Reviews for Chunin Exam Day
kaisonsheart chapter 77 . 2/24
good God almighty. I have just binged this entire story in less than 3 days x.x and what a ride! this has been one the most entertaining stories I have found in quite a while! I love the time you take to not only introduce, but explain and build just about everything. it makes the world that much more intricate and add so much depth to it, it's almost unreal. I would love to know how much time abrupt and gang have actually "lived" during the time loops. you've mentioned centuries a couple times, as well as explained the whole 'natural resolution would have taken a century' then that thought leads to, is this the natural resolution happening? or just a result of never before done actions promoting a never before seen result? so many questions! either way best luck! and may your muse be fruitful and kind :p
Screamindivr145 chapter 77 . 2/24
Great story. My only criticism is it grew too detailed towards the end. It was an interesting story, but I ended up skipping paragraphs at a time. I wish you'd finish the story though.
dvilleza chapter 77 . 2/24
this is nice; i hope it hasn't been abandoned
youknowwho chapter 9 . 2/23
nice concept,horrible story. Naruto being stuck in a time loop was fascinating but your character bashing really the end this was just a regular character bashibg story,it does not deserve the popularity it gets
dragonfox123 chapter 1 . 2/16
Interesting chapter and plot and amazing idea
TheCrazyTwins chapter 77 . 2/14
I've just finished reading your story within a week. It was amazing, the originality was so refreshing after being bombarded by the same old ffn plots over and over and over. The characters were smooth and progressed very naturally. Really, this kind of writing mastery is something that I find lacking in most novels. I do hope you continue this, as I would love to hear more about Naruto's mother, the Rowlings, and the consequences of the prank reset being made the one that stuck. This is easily one of the best fanfictions out there. Definitely in my top three. Thank you so much for continuing in spite of the criticism this story unfairly received. I can't wait to see the end.
jon reeve chapter 77 . 2/12
At least it's mostly finished.

Thanks for writing.
jon reeve chapter 74 . 2/11

jon reeve chapter 73 . 2/11
Very interesting thoughts on the shadow clones here. Pretty much the same as other fanon improvements on the techniques, but explained a slightly different way. Nice.
jon reeve chapter 68 . 2/11
I'd also be interested in a fic like the one you describe.
jon reeve chapter 63 . 2/10
"Welcome home, son."
/The screen got sort of blurry around this part. Yous should talk to ffn to get that fixed.
jon reeve chapter 62 . 2/10
There are a lot of problems with the way you have the samurai's armour working. I've read enough reviews to know that most of them have been mentioned, so I won't waste my time or yours.

I'm glad that Tenten got her original family back. It would have been really important to her outside the loops.
jon reeve chapter 60 . 2/10
That's because a variety of people come to this site, and the quality of their opinions has correlation to the quality of their minds. Good job, overall, though.
jon reeve chapter 59 . 2/10
Some of your world-building is very nice. I don't agree with all your conclusions, but I can respect the thought that went into them.
jon reeve chapter 58 . 2/10
Ok, Ibiki's entrance was great and funny. You know he has a sense of humour, and a flair for the dramatic from canon.
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