Reviews for A Mother's Love
God of Fighters chapter 2 . 7/2
Do you not realize that kushina was a better seals master than minato. She helped teach him. All of whirlpool were seals masters.
sinner95 chapter 101 . 6/28
WOW. JUST WOW. I really bow to your talent and imagination. I have never read such a story. It is a masterpiece. There were times i shed tears either from too much laughing or because of the sadness. You totally rewrote Naruto, I mean it. I have been browsing Fanfiction for a loong time, but this is the best thing I have found. The end of the story was crushing. Jiraiya... It is one of the very few stories i will remember.
Hospitaller1080 chapter 35 . 6/26
It kinda weirds me out when they kiss and get snuggly and shit. Arent they like... 12?
NineTailedNinja chapter 8 . 6/21
"We're going outside the walls?" Kiba said excitedly.

NineTailedNinja chapter 2 . 6/21
Just a few things: #1 kushina moved to konoha at the age a kid starts the academy
#2 she became a citizen of konoha when she moved
#3 she never had an uzushiogakure hitai ite
elmoryakhan chapter 2 . 6/16
My only question is why would Kushina would wven want to live in a me protect a village which regularly spats on her husbands sacrifice and hates and tries to kill her child?

Sorry but I can no longer read such an illogical story.
That guy chapter 9 . 6/13
Okay, I know the story is completed but really? Sasuke could have been a decent character, but I know this is fan fiction and I did not write the story but seriously you could have made him stop brooding all the time, but I have to say good chapter.
Guest chapter 92 . 6/7
Itachi didn't kill all his clan members, Tobi helped so maybe if it had been itachi alone the children that were not ninja may have survived.
JornTheFirst chapter 101 . 6/4
At first i didn't want to review cause 8888 was a great number, but it's ruined now so grab my review, great story :)
Heroman chapter 75 . 6/3
you guys are acting as if you dont see the date this was realeased. Some of the information your talking about had not even been realeased yet, making you look like idiots. he most likely was going off of the anime and was to busy writing chapters and coming up with ideas to read the manga so he made up his own characters to cover the ones he did not know about. besides havent you seen the websites slogan? he was just "Unleashing his imagination"
icecatfire chapter 1 . 6/1
"touch him and i swear i will kill you!"

*cackles* ROCK THEM KUSHINA! *hugs her*
Guest chapter 13 . 5/27
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Goobielicious chapter 101 . 5/10
Best fix I've ever read hands freaking down and I have read an ass ton of fics. I can't even put in words how fast this story is from the character development to fight scenes, this is superb literature. 100 out of 10 now I'm gonna go cry because it's over lol.
CapnSwashbuckler chapter 101 . 5/7
So I'm reading this through a second time, and a few things jump out at me.

1) You have a thing for Jiraiya going out like one bad dude, don't you? I recall him making a last stand against Kyuubified Naruto in one of your stories.

2) I love how you use elements eventually, rather than just letting them sit on the shelf. Such as using the Summoning of the Kraken well down the road.

3) I've come to notice and really appreciate how you use a lot of the themes from canon in different ways. Too many examples to name many, but I think the strongest similar theme usage is Tsunade sacrificing herself for Naruto.
Andreinne chapter 72 . 5/4
I just wanted to let you know that I cried like a baby when Tsunade died...reading both this chapter and 71, I cried so much i could barely breath...and I have a cold on top of that. I didn't even cry watching Titanic...but this...I feel like i could cry for an hour straight...and I didn't even cry while reading Harry Potter...I think it's because of your writing made us care about the character so much, she had so much strength and pain in her past, and love for her people. she practically has no defects, and to have her die sacrificing herself because she doesn't want to relive what happen to Dan and Nawaki...omg... *sniff* *sniff*
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