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AnotherStar chapter 1 . 2/14
I've never been a fan of Taisuke until this story. And I'm totally dying to know what's going on in Tai's head during this.
RedChan96 chapter 3 . 2/1/2015
Please allow me to express that this story is the EPITOME of pain. It's basically just, okay, here is my heart, look, see? Now we're just going to SMASH IT INTO A MILLION PIECES. And then it's like tears-but dead-so can't-just pain. Pain. And heartache. And just why. why. why the feely feels? D:

I have read this story at least three times since I found it yesterday. The torture I subject myself to. I applaud you. You have accomplished so many emotions with this story, I can't even right now.
carolaineclipse chapter 3 . 3/24/2014
ok I liked the story , but it was very sad.

Definitely hate for hurting Daisuke Tai , If that happened to me in my real life I'm sure would be destroyed and that 's saying and along all reading the story seemed Maria Mandalena Crying , really .

I also did not want to suffer Daisuke does not deserve it T_T ( tears face ) this story honestly left me with a bad taste in the mouth, bitter arguably the situation.



By now you owe this wondering why I'm writing (besides obviously show my displeasure with the final) Well let me tell you WHY YOU WRITE , To beg ( no! rather beg ) that despite the years that have elapsed since you finished this story , please write more chapters to this story or publish a sequel.

Daisuke chan I want you to get your happy ending and somehow Taichi pay for the pain he caused to Daisuke


Who do deception REALLY WISH TAICHI PAY for all the pain that caused him to Daisuke (and everything that made me mourn for me, also for hurting Daisuke and break your heart) so in the most cordial manner you ask for Please to write a sequel and that it Taichi PAY .

honestly I would somehow end up together Yamato and Daisuke as a couple. hahahaha (laughs villain type) after all he hurt Taichi and Daisuke such blatant cheating that way Yamato (although not fool says Yamato and allowed to date other people ) is still cheating . ( for the love of god has sex with others who are not your boyfriend )

I would love a sequel or that somehow / some way Yamato was tired hahaha Taichi and end ( I mean Yamato to here ) of couples with Daisuke . hahahaha it would very well deserved Taichi Yagami .

Yum A Yamato and Daisuke ( pensive eyes staring into space , lost in thought ) THE POSSIBILITIES ! ( SAY LEAVING MY INNER Reflections ) ( expression of joy , not so happy but still a bit happier than before) I ask you please to reach you this email and write me as soon as possible and tell me what you think of the idea to other chapters to the story and / or write a sequel.

POSTSCRIPT : I'm serious when I say that it would be poetic justice or as the saying goes ( karma is a bitch ) that ended with Daisuke Yamato Felices. if you do this I 'm riding an altar , except that I would be happy as if I had won the lottery.

I leave wishing you luck, from Venezuela and asking please answer as soon as possible and finish reading this message. Goodbye and see you soon I HOPE from your friend caroeclipse

ok me gusto la historia, pero fue muy triste.

Definitivamente odio a Tai por herir a Daisuke, Si a mi me pasara eso en la vida real estoy segura que quedaría destruida y es decir mucho ya que a lo largo de toda la lectura de la historia yo Parecía Maria Mandalena Llorando, ENSERIO.

ademas yo no quería que Daisuke sufriera no se lo merece T_T (cara de lagrimas)esta historia con sinceridad me dejo con un mal sabor en la boca, podría decirse que amarga con la situación.


Esta bien lo acepto! ESTA HISTORIA ME DEJO MUY AMARGA CON TODA LA SITUACIÓN, y el final de Daisuke.

A estas alturas te debes esta preguntando por que te escribo (a parte de obviamente demostrar mi descontento con el final) Pues déjame decirte que POR ESO TE ESCRIBO; Para rogarte (no! mejor dicho suplicarte) que a pesar del los años que han transcurrido desde que finalizaste esta historia, por favor escribir mas capítulos a esta historia o publicar una secuela.

Quiero que Daisuke chan obtenga su final feliz y en cierta manera Taichi pague por el dolor que le causo a Daisuke


A quien engaño REALMENTE DESEO QUE TAICHI PAGUE por todo el dolor que le causo a Daisuke (y por todo lo que me hizo llorar a mi, ademas por hacerle daño a Daisuke y romper su corazón) así que de la manera mas cordial te pido por favor que escribas una secuela y que en ella Taichi PAGUE.

con honestidad me gustaría que de alguna manera Yamato y Daisuke terminaran juntos como pareja. hahahaha (risas tipo villano) después de todo Taichi le hizo daño a Daisuke y engañando de esa manera tan descarada a Yamato (aunque el diga que no engaña a Yamato y se le permite salir con otras personas) todavía sigue siendo engaño. (por el amor de dios tiene sexo con otros que no son su novio)

yo amaría en una secuela que de alguna manera o/ de algún modo Yamato se cansara de Taichi hahaha y terminara (me refiero a Yamato a qui) de pareja con Daisuke. hahahaha se lo tendría muy bien merecido Taichi Yagami.

mmm un Yamato y Daisuke (mirada pensativa mirando al espacio, perdida en mis pensamientos) LAS POSIBILIDADES! (DIGO SALIENDO DE MIS Reflexiones INTERNAS) (expresión de alegría; no tan feliz todavía pero un poco mas feliz que antes) por favor te pido que al llegarte este mensaje y tan pronto sea posible escríbeme y dime que opinas sobre la idea de hacer otros capítulos a la historia y/o escribir una secuela.

