Reviews for BLEACHed
Sailor Pandabear chapter 9 . 6/22/2014
Guest chapter 9 . 8/11/2013
Un gran fanfic, espero que próximamente salgan mas capitulos
TigrezzTail chapter 9 . 4/11/2013
I'm honestly still unsure if I like this or not. It's definitely different with some unique things. But it feels like it's missing something, what exactly I'm not sure...
SeekerMoonblade chapter 9 . 10/31/2012
This story is one of the better written crossovers for Bleach and Naruto that I've read. You're doing a wonderful job, keep it up! Can't wait for the next update!
Ranmaleopard chapter 1 . 10/25/2012
this is really awesome and interesting i can't wait to see what happens next please continue!
vampyregirl256 chapter 1 . 7/6/2012
really cool! like this so far. When u said that Sasuke had a long chain connecting from his back, i thought it was a chain from hell, but i was totally surprised it was connected to his brother because of his undying earthly connection of hatred towards him. Its Much better!
I don't know if your still into this story, but if you are, update soon!
Ryo no Kitsune chapter 9 . 4/23/2012
Are you waiting for hianata to die or sumthing before she sees him?
Scobster2013 chapter 5 . 4/13/2012
I may be a new fanfic author but even know when a chapter needs to

be longer. I plan on my 1st fanfic having at least 10 long chapters

before I post it complete.
Lady Avotil chapter 9 . 2/26/2012

Well, I definitely enjoyd reading the story so far, especially the parts about the Yondaime and Sandaime and Sakura and Itachi...and, well, all of the ood guys being in Soul Society. Though I wonder what Naruto's zanpakutou will be like._

Keep up the great work and please, please, please write and post the next chapter a.s.a.p.!_
Grey Muji chapter 9 . 9/10/2011
Love ittttttt! You know when you sescribed Naruto's Zanpaku-to"s spirit I started thinking about KH Keybladw Armor. Odd
gaatjegeenbalaan chapter 9 . 8/4/2011
where the f*** is ichigo!
ultima-owner chapter 9 . 9/10/2010
Naruto's gonna get to see the flip side of love/hate views
ultima-owner chapter 8 . 9/10/2010
Sexist temes always pay the price
ultima-owner chapter 7 . 9/10/2010
The power of anger is dangerous
ultima-owner chapter 6 . 9/10/2010
The bone ninja hollowfied is scary
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