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SoulsOfErmacV2 chapter 8 . 8/26/2014
We would love to see Ken give Guile a hadouken right to the face! LOL

Wagner & Juli seem like a good couple, very cute although we're still a bit sad about Sonya :(

Kenshi, the new superhero! haha we like this direction a lot! duuuude it's Kahn that's coming!

hahahahahahaha! that Chuck Norris joke was brilliant and unexpected

Dragon King? Onaga? ohhhh shiiiiiiiiiiiiit.. oh wait "situation was taken care of" :( boooooo

In other news.. Scorpion going after Raiden? We cannot see this ending well for the spectre at all

Another great chapter, can't wait untill the invasion!
SoulsOfErmacV2 chapter 7 . 8/26/2014
It usually takes us a long time to latch on to a character we have no knowledge of but with Rose you managed to catch us off guard and make us want to see more of her already.

Looks like Cammy is going to beat Nina's ass for even considering killing Steve.

Soooooo looking forward to seeing us (Ermac) in action again!

We have been dying to see Bruce Lee, sorry, Marshall Law join this adventure!

On to the next...
SoulsOfErmacV2 chapter 6 . 8/25/2014
Souls of Ermac returning after a whole year! we are truly sorry about that, we
were caught up in the wonderful world of music but we are back now to continue
reading this fantastic story.

Kung Lao.. we need more Kung Lao.. haha!

It sounds to us that Feng Wei is due to kick some major ass in the future, we don't
know much about the character although he does seem to be a major player and a bit
of an a$$hole.

Noooooo! don't kill Sub! looks like he is about to recieve a tag team fatality! .. oh
just a dream :D!

Looking forward to another Kazuya and Heihachi fight, always entertaining.

We are excited to know who the four chosen ones are!

Once again, another great chapter and it is amazing to be back reading this magnificent
piece of work, we really love the character development in these fics well done once again.
writer6886 chapter 101 . 4/7/2014
NICE! I can't wait to see the next part. Azazel, Jinpachi, and the remains of Soul edge in Tira's hands. I love how you wrapped it up especially with Ken and his wife. You a very talented I love reading your work.
NerdBTheSilent chapter 101 . 3/22/2014
Since the time in Afghanistan in 2010 until now i have finally finished reading this incredible fanfic. I have put it off for a while numerous times because of my once busy life in the Marines. Im in college now and took the time to finish, LOL. Its been a long ride and thank you very very very very very very very very much! :-) Now I shall wait for the next installment -stares at the calendar, not making a move-
SpinoGuy Productions chapter 101 . 3/12/2014
Well, here we are, after six years of story, it's finally complete. Is it worth it? To put it simply, yes. Although the 2 years of hiatus was long (even though I didn't start reading until chapter 86), the wait was well worth it.

The fights, the scale, the everything, it's so GLORIOUS! Sorry, channeled a bit of Annihilation Kahn there. Or Khan. Honestly, Star Trek got me confused. Kind of like Lin Kuei. Or Lin Keui. Whatever, I'm getting off track.

Since I need to indulge of my love for critiquing stuff (ala Nostalgia Critic), I'm going to get that shit out of the way. And after MK9, my first real MK game, I've never gotten used to evil Kabal. That might be because you started writing this before Kabal became a hero, but it's still weird to me. And the characters. Although my favorite MK character takes front and center stage, Kenshi, there are still a shit ton, which is about three zeros less than a fuck ton, of characters. Not all of them are fleshed out, and that's a bummer. The fights, while excellent, kind of dragged. Perhaps some more cuts would've worked. But that's just me. Now onto what I still consider the lesser parts of any story, the Original Characters. I'm not saying their bad, far from it. I can actually tolerate them. But I still hold that personal grudge against OC's. Damn you, Nightblade!

Anyway, now onto the positives. The characters you did focus one were amazing. While I still think Ivy wasn't that good, the rest were amazingly characterized. I loved Ken as a character, same goes for Cyrax and Havik. I thought Tira was annoying though. Oops, that not a positive thing. Oh well. Anway, the fights, like I said, were very well detailed, and very nice. And while I think it was a bad idea making this series a Quadrilogy, maybe you can pull it off. In case your wondering, the reason I say that is because, normally, fourth movies aren't all that good. The one exception I can think of, personally, is Mosura tai Gojira, aka Mothra vs Godzilla. But that's just me.

