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Guest chapter 39 . 2/22
Me thinks you have a bit of a hate boner for the rest of team 7
Yes kakashi was lazy and yes he did do a bit of favoritetisum but after saskua ran away he started to help naruto a hole lot more
On top of that you make kakashi out right right vindictive to naruto even going to the point of threatening him and insulting him
I'm not saying this is bad far from it but ease up on some characters
Like saskue for instance yes he was self absorbed but the way you write you make him sound down right in great full he even tryed to redeam himself (even if it was post time skip it still matters that he tryed)
Even he wasent that bad
And sakura was not as stupid as you describe her she was smart REALY smart she knew a lot of things and a lot of her violent tendency only EVER came about when naruto DID something stupid I like the story I really do but TO ME it just seams
A: a little to OOC for some of the main cast and
B: that a lot of this is character bashing for the fun of it
No cool really not cool
I can't bleave this has 15,00 reviews
nrvnqsr chapter 77 . 2/21
It's so beautiful.
nrvnqsr chapter 28 . 2/20
this is not an insult, i just find it interesting how this kind of line up with the cannon, naruto's father, in cannon, is the fourth hokage, minato namikaze, kakashi's teacher had been minato, even hiruzen's reasons for hiding naruto's heritage is the same, although i'm not sure if this information is valid since it might of been reavealed before time skip. also my advice for improving is don't completely abandon everything post time-skip, it makes things unnecessary difficult, say what you want about shippuden as a whole, but it does have some good parts, how ever rare they may be. naruto's mother had been kushina uzumaki, an actual uzumaki, making naruto an actual uzumaki, and since the uzumaki havn't been reformed, as far as i know, in any capacity, naruto becomes clan head, because he is the last uzumaki in konoha. the uzumaki clan are unknowns, meaning you can do whatever you want with then, they could be terrifying shinobi untouched in combat, or a peaceful clan, that got cut down before they could grow fangs. of course you can also never mention them at all, and continue doing what you are doing.
Guest chapter 28 . 2/17
I hope this makes it to you, the author. I am reading this fic for a second time now and I really don't see how people didn't like this as it was coming out. I am sorry you had to endure bad reviews and am glad you continued to write the story.
Mernom chapter 27 . 2/16
I can't keep reading this story. It doesn't engage me anymore.
Mernom chapter 26 . 2/15
Hmm. I don't actually care that much about you switching Tailed Beasts. What I do care about, is that if he had easy access to Tailed Beasts, he'd attack long ago. It definitely qualifies for bigger army diplomacy.
Mernom chapter 25 . 2/15
This felt like a very bad harem story chapter. Sorry, I can't really phrase it any other way. So to not reduce this review down to a bad shitpost level, I'll talk about something else instead.

Manifesting jutsu from the tail could potentially be possible according to the setting rules, if the tail developed it's own Chakra coil system. If it did not, then it should work basically like manifesting jutsu in the air next to you with no extra assist.
Mernom chapter 22 . 2/15
A western wedding is a bit unfitting to the setting... It was originally based on Christianity, and it's nowhere to be found.
Mernom chapter 18 . 2/14
Oh, so you did include clone learning after all. Still, I think that he progressed too fast. Plus, I don't think that ball gowns are even a thing in this setting.
Mernom chapter 17 . 2/14
Ok, there's doing something, and there's taking it too far. This chapter feels like a bad episode from a harem anime. I really doubt that cloths is enough of an incisive for girls to strip for you, when you have the reputation of a prankster, and suddenly start to act rather differently than before.

And you also had him learn skills way too fast. Cloth making, metallurgy, those kinds of things people learn their whole LIVES. And since you don't consider shippuden canon, that means that shadow clone memory transfer is not a factor. The only possible explanation is that Naruto is a savant at everything. This sets him up as a gray stu type character, that I don't really enjoy.
I'm not dropping it just yet, if the rest is good I can tolerate a flaw or two.
Mernom chapter 12 . 2/14
This escalated quickly.
Mernom chapter 9 . 2/14
So far, the characters are a bit TOO much antagonistic to Naruto (those who are, in any rate). Kakashi especially.
Although, maybe it was written before it was revealed who his teacher was?
Mernom chapter 4 . 2/13
The thing with Naruto learning to read was unusual. From how it's written, it's almost like he had God's words before his eyes... Oh wait.
AWastingTimeGuy chapter 20 . 2/3
I wasted so much time reading this shit.. its so ridiculous.. I'm not one to generally undermine the work of someone. But seriously ? Kiba ? So much rinse and repeat just to defeat Kiba ?
Your Naruto from the beginning and many characters or situation you write are.. sigh..
Thanks for the chapter nonetheless. Too bad it wasn't up to my expectations
ProfessorShietMeister chapter 1 . 2/2
Alright this story:
The reasoning?
You ruined every aspect of the personalities of nearly every character.
This is, in my opinion, where you started to go wrong, and why I personally believe this story is the greatest disappointment since Bill Cosby revealed he had raped those women.
You took(or, arguably, created) a genre of fan fiction, the time loop, and set a good time period for it to exist in. Right in the middle of a very influential period in the series. This is in addition to the fact that you are a very capable writer. You have near perfect grammar and spelling, and a good sense of humor(when it's not mean-spirited).
This quality is what, I believe, inherently made this story fail in total. Because there was such a buildup of hype over it being good, once you got to you're first 'bashing session' with Sasuke, I truly gave up(the first time).
There was so much animosity you displayed towards a character who was not nearly as bad as you made him out to be. As an extension to this, the one showing animosity was a character who had not shown anything near that level of hatred, and I don't believe ever would. This was a major turn-off for a story for me.
I think, though, what finally made me feel true disappointment was how you tried to twist a 26 year old with PTSD, who lost his closest friends, father, teacher and any sort of mother figure before he was 15, into some neglectful, spiteful pervert, who was constantly challenging people to fight him.
(yes this is Kakashi)
How dare you change Tayuya into that Thing she is in here.
The real Tayuya has words:
"WHAT THE #$% YOU MOTHER *&%$! I'LL RIP OUT YOU'RE %$# !* EYES YOU PILEOF $%!# $%!$ $%! $%#% AND THEN %$# ! # !$& IN A BUCKET %*&!# $% GET A HACKSAW AND $%!$ %!&*# (things breaking) %# *!%$ ** BANANA SHOES !$%$ $%"
Thank you for your time.
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