Reviews for Chunin Exam Day
Yo chapter 29 . 21h
So you seem like a genuinely awesome human being, and I also know (being female) that most women want sensitive men. Your writing also rocks! It is such an enjoyable adventure! I am also glad you were feeling better. Being mean is either a defense mechanism or silly pride. Thier inner selves have nothing to do with anything wrong or right with you.
LordShadow01515 chapter 27 . 9/14
Was it just me or did the conversation with the Hokage sound like Dumbledore defending Snake with his patented "I Trust Snape" spiel?
ionut.cosmin12 chapter 1 . 9/13
So what i get from the frist chapter is that you actualy was able to create a much loser and stupid .pathetic naruto then even kishimoto, why should i read that ? Sory gonna test 2 or 3 more chapters but if naruto is still a pathetic moron with half the brain from his anime counterpart , then cya .
Monagamy's Child chapter 77 . 9/13
Thank you. I enjoyed this story very much.. I would love it if you made a sequel. :)
Guest chapter 58 . 9/13
Neji was FATED to be pranked like that!
Guest chapter 49 . 9/12
Baki must die, period.
Guest chapter 46 . 9/12
Great chapter! Still... Damn you Doctor Vash! I had to clean my monitor because of you! Do you know how uncomfortable spraying beer out of your nostrils is!? Choking, snorting beer flavored snot and giggling like an idiot at the same time is not an image for posterity...
Guest chapter 38 . 9/12
Poor Kyuubi-chan!
Guest chapter 36 . 9/12
Poo wielders and Ramen cults! Heh, I laughed so hard that tears bounced off the inside of my glasses!
Guest chapter 28 . 9/12
Do what I do, write for your own amusement, not the mindless hoards who couldn't string together a short story to save their insignificant lives. That's why I don't publish my own works here, I just chuckle evilly while reading my stories when I'm not writing or reading someone else's stories. People who bitch and moan to authors who publish *FREE* stories for them to read should get throat-f*cked by a tentacle monster! If you want to name the Yondaime Barney the Pedo Dinosaur then that's your damn right as an author! Don't let the masses stifle you, that how mediocrity gets spread like a bad STD in a two dollar whore-house.
Animago chapter 3 . 9/11
Não acredito. Essa fanfic está quase me motivando...
FoxEarsFTW chapter 14 . 9/11
Use the Power of Love to destroy all your doubters in a Voltron like fashion-ttebayo!
LMFAO chapter 12 . 9/11
You do the voodoo that you do of destruction so well my dear author! I was snickering for most of this chapter!
Guest chapter 10 . 9/11
Yep. All male Uchihas have to die of ocular cancer. The females can restart the Clan by riding our favorite blond until their wombs are bloated. Sure, they'd have to be resurrected first but that's a minor technicality.
Guest chapter 3 . 9/11
Gah! Your Naruto puts the dumb into dumb blond!
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