So, I'll just wait patiently while you work on Part 3, and hope Part 4 is better than I expect it to be. Like ApolloZHack said, "I'd rather be wrong about a kick ass story, than completely right about a shitty story." Somewhere along those lines, anyway. So, all I've got to do is give it a rating, and then sign out.

The Ketsueki Quadrilogy: Ano Sentaku Bou is... awesometacular. Thank Jeremy Jahns for that one.

Spino, out.
writer6886 chapter 93 . 3/11/2014
Ah. No farewell words to Kitana? Bummer. Nice to see Donna live. I always felt the whole bad girl thing made her out of place. Course with her lover dead she maybe more dangerous than ever. Who knows.
GlaringEyes chapter 101 . 3/4/2014
I'm so happy to witness the end of this epic, which have even left a cliffhanger to the sequel (my favorite kind of ending). Unnecessary to say, I rejoiced to know that it'll be a four parts story rather than three.

So, ironically and once again, Quan-Chi is to the one who had thrown out the match that started the wildfire. And Azazel will be the main source of conflict this time (here's your chance of ending your curse, Jin!). Add to these the 5th King of Iron Fist Tournament and the mysterious demonic presence in the Mishima Zaibatsu, and the third installment promises to be awesome!

Congratulations for this great story, and thanks for the countless hours of entertainment it provided. Looking forward to your next work!
Metal Harbinger chapter 101 . 3/3/2014
Quan Chi and Azazel...can we say "match made in Hell" ladies and gentlemen?

Indeed this has been a long, but fun ride and I'm eager to see your next installment and the fact that it is now going to be a quadrilogy...ORGASM TIME!

Glad I was able to help you keep this going and I'm confident you'll kick just as much ass in the third installment.
Metal Harbinger chapter 100 . 3/1/2014
LOL! Poor Heihachi just cannot catch a break!

It was great to see all of the reunions back in San Francisco, especially Wagner's and Ken's, all the more reason for them to return home happy.

I'm guessing Azazel's gonna be making his presence felt. I always hated that fucker. Damn 'SNK boss syndrome!'
GlaringEyes chapter 100 . 2/28/2014
I thought the same thing as Heihachi when the campers started crowding around him. Seriously, as much as I still trust mankind, I also know there's no free lunch.

That was so like Marduk, Paul and Marshall to be camera whores. They seemed to be the only ones enjoying the attention, unlike most of the ship. And I feel bad for Kenshi after Paul had slipped up that two of the Chosen Ones carried swords. Now his secret vigilante job is as good as over.

So, the stage for the next conflict is being set. A young woman happens to be the guardian of a cursed temple (*cough* Tira *cough*) and there's also the 5th King of Iron Fist Tournament. Looks like the heroes will have their hands full in the sequel.

Whoops, I did a mistake in my last comment: Asuka's partner in SFxT wasn't Karin, but Lilli (they just so looked alike :P). Looking forward to the conclusion!
SpinoGuy Productions chapter 100 . 2/28/2014
How many legends are there?
GlaringEyes chapter 99 . 2/27/2014
"I'll have to find myself a tag team partner" Ironically enough, in Street Fighter vs Tekken, Karin's partner was Asuka (and Sakura's was Blanka, which made them the weirdest and most hilarious tag team in the game - just in case you intend to bring him in for the next installment).

Cody and another of his 'Sub-Zero has been living in a time capsule' comments. Lucky for him, the Grandmaster doesn't seem to mind his jokes. 'Yo-Ho-Yo-Ho (A Pirate's Life For Me)' I was wondering when there was gonna be a reference to Pirates of the Caribbean regarding Ruby Heart.

"If Hollywood can find a way to pluck Ivy from Keisei, you two, Jin, and Kenshi may just star in
your own reality show of sorts" That would be funny too. You know, I'm kinda surprised Ken isn't holding it against the former empress, for I imagined he'd still be enraged with anyone of the Outworld forces after the apparent death of his family. Hope you update it soon!
Metal Harbinger chapter 99 . 2/27/2014
Leave it to Cody to bring up mundane little things, in this case being "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button," which is appropriate since a lot of SF canon guides say that following the events of SFA3 he's "still wandering around doing useless things." Nice walk down Memory Lane where Smoke talks about disc men and CD's.

Way to have Jane break the 4th wall with Guile's SF2 win quote. LOL!

Hmm, Noob's words sound prophetic in the end and leaves me wondering if we'll see more "thought dead" faces return in the future... chapter 99 . 2/26/2014
Can't wait for chapter 100!
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