POSDATA: hablo en serio cuando digo que seria justicia poética o como dice el dicho (el karma es una perra) que Yamato terminara junto a Daisuke Felices. si haces esto te estoy montando un altar, aparte de que yo estaría feliz como si me hubiera ganado la lotería.

me despido deseándote suerte, desde Venezuela y pidiéndote por favor contestarme tan pronto sea posible y termines de leer este mensaje. adiós y hasta pronto ESPERO desde tu amiga caroeclipse
Shuuu chapter 3 . 1/5/2014
My heart just broke... Honestly didn't see that coming. Would love to see a sequel with them getting together but not likely I imagine.
pinkfloyd1770 chapter 3 . 10/28/2013
This is the most elegantly written Digimon fic I've seen on this site. First of all, the economy of your prose is amazing. There aren't any wasted sentences; nowhere is this shown more strongly than when Taichi and Daisuke are becoming intimate. As seen from Daiskue's point of view, they're not just having sex, or even comforting each other: they're making love. The whole scene is just conveyed so succinctly and openly, it really does feel like a first love, a first experience, and that's what makes the final revelation of the story so affecting.
In addition, everyone is in character. Tai went from being overtly cheerful and carefree to sullen and aggressive in a flash, and of course it was because he perceived Matt as acting aloof. I also loved your portrayal of Daisuke. Too often he's written as being either a Tai clone, or so obsessive in regards to Tai that his entire personality is stamped into a one-dimensional caricature. What's portrayed here is youth and inexperience, and the incredible highs and lows that such a coupling can bring.
Finally you acknowledged the existence of and included the Digimon in the story. I guess it's weird to offer someone praise for including a fandom's namesake in a story, but so many other works simply ignore or completely do away with the Digimon, and it's refreshing to see something where they're not only mentioned, but physically appear.
So yes. This is a fantastic story, most definitely the best Tai/Dai fic out there, and arguably the best Digimon story on this site. Hope to see you in this fandom again.
Guest chapter 3 . 7/30/2013
Damn sad ending.
Guest chapter 2 . 7/30/2013
Guest chapter 1 . 7/30/2013
Ohhhh That was cute! On 2 number 2!
Expressive Dissonance chapter 3 . 12/27/2012
OUCH. The. FEELS. I loved it but omg poor Davis! D:
bryneesI chapter 3 . 4/23/2012
so sad poor daisuke lifes hard my friend
Kuro Nova chapter 3 . 3/18/2012
Amazing... Beautifully captured all the emotions perfectly.

I will NOT cry. I refuse. You will never know how hard it was for me to read that last chapter... I'm not a fan of sad endings, but I adored this fic. Your writing style is impeccable. The fact that Tai had mean't to help Daisuke feel loved only for it to hurt Daisuke is so sad! And Daisuke being all excited about the possibility that Tai liked him back only for it to be a misunderstanding, was utterly depressing to read. D'x

BUT it was amazing all the same!

I think I need to treat myself with some fluff! x'D
MrGooseyMoose chapter 3 . 8/7/2011
Hey there. :)

Aheeeem...haha, I guess I'm a little lost for words, here. Let's brush past the fact that the ending was basically traumatic to read, because at the same time it was so very real, and so very fitting, and so very perfect. I don't normally like unhappy endings, but this was handled so flawlessly that I can't find a single thing to whine about.

Your writing style is a total breath of fresh air; as was your expression of confusion, love, and pain. I mean, you were sbsolutely amazing - down to each and every word that you used.

Great stuff!
Cool-Hanyou chapter 3 . 12/26/2010
this fic was good but i have to say that the ending sincerely depressed the crap outta me but i loved it
IHaveADemonFoxInsideMe chapter 3 . 8/16/2009
Holy Crap!

I opened this story because the summary made me wonder what it was going to be like...

But it was GREAT!

Poor Daisuke!

I really wish this was longer and didnt end so abruptly... but it was still good!

This story definiitly deserves more reviews.
The Hatta chapter 3 . 7/10/2009
yes, I reviewed before, my spelling sucked and I wasnt logged in... watev, i keep reading this story over and crying for poor Daisuke!
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