Reviews for Chunin Exam Day
tylermech66 chapter 38 . 5/21
oh, so the Kyuubi is literally trapped in a gilded cage... that hilarious:D
tylermech66 chapter 17 . 5/21
sooooo... lemons?
Manillalu chapter 77 . 5/20
Dang. This was actually kind of good. And wow is it long. Thank you for your dedication!
illumatus chapter 77 . 5/18
Just thought I'd say I enjoyed reading through this whole story, though I don't know if you still check for reviews. I'd have loved to see a short story of ~5 chapters of follow up on the fallout of this, but I suppose that ship has long since sailed. Anyway, thanks for writing!
King Eli chapter 37 . 5/12
I see you went a little crazy there on chapter 37. Ever heard of this wonderful jutsu called "IGNORE" its when you DONT PAY ATTENTION to something ON PURPOSE. Instead of threatening to rekt a story just because you suddenly realized the fact that all authors have God status over their stories (which IS LIKE FACT NUMERO UNO OF STORY MAKING) and want to torment some whining bitches, you could, i dont know, MAYBE FUCKING IGNORE THEM?! So one says something to you and you dont like it? FUCKING IGNORE THEM. Dont be some oversensitive ass who ruins a story for those who enjoy it just because he let pettiness control into getting back at somethings some people said to him ON THE FUCKING INTERNET. This is the internet, and if somebody says something not nice, GET OVER IT. As an author you should be writing stories not because readers demand it of you but because you enjoy the story. And if you enjoy having Bugs Bunny wielding a light saber against a Sithlord , please enter a cryo-stasis capsule because humanity does not posses the capabilities needed to help your mental problems.
King Eli chapter 28 . 5/12
looks like someone was PMSing when they wrote that AN for chap. 28, some of the stupidest but funniest rants I have ever read. Good Job, dumbass. LOOOLLLL
naruto kurama chapter 62 . 5/12
Cool! keep it up! Your really discreptive ! keep it up!
JModulator chapter 41 . 5/11
I loved this and previous chapter very much!
naruto kurama chapter 17 . 5/9
Guest chapter 4 . 5/9
Love the story great idea you are a genius
naruto kurama chapter 5 . 5/9
Awe! Naru-Chan it's trying to impress Him at a. love the story!
Guest chapter 1 . 5/8
Holy shit, have to agree with the constant insertion of random japanese words! Even if I recognize them all, it's so annoying!
dksamuri chapter 77 . 5/6
Amazing story. I've done little but power through it the past few days, and while I'm sad it will end after the invasion, I look forward to the ending.
Lieutenant Paladine chapter 77 . 5/5
Greetings, sir!
It seems I'm a little late to the game, but I must complement you on your amazing skills as a writer. I've been enthralled the last couple of days as I read this. Now if you would forgive me for being presumptuous, but would it be possible for you to continue writing more of this? I realize that after five years (Almost to the day) you may not have the same flow or inspiration, but I feel that this work is incomplete. This is by no means to say that it is not good, as it has been one of the best written stories I have read in 2015. I once again salute you. (You even managed to get me to draw attention to myself at work, with all the laughter and exaltation you elicited. No small praise, I assure you.)

However, if my plea does not move your benevolence I will not raise a ruckus. Though I would like to see this story continued, I can understand the myriad of reasons why it would not be.

But enough of the fancy talk.

Great story, mate!
dksamuri chapter 51 . 5/4
Ignore the assholes. I enjoy your fight scenes.
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