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lunchmoney chapter 7 . 4/4/2008
Sorry to be so persistant, I think I still have the chap i wrote for you if you want
AKATSUKI -FANGIRL-12 chapter 6 . 1/13/2008
WERE U waiting on me 2 review?

dares and ?

kakashi:show us under ur mask

sakura-chan:give kakashi a throne


sasuke itachi deidara:die your hair bright pink
WeirdAndProud chapter 6 . 1/3/2008
Hi! I've been a fan for a while, and i finally wanted to submit stuff!

1-Sakura (writer) kiss sasuke

2Tobi and writer: sing random stuff
this account is not being used chapter 6 . 12/31/2007
hi Sakura!(author) i just wanted to let you know that this is Sasuke Plushie, i just changed my PenName! i wanna thank you for putting my requests in chapter 5. its so awesome! anyway i also wanna say this fic is awesome! i might request some more stuff later on. woo!


P.S. sorry sasuke-kun!
lunchmoney chapter 6 . 12/11/2007
Yay! More Questions!

1) Sakura-writer-chan, can you put me in the story? (I'm Mikoto, im a girl, but i'm not that fussy about "kun" "san" "sama" "chan" and etcetera)

2) Sasuke: Can I touch your hair?

3) Sasuke: Can I hug you? (YESS! Score!)

4) Sakura (haruno) and Ino: GET AWAY FROM SASUKE, HE IS MINE!

5) Neji: Do you know that you look more like a girl than Hinata? (no offense, Hinata)

6) Everyone! No more "Hey, Mr. Who-stuck-a-stick-up-ur-tight-butt" towards Sasuke (fire shoots from my eyes and I glare at everyone)

7) Gaara and Naruto: You guys are gonna be Hokage and Kazekage!

8) Gaara, Shikamaru, Chouji, Kiba, Lee, Neji, Naruto: which girls do you like? and why?

9) Kiba: why is Akamaru so small in season one, and then in shippuden Akamaru is humungoius?

10) Sakon and Ukon: are you ever annoyed by each other? (cos your brother is always sticking out of your back... Siamese twins)

11) Deidara and Ino: Admit you guys are twins! (they are! they are!

12)Yondaime: Who is Naruto's mom?

13)Yondaime: Why did you sacrifice Naruto? I don't likie you anymore!

14) Tobi: You're really old if you're madara, cos Madara was already an adult when kyuubi showed up... YOU MUST BE OBITO! (cos you have the same brown short hair, goggles, voice, height) (plus, it's like pig latin! Tobi, Obito, Tobi, Obito, catch my drift?)

15) Kakashi: whats REALLY under your mask? (and don't say "another mask")

16) Itachi: when you were young, you looked like my mom... yeah... random, much?

17) Sasuke: YOU ARE HARRY POTTER! (... yes, yes u are... dot dot dot...)

18) Squad seven: Call the people you hate "Kabuto" and "sound ninja" and your enemies "Orochimaru"

19) Sasori: Why are you a puppet? Cos everytime i hear you're a puppet, I think of some demented nutcrackers, or somthin...

20) Inari Tazuna: You're soo cute/ Why does your hat look like an upside down flower pot?

21) Haku: Having some gender confusion? (I still love you haku, even though i love sasuke-kun more)

22) General announcement to the world: THERE'S A TURNIP ON SASUKE AND ITACHI'S BACK! A TURNIP! OR A POKEBALL!

23) Haku: What's your favorite song? (I bet it's "IM A BARBIE GIRL)

24) Zetsu: why are you part plant? And why is half your face black and half white?

25) Sakura-writer-chan: This is a lot of questions, isn't it? Hehe... Sorry... I'll stop writing now... Too addicted... Can't stop...

26) Naruto: what are the lines on your face for?

27) Sasuke: Get tanned. You look like a ghost/corpse/person covered in white paint. Time for the tanning spray! (i wanna help do it, too)

28) Itachi and Sasuke have to hug AGAIN! I think you guys are faking. Hug! And say i love you, and all that mushy yucky family stuff.

Sayonara, ashiteru, everyone!
firefairy2917 chapter 6 . 12/11/2007
auther-why do u hate sakura so much? and u cant just say cause shes a bitch

sakura-u hav saved sasuke about 3 times now and all he has dun is b an ungreatful asshole. why do u like him!

sasuke-why r u such an asshole?

naruto-act like sasuke for 2 chaps

sasuke-act like naruto for 2 chaPS
Dendra chapter 6 . 12/10/2007
-sniffs- Deidara, don't go to Sasori, yea! -clings to Deidara whimpering in agony-

Anyway, awesome chapter, yea. Here are a bit more dares/questions.

Sakura H.- Dare jump off a bride and die!

