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aoisenshi chapter 18 . 4/8/2012
Beautiful story! So much suspense, action and sweet AAML moments. ** Amazing job!
the one who hums chapter 17 . 3/30/2012

You go, Brock. I am proud of you for being a hero. And Pikachu, I am proud of you for finally touching the weapon and helping to save the day. You get a pat on the back too. I hope this means Lucinda is gone for good now, and doesn't randomly come back to life in a hundred years so a trio of teenagers can try to kill her again.

And when Ash started to give up I was freaking out. One, because I thought he was a better swimmer than that, and two, because Ash is not a give-up sort of person. I was expecting him to keep kicking until a Gyrados came along and ate him.

Thank goodness for Gary. I'm glad that he made it out okay, and ever happier that he told Tracey to go out there. Because if Ash actually drowned, I would not be very happy.

And Misty's alive! I'm glad she started coughing up water after she got on the boat so we didn't have to see Ash and Tracey try and give her CPR. I am just so happy she is alive.

Oh, and I liked that little comparison Ash made when he thought about how Misty fished him out of the river and saved him after he fell off of Lugia's back. She does seem to save him from drowning alot, doesn't she?

And now the sun is out. I'm just hoping that Brock is okay up there on the cliff. If so, then it will be a nice happy ending.
the one who hums chapter 16 . 3/23/2012
I completely understood, throughout the entire chapter, Ash's heavy sense of responsibility that he didn't ask for. His exhaustion at this whole ordeal felt so real and pressing, and I can't help feeling extremely sorry for Ash again. (And I feel extremely wishy-washy for not making up my mind on whether or not I pity Ash.) He didn't sign up for this Chosen One job, but now the fate of the world almost always seems to rest on his shoulders, while everyone else's lives go on like normal. It just feels like such an intense pressure to be put under. I can't even imagine how awful a feeling that would be. I would never be able to be a normal, happy kid. I'd have a panic attack every other minute, thinking about what trial I'll be put through next to keep the world in one piece.

And just the fact that Lucinda was so convincing, just like with Misty, when she led her to the cliff. Her words seemed so true, she was making such good points on the injustice of being Ash. And then when Ash said that it was almost like seeing through a fog, trying to figure out if Brock or Lucinda was right, I realized it was a trap, and she was doing her little psychic thing again. Good thing her selfishness snapped Ash out of it.

And dang, Lucinda ages fast. Maybe landing the direct hit on Umbreon sped up her aging a bit, because she went from being like thirty to around seventy in like less than an hour's time. Juat thought that seemed really fast.

And then she just goes and chucks Misty over the side of the cliff. See, this is almost the same thing I was talking about earlier, with Charizard and the rain. He sees Misty get chucked over the side, then charges at Lucinda and has a nice little chat with her, and then jumps to go save Misty. Misty was already unconcious when she was thrown over. Because he stopped to have that tiny conversation, Misty very well might have already drowned. Timing is impeccable when it comes to these sorts of situations, and Ash could already be too late.

And I was with Pikachu when Ash ran at Lucinda with the cylinder. My head startd reeling, because last time I had checked, Brock was the one holding the real weapon. It's a good thing Ash knew it was the souvenir, and not the real thing.

But now I am a tad confused. Since Ash is going after Misty right now, and he left the weapon with Brock, does he just expect Brock to kill her? What is everyone on the cliff going to do while he's getting Misty? I guess I'll find out...
the one who hums chapter 15 . 3/23/2012
So, I'll say right now that the crafty plan I was referring to earlier was not challenging her to yet another battle. Sometimes Ash just needs to take the hint that her Pokemon are way stronger than his.

Misty on the other hand, very crafty by using Squirtle all sneakily to land a hit. That, I was impressed with.

I hated that Blaine knew that his Magmar was being controlled by Lucinda, so the first thing he does is rush at it. If it didn't jump up when it saw you, and it's being wielded by an evil demon lady, one can assume that she's done something to it. I'm actually surprised that Blaine didn't get more hurt from that direct hit from the Flamethrower.

