Reviews for Radnar's Game
GoldAngel2 chapter 5 . 12/1/2008
Well at long last I am catching up on R & R of your Starblazers saga...and since I have a bit of a writer's block on my FMP story here goes...

Ekogaru's arrogance is second only to his vile visit Sasha while she sought refuge for her loneliness in her astral plane was low and despicable...especially to degrade the beauty of married lovemaking was disgusting...

But Starsha is never far from her daughter...and sending Aliscea to aid her by giving her training in psonic battle is a strong demonstration of her devotion...and I like how the newlyweds are yearning equally for each other...and speaking of newlyweds...

Dawn and Jeff appear to be a textbook rebound marriage...both have skeletons in their emotional closets...but Dawn keeping Deke's star pendant is just selfish and she sees that Deke is moving on she displays that especially as she sees Sasha and instinctively knows her to be a rival...I see a real catfight coming when these two eventually meet…that pendant is now rightfully Sasha’s as Deke’s wife.

So Invidia’s murderous henchman finally meets his much deserved end…and Ragnar’s aid comes in the nick of time…Desslok’s new role as the Emporor’s successor will be a mixed blessing as they both team up to destroy the viper Invidia…

Great work as always…and I do plan to gradually catch up on all the stories…

Hope you both are okay.
GoldAngel2 chapter 4 . 2/15/2008
Wow, that was what I call whirlwind-engaged all of what, a few hours and then boom-talk about shotgun wedding-Starsha means BUSINESS when it comes to her daughter and thanks to those madcap romantic Wildstars Singleton's lucky to not have lost his commission (and possibly his head) courtesy of Desslok and Astrena. Blood is surely thicker than water. The two of them (Derek and Nova) are quite the schemers though-it's pretty clear they want all couples to be as happy as they are...

And the couples' all having their times of loving was beautifully and tastefully done.

Another thing I'd like to point out was I'm glad how you have both Deke and Dawn both moving forward-no doubt their reunion will hold some residual feelings but both seem happy with the mates they've chosen. And Deke handled the knowledge of Sasha's Iscandaran pedigree quite well as it seems his love for her has healed an old wound.

But I agree with Deke-it SUCKS leaving his bride behind.

And I love how Derek is not afraid to be emotional about those he loves.

I do wonder, however, what awaits the new Second Lieutenant when he takes over his new command.

Lovely work.
GoldAngel2 chapter 3 . 2/15/2008
Another absorbing installment, Freddo-

Looks like Radnar's dreadnought is devastating the "Devestation"-Germitz and his crew may not live to tell Invidia of her latest defeat. And when she and her fleet meet up with the Star Fleet she'll be toast...hopefully...however...

Ekogaru the Dark Lord is truly a vile counterfeit of the Living God-sending his son into a warped wilderness experience that counterdicts Christ's own to gain his power-with each act mirroring and violating the Holy journey was very well done to create a character of unspeakble evil-I see im teaming up with Invidia as the Great Harlot soon...and I wonder how Yvona's faith will save the day.

And Nova's own reawakening was as poignant as I thought it would be-with the lifesaving operation taking longer than anticipated, I saw Derek at his wits end-I remember what Sandor said in the other chapter and agree-had she not made it, God help the Cometines, they'd have been history. Thank God Alex was by his brother's side.

Dawn's becoming chummy with Nova disquiets me-I know she is privvy to all the parties involved but will she be able to assist in averting the coming storm when Deke arrives back on Earth? And what about Sasha?

I'm glad Nova and Derek will have some quality time but will a surprise attack by the R'Khells spoil everything?

Very compelling work.
GoldAngel2 chapter 2 . 2/15/2008
Boy was that something-:)

I haven't read a scene as twisted and evil as that so-called birth since I stopped reading Stephen King-and that "midwife" was F-O-U-L-puffing on a cigar is bad enough but then making Yvona do it-EW!

And that Satan spawn-possitively gruesome-the epitome of evil weaned on sin-the perfect Anti-christ-with Stovall as the vessel to deliver the seed, the vileness is just oozing from this kid...

Stovall starting that fight in that dive is just like him-a real scum and troublemaker-and his hatred of the Wildstars is going to lead him down a destructive path. He's also still got a jones for Dawn and I think there's some fireworks a' comin' when he sees her with Hardy...

Which reminds me, I'm glad that Deke's thinking about Sasha-but her dreams have me very worried as well-could there be a capture of her by Invidia's crazy group in the future?

And Derek is trying his best to continue to fulfill hid duties but Nova is never out of his thoughts.

Great job Freddo
GoldAngel2 chapter 1 . 2/15/2008
Again, I'm sorry for the delay in getting to this but enough excuses...

Boy some things never change and that's especially true for Harcliffe-he's as rude and crude as ever, calling poor Nova a "Pregnant Popsicle" is beyond even him-totally classless but I bet you anything he'd never say that in front of Derek...and speaking of which...

I'm truly worried about him-he's so lost without Nova, like he's just going throuigh the motions of living but just dead inside-I agree with Sandor, I'd be worried too because it looks like the Commodore is really on the verge. And I like how he pointed out to Diane that he was Nova's first and that she was a virgin on their wedding night-sadly, a rarity nowadays...

Invidia's really a nut bar now-her victory at all cost is going to get her and her loyal flunkies an early grave because Radnar seems a formidable foe-but something tells me that scum Stovall will join up with her via Ekogaru.

And Dawn and Hardy seem quite cozy-I wonder when Deke will find out about their blooming relationship. And I like the Sandor/ Diane pairing

Great job as usual