Orochimaru- I DARE YOU DIE YOUR HAIR BRIGHT HOT PINK! -evil laugh-

Sasori- Dare you to turn Orochimaru into a puppet!

Hinata- Do you just twidle with your thumbs because your shy, or are you planning world domination?

Deidara- W-W-Would you go out with me?

Jiraya- Stay away from prono things for 5 chapters -evil smirk-

Thats all I have to ask, yea.

Jet-The-Stray chapter 2 . 12/10/2007
i'm srry sakura chan if i'm adding a lot to the first reveiw but...HINATA PLZ KISS ME! *mentally slaps for the pervness* after the kiss hinata? will you be my girlfreind?
Jet-The-Stray chapter 5 . 12/10/2007
wait scratch that one idea where sasuke has to rip himself in half..


Dieara you are my best freind!

Itachi, did you know you are my dad?
Jet-The-Stray chapter 6 . 12/10/2007
may i join in the story sakura-san? please tell me what to do if you the way in real life i'm not very polite so...SCREW ME BEING POLIET AND FANCY! By the way just call me Dalton, anyway's if i can't join in the story i have a couple good things in mind...*grins evily* Sasgay you have to rip your self inkalf and Sakura *pink baachan* has to lick up your guts! BUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!
Dendra chapter 5 . 12/9/2007
Awesome the next one is going to be super long, yea!

Hope it'll be funny, yea!
flyingwhirlwinds chapter 5 . 12/9/2007

-make out with Itachi(I had to put that in)

-scream AND cry in agony when you see em(haha!just HAD to put that in also)

-If you were asked by Itachi to go out on a date,would you say yes?

-Is it possible that you ask her on a date right now,regardless of her answer?(this is a dare)

-I give you seven minutes to do whatever you want with any character in this it fast please!

6.(last one)Writer-can you (i dunno how you say it)'poof' me there and let me sit by Itachi?

Thanks.I owe .
lunchmoney chapter 1 . 12/6/2007
Okay, this review is actually for chapter four, but i had another idea and i reached my reviewing limit, so:

Question: Can i appear in your book too? Just once, cos today i figured out that my name in Japanese is Mikoto which is also Sasuke's mom name (lol)... okay, thats not my reason... um... yeah.

Okay, Dares and Q's!

1) All the boys sing "I'm a barbie girl"!

2) Sakura (haruno), tell Sasuke that you hate him and he's a jerk, and that he belongs to me! (Me! Mikoto! No one else! yay! lol, I'm a Sasuke fangirl)

3) Everyone: give Naruto, sasuke, Gaara, Neji, Itachi, Haku, Sakura-writer-chan, Tsuki-chan, (and maybe me ) a cokie! (cos those show characters had bad childhoods) (and I want a cookie! And so does Tobi/Obito!)

4) Deidara and Ino; declare that you are actually TWINS! Cos you are!

5) Question for Kakuzu: Is your nickname Kuzu, Zuzu, Ku-ku or what?

Arigato Sakura-writer-chan!
AKATSUKI -FANGIRL-12 chapter 4 . 12/5/2007

i'm not a boy(-san means boy,-chan means girl)

dares and questions:

sakura-chan:)-keep them from hurting me,expecualy diedara!1

sakura-chan:)-give gaara a throne next to me.2

tobi-how many eyes do you have?3

sakura h.-say naruto i love you and i hate sasuke will you go out with me?4

naruto-say no and ask hinata out.5

gaara-do you like me?-me:blushes-6

gaara-will you go out with me?7

itachi-kill sasuke(you don't have to if you don't want to).8

sakura-chan:)-kill hidan.9

sakura-chan:)-kill kazuka.10

sakura h.-dye your hair green!11

sakura-chan:)-kiss itachi!12

sasuke-jump off a cliff!13

4th hokage-i found proof you are naruto's dad online!(not a q or d just informing)14

sakura h.-do the chicken dance for 9 hours!15

me-kiss gaara16

sakura-chan:)-do all that stuff to hidan you said you would!17

kankuro-who do you like?18

sasori-why did you start making puppets?19

diedara-hug tobi,without hurting him!20

diedara-lick the floor!21

kisame-who do you hate?22

asuma-kiss kurani23

orochimaru and diedara-fight to the death!24


pervy-sage lord won't be online for a while,she will be on vacation in the mountains for a while.
lunchmoney chapter 4 . 12/5/2007
Okay, just a few more Questions to burn off my HYPERNESS!

1) Sasuke, how do you feel about being labeled the EMO KID, and the GAY kid, and the GOTH kid, and the TRAITOR! (all liies)!


3) Itachi and Sasuke have to HUG! (and like it! Smile, laugh, etc, whatever is neccessary!)

4) Haku has to act like a boy! (even though he is one!)
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