And when Erika was being choked by Weepinbell, I was surprised that someone didn't just attack the vines to begin with. The was the first thing I thought of, for Charizard to use Flamethrower on Weepinbell and on the taut vines connecting Erika and Weepinbell. I thought me and Ash were on the same wavelength, but then Misty stopped him from scorching Erika, and I realized we weren't thinking the same thing, exactly. But still, I think that one of the people trying to release Erika's throat from the vines would have thought to attack Weepinbell or the vines. I don't think they would have reacted so slowly...

Okay, I'll admit it, the whole sacrificing himself to help Pikachu land a hit on Umbreon plan wasn't that bad. It was pretty clever, for Ash, at least. I'm just glad she didn't just behead Ash right there and then.

And now Misty and Lucinda are both missing. So obviously KO-ing Umbreon doesn't kill her. And she most likely took Misty with her. Probably just as punishment for Ash, for attacking her. Because she knows that Ash likes Misty, and Misty is a gym leader. So she's probably going to be killed unless Ash does something fast.

Hurry, Ash!
the one who hums chapter 14 . 3/20/2012
So, are we going to get some backstory behind Ash's stoney goodbye to Misty? Snatching the weapon almost like he was mad at her? I mean, considering how they've both been thinking mushy thoughts about eachother this entire story, and the fact that it might be the last time they see each other, one would assume that their goodbyes would be a little bit more heartfelt, you know? Just struck me as odd.

And I am so glad that everyone didn't drown. Totally expected at least one, if not more, to drown. So I am happy they all made it out, considering how long they were treading water.

Speaking of which, this quote made me want to kill Ash. "Ash, too, slumped exhausted against the side of the Magikarp, his arms aching from the effort of pulling body after body up from the waters." EXCUSE ME, but every living gym leader in Kanto just spent the last 15 minutes treading water in the middle of a storm, and he has the audacity to think himself tired? And the fact that Borck stayed to help him pull people up. Brock had been out there struggling to stay above water, then climbed up onto the Magikarp to help other people out of the water. But Ash is exhausted because his arms are sore. Cry me a freaking river, Ash.

Okay, sorry. That sentence just made me upset. I'm done.

"Now I'll never become a Pokemon Master!" "James, you never wanted to be a Pokemon master." Best line in the chapter. I cracked up.

And now I am just hoping that all of this bravado coming from Ash won't backfire. I know he wants to face Lucinda like a man, but at the same time, he's not the one being targeted. And they are definitely outclassed when it comes to battling. So, hear's hoping someone comes up with a crafty plan!
the one who hums chapter 13 . 3/19/2012
Oh, I forgot to point out last chapter that I liked the "Misty was not ready to die" lines you kept repeating. I like that Misty fights so hard, even when the water is dragging her down and it would be so easy for her to give up. And then Ash comes along!

Oh, how I missed the interaction between those two. Given that it's an AAML story, one would expect the two to get together at some point: kiss, hug, confess their love, what have you. And being a pokeshipper I want all that to happen and stuff, but I love the road you're taking in this story. The fact that you just have your hints tell the the love story, and that they don't even have to DO anything for me to love that little romance you added in. Just Ash making his little slip-up with Lucinda, or Misty to feel physically sick to even think that something happened to Ash, that makes their relationship so much better. So much more real.

I guess I should also throw in that Brock and Erika's relationship is cute. A few chapters late, but oh well. I like how Misty notices that while Brock can get all fluffy and dreamy-eyed around pretty girls, there's something different with Erika. As I said, it's the little hints that make the story. You don't just blow everyone away with a big kiss and end it. You take us on the entire journey, through every feeling. I just love it.

So when Ash finally picks up Misty, I got to squee for joy, because I have been waiting for that moment. But the squees of joy ended when they flew back to the island. Um, guys? Are you forgetting, I don't know, like nine other people bobbing in the waves out there? I know, I know, Charizard doesn't like the rain, but I feel like Charizard was faring a little better than the people below being pulld beneath the waves. They probably could have saved a few more people.

