Reviews for The Fox Princess
HopefulButterfly123 chapter 1 . 9/9/2014
This is kinda like the swan princess
TimelessHourglass chapter 4 . 12/23/2010
-waits-...orochimaru is a bastard and shall always be!
marinav92 chapter 4 . 11/4/2008

stupid scaner thing u.u T.T i was really...REALLY enjoying the story D:

i really hope your laptop gets fixed :3 :D


really O.o xD
Raine-of-the-Night chapter 3 . 4/21/2008
good story
Zen no okami chapter 2 . 12/23/2007

Wow, this story is very interesting and I really like your chapters. They are long, yes but that's what make a story good and in your case utterly beautiful. Other than that, this is also the first time I have read a story with this kind of plot. Orochimaru taking an interest in Truly one of a kind, not your everyday story.

I hope you update soon once you get back. I will certainly wait, eagerly for that day when you updated this story! Have a good christmas! This story will be added to my favorites!

Good luck,

itachisgurl93 chapter 2 . 12/6/2007

no minato-chan died!

r u sakuhoe hater?
snowgoddess52 chapter 2 . 12/6/2007
this is cool
Deleted2009 chapter 2 . 12/5/2007
UPDATATION YAY! Aw... Sasuke and Naru scene was so cute! Lol asexual...i dont kno y but it made me laff like a...something that laffs Update soon! this is gonna a be a great story i can tell

Random Grl

itachisgurl93 chapter 1 . 11/30/2007
update! i wanna know wat happen next!
RickaZcurser chapter 1 . 11/30/2007
wow nice... altough I think I've seen this trama on a movie before... I don't remember the name now but I do remember that the girl becomes a swan hehe
Deleted2009 chapter 1 . 11/30/2007
Wow! this looks really cool and orginal! i sounded slightly normal for any ways update sooN!

Random Grl

Belletiger BT chapter 1 . 11/30/2007
That was a cool story.

It will base on the movie Lady Hawke? PLease, update as soon as you can, ok?