!
nljfs chapter 4 . 9/14/2011
I think that you'd find that the US has very close ties, emotionally to Canada & England... esp. Canada... attack Canada, you are attacking our sibling. While the US is very likely to be neutral - good call - it is very unlikely to appease the DEs... there are probably more of the same politicians that voted for neutrality, working to support Harry & any DE's within the US, than supporting them... One reason we could ramp up so quickly in WWI & WWII, is that the populace was waiting for the moment when we could help & many were already helping (e.g. enlisting in the Canadian Army - secretly sending supplies to England, etc - think the Lucitania)... Yes, there were groups that collaberated or thought that we should never get involved, but overall, we'd support the UK & Canada over all others...
Matt chapter 2 . 6/20/2011
I'm catching up this series and although I can understand your use of relatively simple technology for ground warfare, aerial warfare I really struggle to understand how you gave the death eaters any kind of comparability. Even an F-86 would be able to fly at such speed that unless you assume a dragon can shoot fire a thousdand plus feet that it cjust wouldn't be able to track...and forget a hand-fired spell, particularly under the assumptions you laid out in the first book.

Other than this I do like what you've done and find your writing, characterizations and plot logic solid and quite fun to read.

Thanks for your efforts on the series which I will continue to look forward to catching up on.

Guest chapter 4 . 3/5/2011
the affair is just not right. If Ginny can still be faithful the so can harry
Wolfman-053 chapter 11 . 5/11/2010
Young Elizabeth seems to have had a Hinata moment there...
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