So then the entire time they were having their cute little conco in the cave I just kept thinking HELLO? What about those friends of yours who are are currently drowning? I mean, Ash's crush on Misty is nice, but what happened to the hero complex? He's going to save ONE person and be satisfied? Because let's face it, if Misty, one of the strongest swimmers out there, was contemplating letting herself drown right when Ash showed up, how do you think the others are doing? Yup, they're all dead.

So the whole cuteness of the scene was sort of overpowered by my need to throttle Ash for being so dumb.

So I'm glad Team Rocket showed up and the whole truce thing happened once again. At least now they can go pick up the few remaining Gym Leaders who are still afloat.

And that spat between Misty and Ash about who stays made me sort of sad. The fact that Ash won't let Misty sacrifice herself, that HE should be the one to be the bait, to possibly die...I don't know. It just made me sad that Ash thinks it always has to come to that. And the fact that Ash means absolutely nothing to Lucinda is almost just as sad. He's the hero and he literally holds no importance to the villian.

But it also makes me mad that Ash thinks he always has to be the martyr, and that when Misty volunteers, he doesn't want to let her do it because she'll get hurt. It almost seems selfish, actually. Ash gets to go out every day and almost get himself killed, never once caring if his friends worry about him, and the one time Misty gets the chance to be the hero, the brave one, he won't let her, because he's worried about her safety? Does he not think that HIS friends worry about him? Sorry about my rambling, but I just can't seem to articulate very well why that bugged me so much.

Well, too bad for you, Ash. It's Misty's turn to be the hero.
the one who hums chapter 12 . 3/19/2012
Holy moly. That was intense.

I knew that Sabrina would lose, but I didn't even think about the consequences of it. I sort of figured Lucinda would rough her up a bit and teach her not to mess with her. When Sabrina thought she was for sure going to die, I was like, Oh! Probably could have made that connection sooner. And then when Koga was killed, EVERYONE was thrown for a loop. I felt bad that Lucinda just picked a random person and struck them down. And then poor Sabrina has to deal with that guilt now. I know that she obviously didn't have any idea that Lucinda would do that, and thought that she was going to be the one injured or killed, but she is essentially the reason for Koga's death, so I can see why she was so upset.

And oh boy, when that water came I got worried. I thought that another Gym Leader was going to die. We all know Brock isn't the best swimmer. And Surge is just so BIG. I was scared that another Gym Leader wans't going to break the surface.

And the underwater thing makes so much sense now! Very clever.

At first I was concerned that their next problem would be not being able to find shore, but no, instead its a lightning storm. Hurray. At least Ash can see them now. I hope he goes down to help and the group is reunited.

So, let's go see, shall we?
the one who hums chapter 11 . 3/19/2012
Okay, this one will be quick for real.

Ash, once again, sitting with his head in his hands doing squat. And not helping very much at all. Good luck waiting on that sign of yours, buddy.

Brock should not call Samuel a crazy old man no matter how mad he is that he doesn't know how to work the weapon. The dude wasn't nuts, he was RIGHT.

I feel Like Surge was pulling a Ketchum on us. The first thing Ash does when he sees an evil adversary is try to knock them out. Every time he does that in the show me and my sisters yell out "Ash use Tackle! It was not very effetive..." because lets be real, how often does that actually work. So I was expecting Surge to get tossed around. Still feel bad though. It sounded like a bad hit.

Sabrina is defintely going to get creaed. This is Mewtwo all over again. No matter how strong Sabrina is, Lucinda has demon/ghost/undead whatever Pokemon. They're unstoppable. I wonder which Pokeball Sabrina got?
the one who hums chapter 10 . 3/19/2012
Alright, I've already read the next chapter, so I'll probably make the next couple of reviews quick because I want to keep reading. My apologies for sorta cheating.

