Reviews for A Mother's Love
Naruto elite covenant chapter 53 . 20h
Gabrella as heir to the clan, I never saw it coming. I like how you argued the repudiation of the Uchiha clan in your fic. Poor Sakura, she could have been one of the best medical kunoichi as in canon. By the way, what did your Uchiha teacher think of all this? I don't think Kurenai is okay either, she must be very disappointed. Tayuya as a new member of Kushina's team. Why do you hate Kushina so much?
Guest chapter 4 . 10/20
A bit tooooo much of a show off dont you think.
Common man, he's a shinobi, not some street performer.
Naruto elite covenant chapter 52 . 10/10
What a contrast to the Naruto canon, who was very excited to get out of Konoha. I was expecting more drama from Hinata, although with his father by his side I don't think he could afford that luxury. And then there is the declaration of marriage, that was the reaction I expected from Hinata.
JokerCarnage5 chapter 101 . 10/4
If I wasnt so scared of waking my parents I would be applauding right now, not just for an amazing end to the story but for your opening words too. Telling the story exactly how you want it written is exactly why fanfiction exists in the first place.
I really love the ending with Naruto making it so the entire world now uses chakra for other things than just fighting.
Your fanfic is much closer to what I wanted the anime to be (even if there were some questionable decisions), a story of a boy realizing his dreams and making his world a better place
JokerCarnage5 chapter 98 . 10/4
Subtle little jab at Itachi there. Nice
JokerCarnage5 chapter 93 . 10/3
Okay, I get that you are only screwing with the Uchiha clan (which I'm 100% on board with) but I dont really understand the point of ISF. I understand the point of having both the military police and the Anbu, the anbu is seperate from the police the same way FBI is diferent from the cops but if ISF does the exact same thing whats the point?

Also, ist the Raikage's brother also a jinchuriki? Wouldn't the Akatsuki want him turned over as well?
JokerCarnage5 chapter 88 . 10/2
Still hate Tayuya is part of this
JokerCarnage5 chapter 86 . 10/2
Okay, thats a twist I didn't see coming... Yahiko is Pein in this version and Nagato was the one sacrificing himself... I dont understand why you would make such a change or what it accomplishe but Im curious too see how it goes.
JokerCarnage5 chapter 82 . 10/2
That Naruto/Hinata interaction at the end was so well written
PotaroReader chapter 67 . 10/1
I know this had tohappen, to give naruto a reality check. But FUCK he's a fucking idiot, what ninja gives away where are they staying, specially with the fact he's being HUNTED!

I just had to get this off my chest, I got angry at seeing how overconfident he got, the fanfiction is great!
JokerCarnage5 chapter 54 . 9/16
I skip every chapter Tayuya is in. She is that unbearable
JokerCarnage5 chapter 50 . 9/16
Damn. I've heard people say they wish Sasuke would kill Sakura but your the only writer I've come across that has actualky have him do it. I did not expect that. Kind of love it
Naruto elite covenant chapter 51 . 9/16
I honestly don't know what to say about everything that happened in this chapter. The end of the battle was the expected: Naruto killing Sasuke, or making him flee, and winning the battle. But the consequences of the battle surprised me. I'll keep reading to see how this story unfolds.
JokerCarnage5 chapter 46 . 9/16
Tayuya ruins every fanfic she's in
Me chapter 68 . 9/6
I as a reader am so royally fucking pissed at you. You and your wretched thoughts. Why would you have Naruto be tricked again by the same fucking thing Sasuke did years ago? Wasn't he suppose to be more mature and learned from his previous lesson? Well I guess its back to square one you decrepit washed up author.
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