Reviews for Chunin Exam Day
Master777Vip0 chapter 77 . 12/1
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DragonANGL chapter 28 . 11/18
Hmm. I know this is 14, almost 15 years late (as some other late posters can't seem to get that this chapter, at least, was posted in January of TWO THOUSAND AND EIGHT ANNO DOMINI/CURRENT ERA), but thanks for the story! Obviously you've continued the story as other reviewers have pointed out, but thanks nonetheless for the continuation!

...Hmm...14, 15 years ago...yeah, wasn't aware of fan fic dot net back then, was more a baka tsuki reader.
Guest chapter 14 . 11/16
Started decent. But what. How can a naruto that can hold off orochimaru and improvise with clones. Knows how to game through the forest of death fail to beat kiba in pres. Then he gets kyubi-ed. Not a power up you say, doesn't take away from his improvising tho. Turned to shit at that point
Calm Dragons chapter 24 . 11/8
11,111 Fav right now!
Blue Alien chapter 77 . 10/31
Sigh... I guess that's it for this story, and just when it was getting more interesting with the resets over(or maybe not? dun dun duuuuuunnnn)

Whelp onto the next one i guess
Ssjmj chapter 74 . 10/29
when I first read this I immediately said just like him to screw everything up, but then I realized it made since and this was a great way to begin wrapping the story up
Ssjmj chapter 45 . 10/29
I honestly think your story deserved both awards even though it wasn't finished by this time
lucarechmann chapter 28 . 10/28
That’s understandable why would you write a story wen ur mad it would only make you feel worst
Fang723 chapter 77 . 10/25
Ahhh, every now and then I come re-read this and am still just as sad as I always have been it got stopped here
Blue Alien chapter 37 . 10/25
Hmmm, so you deal with "whining complainers" by giving them more of what they complain huh?

Oh man! Why can this story have more ch? I mean I'm stil on ch 37 rn but seeing the nr of ch remain the same while i read them one by one is maddening! Why can't you write more? Do you know how close you are to 100? Just 1 more! (... let's ignore math). So yeah, i bet you can't write more chapters.
Anduin1357 chapter 1 . 10/24
Technically muscle memory is actually mental, since all that information is stored in the nervous system. If Naruto can carry over hand-sign jutsu, skills etc. and since those rely in part on muscle memory, then muscle memory SHOULD be carried over to future loops.

tl;dr muscle memory isn't actually in the muscle, but in the nervous system which can be considered as having the same function as the brain and should therefore carry over.
Trace Reading chapter 77 . 10/11
you should come back through and fix all instances of 'arashi kazama' to 'minato namikaze'
Guest chapter 9 . 9/27
Is good
Guest chapter 19 . 9/11
ok thats it I'm dropping it .This story is just like Game of Thrones. chapters 1 to 13 is first four the rest is 8th season.

I waited and waited and waited for something to happen ,for a point I would say"oh it's gotten interesting again" ,but no. not happening.

this chapter was " blah blah blah his armor is blah blah "
and 589 words later :
"ino's wardrobe blah blah blah"
and another 500 words later :
"this leather is so hard to sew blah blah blah clothes clother and more clothes"

The end.

Oh and there was a point that he was very happy that he was going to be able to beat ,KIBA.
He gave a hard time to orochimari in the previous chapters, and he is nervous about author is literally stupid.
ee chapter 16 . 9/11

ok.I kinda understant the Kakashi thing ,since this story was written without watching the shippuden ,even though I think Kakashi wasn't THAT bad even then ,I kinda understant it , really.
What I don't understant is ,EVEN THOUGH THIS KID WAS TRAINING FOR MONTHS ,IF NOT YEARS,HAS KNOWLEDGE ABOUT SEALS,MEDICAL JUTSU,TRAPS,WEAPONS AND MANY OTHER THINGS ,HE STILL CANNOT DEFEAT KIBA? KIBA? REALLy ? It is so stupid ,kiba is not chunnin level and even then Naruto should have been defeat him easily. Not everything is muscle power ,since for every stupid thing in your story you say the same thing . " oh its because naruto is weak in physical combat". He could use strategy ,you know ,like shika does. he can use seals. that chakra supressing seals.

you are so stupid and I am so so mad .How to ruin a perfectly good story 101
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