Anyways, let me start off by saying i love how you've described Lucinda so far. The fact that she is almost bored with Ash, and really feels no threat from him at all is very good. Well, not for Ash, but she seems much more frightening when you know that she has all this power and knows full well that no one is even close enough to her level to stop her. Ash's only hope is that cylinder weapon, if he can get it. I just like how you've made her seem so untouchable that she's not phased at all by Ash's rage or determination. He's just a young boy with a dream, nothing more.

And I don't know if I'm the first to mention this, but you didn't complete a thought. In the Paragraph where Ash yells "Come ON!" because the ice isn't melting you say 'More than that, he wished that' and then that's it. I know its a bajillion years later, but whatever. I'll still point it out.

And lucinda sort of makes good point. Ahs talks about everyone being great and powerful masters one day, so much better than her, and he can't even melt ice. I understand that the ice is special n some way, but still. It does look a little pathetic.

Ha! Freudian slip! Nice job, Ash. Of course that wasn't what you meant to say.

And thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for still including Brock and Misty in this story. I love Ash to death, don't get me wrong, but sitting on the ground with his head in his hands is not very proactive, and I need a little bit more excitement. Misty's reaction to Ash not being there was perfect. I like that Brock convinced her so quickly that he wasn't dead, even if it wasn't true. And I liked how real it sounded when Misty didn't want to voice that Ash might be dead, because that makes it possible to be real. That is so true.

Well, I guess that review asn't actually any shorter than the others. Well, maybe the next one will be. Anyways, thanks again for the awesome story!
the one who hums chapter 9 . 3/15/2012
Whoops, I forgot to log in for that last review. I didn't even bad.

So, I read the reviews of this chapter before I starting writing mine, and I noticed that everyone just loved the fact that the ice didn't melt. Sorry if I don't seem as deep as everyone else, who simply love how long you draw out the suspense, but, gosh darn it, I wanted that ice to melt. I knew it wouldn't, but I hoped that one Fire Blast from Charizard could really be that simple. That all of the gym leaders would fall free from they're ice imprisonments and lie there, shivering and confused, but alive.

The dream was just awful. I hate that Ash interpreted it as his friends thinking that he wouldn't be able to save them, that he wouldn't be strong enough to. I want that wonderful spirit and determination Ash always has. I don't want him to subconsiously doubt himself. But at the same time, I'd be doubting myself too.

And Gary. I hope he's okay, and made it back to safety somehow. I'm glad we'll eventually find out what happened to him. I'm just hoping that we don't stumble across his dead body later on. Morbid thought, but it doesn't seem impossible for you to throw a curveball at us and put a casualty in this story. I'm hoping that doesn't happen though.

So, Ash is finally going to see Lucinda face-to-face again. I take she is older now? I think that Samuel mentioned something about her coming back and growing up again or something. I don't really remember, but I think she's aged. I hope that Ash can manage to get to Misty, and get that weapon to tab this lady. But I figure since i'm only halfay through the story, that will probably take a while.

And what I'm really hoping for is for Ash to get Misty and Brock out of that ice and helping him out. I like it when Ash has someone backing him up, someone else to help him out. Even at the beginning of this story, when he was trying to block out the legend, he was doing so because he knew the responsibility wuld end up on his shoulders. I don't like that that's automatically how it has to be. I want him, Brock, and Misty, all battling evil side-by-side for once.
Guest chapter 8 . 3/15/2012
It almost makes me sad to see you thanking all these lovely people for their reviews. I sort of wish I could have been a part of it... But alas, I did not discover fanfiction until 2009, and back then, my reviews were one line of meaningless crap. Thankfully I've gotten over that.

So, oddly enough, I started readin this chapte BEFORE i read chapter seven, not realizing i had skipped ahead too far. I was comepletely confused as to why Ash had such a sense of purpose, why he wa sneaking around so much, and why he went back to Pallet straight after the explosion. Once I got to the point where you mentioned the island, I turned around and went back a chapter, realizing I had obviously missed something. For some reason I just thought that the farther it went along, the more sense it would make. Which wasn't entirely true.

It's freaking me out a bit that every gym up to Celadon has been levelled. I didn't think that Lucinda would move so quickly. and man, Pikachu almost got them caught...

