Reviews for The Secret Lies with Charlotte
Fishy Rainboots chapter 20 . 3/16/2008
Great job! I really enjoyed it. It was sad in places, but I loved the happy ending.
FireFlyFlicker chapter 20 . 2/6/2008
yeah u are right that is an acward ending

PLEASE write a sequel
Rose DiVerona chapter 20 . 2/6/2008
Aw, so sweet. And perfect. I'm glad you used Mamma Mia. I suggested it because I love it, even though I've never seen the musical live. I like the ending.
Rose DiVerona chapter 19 . 1/29/2008
Oh, sad! Cute, though. Do Mamma Mia - I love that song!
Agent Awesome chapter 1 . 1/28/2008
Wow, I just found this story on here and it is amazing! I love the plot; it's a really interesting twist. The characters and the descriptions are great as well.

I was going to hold off until I read all of the chapters to comment, but I just had to ask: was the description of the junk shop inspired by Mrs Kim's antique shop on Gilmore Girls? If you have no idea what I'm talking about, just ignore me, but that's the first thing that came to mind when I read that.

Anyway, great job! I'm off to read the rest now!
Rose DiVerona chapter 18 . 1/26/2008
Whoo! What a rush. Best chapter! I knew there was something familiar about Kain. Poor Riley. Poor Jon - I actually thought he was dead! Yikes. SO glad he's not. And poor Charlotte. Update soon!
RantingSidekick xxJelly1029xx chapter 17 . 1/22/2008
AH! CLIFFHANGER! *starts to twitch*

Can't the story just go on forever?
Time and Fate chapter 17 . 1/22/2008
hooray for plans!
Rose DiVerona chapter 17 . 1/22/2008
Yikes! Update...soon?
Olivia Dunham chapter 17 . 1/22/2008
Emo Ben is sad! Great chapter!

- Mione
RantingSidekick xxJelly1029xx chapter 16 . 1/20/2008
I just read, like, the last three chapters of your story, and it was like, WOW. It hits me every time I read another chapter. WOW. You're a brilliant writer.
Time and Fate chapter 16 . 1/15/2008
ohh! shes dead! really!
Olivia Dunham chapter 16 . 1/15/2008
Aww, it's sad! ::needs a Kleenex:: I'm glad Charlotte finally found her dad, but I'm sad Abby's dead! Good chapter!

- Mione
lizsutton12 chapter 15 . 1/14/2008
it's so good..kepp it up!
Time and Fate chapter 15 . 1/14/2008
E! i can't wait for the next chap. the suspense is killing me!
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