Reviews for A Careful Remedy
Guest chapter 8 . 7/29
I was supposed to be sleepibg right now because of my cold... but this is too interesting... I like how you were able to express their you keep it realistic... this had also given me an insight on how depressed people thinks... (I mean... depressed to the point that they need medication)... I guess I'm also one of the guilty ones... fortunately my someone pulled through... I hope no one ever experience those again...

And another note... I wonder if he will tell Riku what actually happened... and I guess, that story he showed to Squall (which is this) would... "sell"... for the lack of a better word. Hihi.
Morganann5 chapter 7 . 4/6
In tears- so good.
hikari mae chapter 8 . 2/15
I've read this fic so many times over the years and it still gets to me. My heart clenches and aches and my eyes fill with tears every time I read it. I love this story so much :")
nolongerherereally chapter 8 . 11/29/2015
So... I read this when you first wrote it. And I'm re-reading now that I've done a recent replay. Through the years, my tastes and types of fandoms have changed-my standards for fic have gotten a lot higher as well. But this fic hits me as hard as the first time I read it. It's fantastic. Its portrayal of grief, acceptance and depression and trying to patch things up are all too realistic. Thanks for writing this :)
ashXbat chapter 8 . 11/24/2015
This was a beautiful written masterpiece. The idea for this story plot is so original and I never would've thought I'd find a gem like this on this website. This teaches people to appreciate those you love and cherish them.
Red-Travels-The-Furthest chapter 8 . 9/30/2015
Been so hard to find good fanfiction to read lately and stumbling upon this masterpiece I couldn't wait to have free time to read it. thanks for writing this is wonderful it was a roller coaster from start to finish and I'll definitely live life as though I'm dying now
Guest chapter 8 . 4/5/2015
THANK GOD! The ending was brilliant and I 'm happy that I read this fanfic!
Hg247 chapter 8 . 12/21/2014
...just beautiful... 3
mikidagreat chapter 8 . 9/30/2014
I really really enjoyed this story. I'm so sorry for not being able to write a better review right now-reading those last eight chapters was such an emotional roller coaster of "will he? won't he?" that I'm still shaking. That's a testament to your writing, I think. I just want you to know that someone really loved your work, even if I can't bring myself to describe what exactly I love about it.
TheUndertaker-27 chapter 8 . 6/21/2014
Man this was such a goood story. This is my Third time reading it and I still cry rivers. It comes to the point where I use a towel to clear away the tears instead of tissues.
azure sea chapter 1 . 4/8/2014
oh my god, still crying after reading this story for the 4th time *sob* and every time i want it to continue so that i can know what happens to them from now on. i really hope that their relationship will get better (and i want to read that, too! i am a sap) TT
wonderful and heart-wrenching and oh, you just know how to describe things and situations with your WORDS! so good... can't stop feeling somber now *cries*
Guest chapter 8 . 3/3/2014
KariRedlock chapter 8 . 1/30/2014
Ahhhhhhhhhh this story was so intense omg omg ;A; but i loved it ;u; I literally could not stop reading this c: the idea behind it was absolutely amazing, and I love how you portrayed all the main characters ;u;
left account chapter 8 . 1/11/2014
This is absolutely amazing. Great job.
KKtheRipper chapter 8 . 12/3/2013
You had me crying at every freakin chapter! It takes a lot to make me cry. You created such an amazing story from beginning to end. I can't wait to read the rest of your stories! Thanks for writing this! o
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