And God, I just wanted to KILL Gary when he was making fun of Ash, because he has no idea what is going on and the fact that Ash has to go off on his own to kill the evil devil woman who plans on taking over the world and leaving it in complete darkness. Gary just knows that Ash must be a loser because he is sitting in broken boat. I am so glad Ash tried throttling him. I am surprised he didn't do it long ago, actually.

But despite how much I hate Gary, I also sort of love him. I'm glad that he helped Ash steer the boat, and retrieve Pikachu. And now they are just sialing into the open sea, and Gary doesn't even know what the objective of this mission is, or where they're even supposed to go. It could have just been a rash deision to prove he was better than Ash at everything, but now he's stuck in this story, whether he likes it or not. And i like that Ash isn't alone now.

By the way, I feel stupid for not having mentioned this sooner, but I LOVE this story.
the one who hums chapter 7 . 3/14/2012
Well, I did forget to ask what that gold thing Misty received from Samuel was. Now I know, I guess.

I was hoping that when I clicked the next chapter he would just being searching the rubble for his friends, and hopefully they were just buried and had trouble getting out quickly enough to answer Ash's calls. And then I come to find instead that they've been taken to an island in the middle of nowhere by a four-hundred year old demon who's bent on killing all gym leaders and eridicating Pokemon training altogether...Wasn't really expecting that.

And so Lucinda's Pokemon all came with her from the underworld obviously, and since they are demon spawns thats probably why they didn't take damage easiy. Awesome. And Ash has to get close enough to this girl to stab her? How the hell is he going to do that? She's got an army of super-pokemon that she can control psychly! I hope Ash comes up with some sort of plan.

When Ash got attacked with a mop, I laughed...I mean, I feel bad for him, but just imagining some mountain man guy attacking a kid with a mop just looks funny in my head. That, and "You gotta use the bathroom?" Ash, I love you, but God are you dense. Lol.

I feel bad that literally a week after Ash saves the world, the world is about to end again. I know that I was mad at him for acting like a petulent child and covering his ears at the mention of the legend, but just thinkig that only a couple days after he saved the world the first time a new crisis occurs? My sympathy sort of returns to him. But then again, even when he could plainly see how seriously Misty was taking the situation, he refused to believe her. So not as sympathetic as I could be.

So, let me get this straight: Ash has five days to stop the world from turning to complete darkness and Lucinda ruling the world, and killing his friends. To do this, he must go to an island that he can only find if Lucinda wants him to find it, and get to Misty to get the special blade so he can stab Lucinda, therefore saving Misty. And Brock. And the world...If this chick doesn't want Ash to find the island, sound slike he's screwed. And how is he going to get a boat to take him there?

Again, I hope Ash has a plan...
the one who hums chapter 6 . 3/14/2012
One, don't short change yourself, because that battle was amazing. The ideas behind the attacks were very intuitive, and you wrote them in such a dazzling way that I was captivated the entire time. You describe everything with almost the perfect amount of detail. Enough to fully understand what is going on, enough to make ME feel the panic and terror. And you don't draw it out too long, and make it become tedious to read. Exquisite.

Okay, so the little girl ISN'T a ghost, just a psycho intent on destroying all the gyms in Kanto in order? Well, that makes much more sense...not...

And thank you, Sensational Sisters...for doing nothing but cowering in fear as your home and entire lifestyle is being destroyed before your eyes. Way to help out the little kids as they battle super-pokemon.

But I do like the lengths Brock, Ash, and Misty will go to protect others. They all instictively protect their Pokemon, and each other, while Daisy, Lily, and Violet made no attempts to try to save their little sister, or any of their other Pokemon.

And Ash. Yes, complete hero-complex. But I love him for taking the hit for Misty, who was already injured as it is. I love Ash's fierce protectiveness most of all, because he literally feels responsible for everyone in danger, and would never forgive himself if he didn't try his hardest to get them out of harm's way. And that the fact that he is always willing to sacrifice himself to save another is so selfless and noble that you can almost look past all of the immature things he does and the spats he gets in with Misty and Brock, because you know how much he truly cares.

