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Detsella Morningdew chapter 1 . 10/22
On the "Japanese in fanfics" issue, I mostly agree, with the exception of a certain few techniques that are extremely famous in their Japanese, like "Kage Bunshin no Jutsu" or "Hiraishin." (That latter one being especially important becuase "Flying Thunder God" is a lot, lot longer to type.)

But yeah, I don't want to need extensive knowledge of Japanses or a translator handy to read fanfiction.
NightScarf chapter 12 . 10/20
Well, that was interesting.
humen4gyt chapter 1 . 10/17
you forgot guest that sakura practically did the same thing to sasuke but even worst logical after seeing how naruto doing that made her feel she should've known better than to do the same thing to sasuke guest
lamthai316 chapter 1 . 10/16
Wow! How did this story ever got 11k like?
It truly amazes me.
Guest chapter 38 . 10/15
Do you really see nothing wrong with Naruto asking Sakura out twice a day, more than two thousand times in total?
Are you one of those guys arrogant enough to believe that every woman should feel honored by their attention? Or are you just stupid?

Naruto's behavior is nothing less than (sexual) harrassment. Even a type of stalking.
If a girl says no, that means no. It does NOT mean "Ask me again in a few hours.".
That kind of harrassment eventually deserves a harsher response, including violence, if nothing else has worked so far.
And when you consider how Naruto had canonically assaulted Sasuke in his own apartment, taken his identity and used that to get close to Sakura and try what would have been no less than a sexual assault, then Sakura was perfectly justified to try everything to keep him away from her.
Guest chapter 29 . 10/12
Don't you realize what complete nonsense you are spouting about muscle memory?
First it's impossible to get better there due to it being "muscle" memory and the resets undoing any physical progress. Then you decide that, because it's "on" the nerves, it's still possible to make progress there, but only with the sharingan, despite everything else that Naruto learned and kept during the resets being stored on nerves as well (that's what the brain consists of, if you didn't know: nerve cells) - without him ever using a sharingan before.
And all of that gets even more nonsensical, when you know that "muscle memory" is all in the brain anyway, so Naruto could have made as much progress with his "muscle memory" as he wanted from the beginning.
Guest chapter 26 . 10/12
I forgot:
If Orochimaru could bring in some more demon containers just like that, why the hell would he ever have bothered with Suna? And why bother with the chunin exams? He could have done it at any time and with no need to risk that Suna would side with their until-then ally Konoha.
Those easily available demon containers must be one of the stupidest plot devices I've ever seen. And completely pointless, since plot devices are only needed to further a plot - which doesn't happen here due to the resets. You could have achieved the same and avoided making your story look stupid by just saying that the invasion still went badly with no specifics. Or by making up something that makes some sense, if it's not too much trouble for you.
Guest chapter 26 . 10/12
So you see fit to insult Kishimoto for writing his own fictional story the way he did and not the way you wanted?
How pathetically self-righteous is that?
itioministralis chapter 52 . 10/10
I personally think you overdid it with the harem and then Sakura joining in, as if some prank pulled on her counts as an 'entry fee'. By that logic, half of Konoha would qualify. I liked Naruto doing it by himself, now he has to juggle all of this. Hinata should've been enough, but I can see a major problem with doing it alone. It's not like every member has to be in a harem either. That's some kind of very weird logic. Just Naruto, Hinata and then, if the Hokage was being an idiot, other high-ranking (or just powerful) shinobi who could simply give orders, who don't have to be involved in any kind of relationship with Naruto. It's still one of the best fanfics I've read bit it switched focus from being 'Naruto acquires brains' to 'Harem members and their relationship' and stopped being interesting. I found myself skipping most of it.
itioministralis chapter 5 . 10/10
This is one of the funniest and realistic at the same time fanfics I've ever read. You not only use 'adult' humor, going for funny situations that could actually happen rather than that anime style ridiculous humour with sweat beads and whatnots, which never works in writing anyway, but also keep the characters in character. Everyone is believable. Haven't read the entire story yet, but I'd like this to evolve into something more serious later, it definitely deserves it.
Tinfoot chapter 77 . 10/6
I quite enjoyed this, though now I am tormented by the question as to whether or not an 11 year old story ended right where it intended to, or one chapter early.
This was a wonderful read, the kind where you lose sleep cause you just can put it down, but it also distracted me from the aches of a flu shot in my arm, so we'll call that a net 1.
I'd still like to have seen an epilogue showing how the Kitsune clan grew when finally allowed, that scene with Ino/Tenten in the first wedding loop was really nice.
jayanth7707 chapter 1 . 9/30
jinxcurse chapter 70 . 9/30
yay! more chapters! thanks!
Guest chapter 1 . 9/26
None of them were out character? As kakashi says those who abandon their teammates are worse than trash and your totally allowed to try to beat them to death if they decide not to take part in the voluntary chunin exams. Sasuke and sakura acted in character kakashi would have kicked sasuke from the team for an attempted murder any disappointment he felt in naruto would be overshadowed by the anger disappointment and shame he felt toward sasuke.
DarkBan chapter 77 . 9/4
Hey there!
First of all, thank you very much for the story, i enjoyed it immensaly! Great action scenes and even greater humor! XDD

So, quick question from an ignorant reader more than 10 years after the fact... why did you abandon this one?
(grant you, i know it sounds like some kind of accusation when written, but it's actually a question xD)
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