Reviews for Chunin Exam Day
Lerris chapter 22 . 8/12
I'm rereading this, but I think I'm going to stop for now. Time Braid really is far better. Basically you've gone beyond remotely plausible, even with the loops. Assuming every woman Naruto pursues will suddenly want to marry him, apparently at the same time, regardless of how many skills he has is, well ridiculous. They Kyubi release, reset with more power thing didn't add anything to the story. It just seemed a reason that Naruto had to go back and learn how to use even more power. In Time Braid you see the looping characters change and grow. They are compelling. Here it is just Naruto, and, somehow rather than just moving the story along we see Naruto learning tailoring? Actually you had him struggle to an extent with Kiba, yet perform credibly against Orochimaru, which is just odd.
Plasma Dragon 312 chapter 5 . 8/12
And the best part? Naruto is making use of shadow clones to become even better at those skills he feels he’s mastered or good enough at. He may not know it but every time he resets and sends more clones to do the task again they will do it a little bit better and a littler bit faster each time.
Plasma Dragon 312 chapter 3 . 8/12
Infinite amount of time? Well in that case I would master every jutsu in my Arsenal until I can perform them all seamless.
darkphzero chapter 77 . 8/9
Weird that this story was never finished when it was so close to its end and others were written after.
TrumpasaurusRex chapter 13 . 8/5
Whenever authors add fox-like traits like tails and ears, I immediately cringe. NONE of the other Jinchurikis have features as a result of carrying tailed beasts, not even previous 9 tails hosts. And that was WITH the entire 9 tails in them. Naruto only has half in him.

The only change to Naruto was as a result of exposure to 9 tails chakra while in utero. It gave him whiskers. That’s all it can do.
TrumpasaurusRex chapter 12 . 8/5
It’s too bad this is so outdated. It’d be cool if it were updated with the fact that Minato would stop the seal from being opened. Also, Kushina is in there, too. Just imagine the techniques they could teach him.
Azu chapter 33 . 7/31
So, I love this story, but everyone being able to execute shadow clone jutsu is highly unrealistic as it needs jōnin level chakra reserves to make even one, I believe it was stated quite early in Naruto too, so not a shippuden thing.
MrRockingHippie chapter 72 . 7/29
good development on Sakura.

Not a fan of the rowling bit. Seems needlessly cruel and time wasting. Would much rather read stuff you actually like.
MrRockingHippie chapter 51 . 7/28
fun fight chapters. I think you're doing a decent job of it, and i love seeing each character evolve and start using new awesome techniques.
MrRockingHippie chapter 47 . 7/28
have to agree with your muse i'm tired of Sakura bashing after the first few chapters but am really excited and hopeful she will join the clan.

For me she is a character that can go either way either terrible or a smart girl who has to grow up a little. I did start to feel bad for what she went through each reset.

frankly don't really care about the uchiha, you've wrote him in a way so i don't mind the bashing as much while still wanting to read on. and i usually don't care for bashing at all.
MrRockingHippie chapter 31 . 7/27
YES! i am absolutely in love with the idea of sharing their memories of past resets. Freaking a this story is great.
MrRockingHippie chapter 27 . 7/27
still awesome chapters. Don't much care for the bashing of characters. Yes each have bad parts in the original but also good ones.

also really love the development of his own personal bloodline abilities.

couldn't help laugh outloud about the spying paperwork.
Shadowspirit34 chapter 77 . 7/21
I sincerely love this whole story so far, no complaints, if I would have liked a last reboot but I'm happy how you handled everything I hope people will value all your effort much more I simply hope that a sequel can happen but I will leave you my idea here, in my idea it would be fun to bring a fully adult Naruto about 30 years old until the start of the chunin exams or further back although it would be more complicated well that would be my humble idea and I will sincerely support all your stories, you are fantastic
frostynips chapter 48 . 7/11
This whole chapter was literally exposition taken to the nth degree. If it’s not immediately important to the story or u are foreshadowing something don’t put it in. Show what you want to explain through the story instead of just telling us with 20 paragraphs of explanations of in world mechanics. I can’t believe this is so popular because this story does this a lot.
IntenseReader69 chapter 51 . 7/10
Math Rant Incoming:

Ok so for your tech rant I know what you mean by "Hand 30 academy students a rifles and they are more likely to kill the 9 graduate Genin" but... here's the thing, I actually know the speed of a standard semi-auto pistol and it is around 680 feet per second which is about a tenth of a mile per second so I can calculate that a standard pistol fires a bullet at 6 miles per minute which is extremely fast and it translates to around 360 mph, which is only about half of the speed of sound and that is about 695 mph. But in the very first episode of Base Naruto, he is shown to be flickering in and around the screen. This tells me that 12 year old, Academy Student, Naruto is faster than the human eye can see. Now I don't know how fast the TRAINED eye can see but it is probably much faster than the untrained eye. (around 9100 mph) so based on my estimates, I can find that the very first appearance of Naruto, is around 30x faster than a standard pistol bullet. Now I know little to nothing about rifles, but either way, with minimal knowledge on the rifles, Naruto could easily bob and weave between the bullets. (Granted Naruto was running away from an assortment of ninja ranks) Now we all know that Naruto was honestly probably High Acamademy Student level in all but speed at the time, but it is shown that the Ninja have a massively hard time with this and there are likely Jonin in the pack. So a Jonin's eyes are likely to be MASSIVELY trained for high-speed situations and they are likely to be able to see things about 2x as fast a the untrained eye. So for Naruto to be that fast, I estimate his speed to be atleast 20000 mph. And with all calculations ready I have deduced that if the 9 Genin are High Genin level, borderline Chunin, they could accurately dodge the bullets and kill all of the 30 Academy Students with minimal casualties. But High Jonin level REACTION TIME, (pretty big difference in speedI am using Kakashi for this comparison) Kakashi was able to split lightning down the middle with his Raikiri (lightning cutter) technique. Now he had to react to the lightning from a few yards away so that places his reaction time at around 220000 mph. (the speed of lightning) Now your reaction time is about 3x faster than your movement speed and to get your calculation here I have found Kakashi's max speed to be around 79000. (And remember, he did this when he about 14-16 years old) And with this I have calculated Naruto's reaction time to be around 60000 mph. Why I have told you this, I don't fucking know, maybe I wanted to flex my knowledge, (yes, yes I did) BUUUUT... I bet you didn't read all of this, so go back through and find my hidden message.

Hint: The message is based on the first letter of words

Answer: Did I just send you on a wild goose chase? yes, yes I did
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