I liked that you added in your quote form a couple chapters ago. It makes the separation so much more devastating when I hear those words uttered again, because I KNEW that that sentence woudl lead to soemthing more, that it would almost jinx them. And I'm not sure if you italicized Ash's screaming just to emphasize his desparation, but I read it almost as if it was just backround noise. As if the silence Ash was currently in the middle of was so loud that it almost drowned out his own cries.

And now, I'm just really hoping, like everyone else, that Ash finds his friends...and that they're still in one piece.
the one who hums chapter 5 . 3/14/2012
Alright, I'll try and go in order here.

Alright, what is with these strange things happening? They're buliding and building, just one weird thing on top of the other, but for the life of me I can not make the connection between them, though I know there must be one. First, the aggressive Pokemon. Then the Umbreon. The attack of the Pewter Gym. Ash seeig a little Misty-like girl. Misty hering voices trying to drive her off of a cliff. Is everyone going schizophrenic or something? And how come Brock hasn't gone wacky yet? Are ALL of these things supposed to be ghosts? That's the only connection I cna make. That or schizophrenia.

And Ash is so stupid and hypocritical for calling Misty selfish, just because she wants to ease her mind that her family and gym are okay. There is nothing wrong with that. I love Brock and his voice of reason, because yes, they were both being selfish. But caring about your loved ones isn't exactly selfishness. Though I sort of take Misty's side a little bit, because it is about Ash all the time.

And again, I noticed that Misty heard footsteps crunching before she heard the voice. Ghosts don't make noises when they move, so unless there's an explanation behind that, I don't think my ghost theory would work. And I love Ash's reaction to her hug. The fact that he was afraid to hug her, and absolutely terrified when she showed her feelings so openly, just seems so realistic.

And i like how you mentioned that he dismissed the whole 'I'm glad you're okay' speech because is sounded sentimental and silly, but in reality it just seems too honest, and he didn't want her to make of him for it. I liked that there was more feeling behind that thought other than embarassment, or fear that it would sound too cheesy.

Brock IS staying! :D I love Brock, and get sad whenever he leaves.

And now Misty doing the same thing as Ash is. Avoiding. She doesn't want to talk about the fact that she heard a voice that almost caused her to leap to her death because she doesn't want to admit that something is going on, or that she is crazy. And Ash still won't hear that stinking legend.

I need to know. I feel like something bad will happen during the eclipse.
the one who hums chapter 4 . 3/12/2012
"As long as we stick together, nothing will go wrong." Um, Ash? I don't know if you've noticed the past five years of your life, but quite a lot of things have gone wrong since you three grouped up. Just pointing that out, genius.

And Ash needs to stop denying the inevitable. Something bad is happening, and Misty knows about it. If you would just freaking LISTEN for once in your life you might actually learn something useful. Maybe he doesn't even have to be the one saving the world. Someone else could do that, but at least he'll be informed. And hearing about the leged will alleviate some of the pressure from Misty. She's obviously distressed about it, and clearly scared about the current situation. If Ash and Brocklearned about this prophesy too, then Misty wouldn'thave to mull it over alone, like some awful secret only she can know.

And I just feel awful about the gym. I know for a fact that Ash is wrong, and that he should trust Misty's judgement more, because she is smarter than him, and also more informed. This is obviously related to the other strange goings-on in Kanto, Ash just refuses to make the connection because he doesn't want the responsibility to fall on his shoulders. Obviously his fearsome trio philosophy doesn't apply to world-saving. When it comes down to that, only Ash can be the hero. Which is ridiculous, by the way.

And something is definitely going on with the eclipse. I'm worried too. And I now Ash is making me worried about Cerulean. And then this whole Blaine disappearance is freaking me out too. Though I didn't jump to Misty's conclusions (which are plausible), I still think something bad is happening on Cinnabar too. It's possible that Blaine realizes this and is either hiding out until the storm passes, or possibly going incognito to gather information. Either way, it's all connected somehow.
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