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Yuneyn chapter 12 . 2/17/2014
Wow I can't believe I only just discovered this, this is absolutely amazing and probably one of my favorite fanfictions ever. Thank you so much for writing it!
Mitsuu-chann chapter 12 . 4/29/2011
I love it sooo hot XD it's really good
DeViLaNgEl11 chapter 12 . 6/1/2010
this story is absolutely adorable! i love it! on your profile you say that this story isn't very good but i think its wonderful X3 these two have always been so cute together...and usually when people don't write in AU its just BAD but yours was very well written...anyhow keep it up and i'll be reading the rest of your stories :3

Brie92 chapter 12 . 4/30/2009
aw i don't even know what to say. that was just too cute of an ending. :)
chibi heishi chapter 12 . 4/18/2009
*throws confetti* Yay! The boys get their happy ending - all four of them. Poor Kairi, though. Nobody to love the red-headed stepchild.
GooglyMooglies chapter 12 . 2/5/2009
THIS WAS GLORIOUS! You got their characters DOWN, dude! way to go! I adore it! Major hearts and love for you!
GooglyMooglies chapter 4 . 2/5/2009
OMG SO CUTE! I love Riku... "Because he's HOLDING MY HAND" aw! Dude, that's so cute I'm gonna go poop a kitten. XD
Little Pearl chapter 12 . 1/19/2009
The story was absolutely gorgeous in a very fluffy way. And when it comes to Soriku, I really enjoy the fluff Plus the unexpected turns of events like Riku smashing Kairi's window, like Sora having a little 'Talk' with Tidus, etc. made me grin really widely. Not ot mentio Sora's cutness always makes me melt inside.

And the sex scene wasn't bad at all, I enjoy reading it

Probably I'll be reading this story once again sometime in the future...
12q chapter 11 . 11/13/2008
I am so officially hating fucking right now. So hating. GOSH. I wrote a review about two-thousand words and I packed in there all the things I needed to get out and it fucking SWALLOWED MY REVIEW AND I COULD STRANGLE THIS STUPID DUMB SHITE .

So since I'm in love with this fanfiction I see it as my duty to leave another review (which is a bit more coherent now, I promise, since I'm a bit more down off my high, ha ha) because I want you to know that I absolutely adore this story, am in love with it.

First off, to me it both feels like a story that could've happened in canon and then again not. What makes me think it could've happenen in canon is the way you portray the characters and their relationships. You portray them as so IC here! Riku being all sarcastic and slightly mean and apparently over-confident has this streak for doubting and making himself down, hating himself, and feeling he doesn't deserve it - the friendship, love, the good things, and that's so totally canon. Especially the bit about where he runs off to Kairi and Kairi sees 'the hard boy crumbling to glass in front of her': I so loved that. Because in the end, Riku really is more fragile than the others. And Sora! SORA! How I enjoyed him. His happy-go-lucky attitude, his optimism and yet his seriousness when he thought back about the Heartless (the thing with the movie absolutely did me in!), and him having matured... and him trusting his heart concerning telling Riku about his feelings (or at least Kairi for that matter) and being SURE that his friends wouldn't push him away because their understanding of each other is just so deep and their friendship so profound and emotional. Just, well, following his heart. He couldn't be more Sora.

The bit that makes me feel it's - un-canon so to say is the way you started off the fic with the first person POV. Not that it's a bad thing! It's just so much more insightful than the third person POV and we get loads of insight of the characters themselves and it's just beautiful. Besides the fact that your sense of humour is fucking hilarious and amazing :D, it really fit within the story. The way you've managed to make me laugh out loud SO OFTEN (Riku hating natural reactions because he's blushing just screams OMG, and Sora with his 'you're a dude and I'm a dude and we're being dude-ish together' cracked me up so badly, and Riku practically making fun of himself with that 'oh yeah i'm so totally an emo that has a journal and whines about life' and SORA OMG I lost it there so totally: 'having a best friend that likes angsting in a corner', seriously! *cackles*) nearly frightened myself. I LOVE THE HUMOUR IN YOUR FIC. It wasn't over-load but still cracked me up really badly cause I squealed out loud (which I never do) and stuff. Just, hilarious. But you're managed to pull it off so wonderfully (ohohoh, and Sora 'pulling off a Riku'!) and you've put in there a perfectly measured dose of angst without it being too much but just PERFECT for the serious moments,... and so true, with Riku going crazy ebcause he doesn't deserve Sora etc (though at one point I just wanted to smash his head against the wall).

I just, I love this fiction. It's so IC, and yet so funny, and just, perfect. But please don't doubt your writing skills! You should've seen me! I was totally IN THERE, I cracked up at nearly every second sentence, the inner monologues just got me so bad, I felt so sorry for Riku and the sex scene was just - woah. Let's say I'd need a shower right now, yes? It was just... as though I've been there. And the fluff wasn't too much but perfect too and... just... thank you for having written this and sharing and stuff. You don't have any other fics do you? I'm so high on your writing ;) Don't worry I won't be stalking you but i just really love your fictions. Like, really. So thank you for having written this!

*runs off now and goes spazzing around some more, fangirling and things*

(oh and just one thing. thank you for not turning them into girls but letting them be BOYS. THANK YOU.)

ps. i hope doesn't swallow my comment AGAIN because if it does someone's going to die tonight. Gr.
12q chapter 12 . 11/13/2008
OMFG I'm so happy I found this other fiction of you! I'm literally squealing and goo-ish-like here, but I don't give a damn because... just... EK
Axie Flamesilocks chapter 12 . 9/24/2008
Awright, quips:

-Sora's too damn girly.

-I really wanted to see the Wakka/Tidus thing develop.


-Riku's a stubborn jackass and I love it.

-I love how it all tied back to stuff that happened with Kingdom Hearts, and made sense with the characters' motivation (and the Riku being completely kapoof when he didn't want to be found, that's so RIKU). Also, when he said the thing about coming out and how it was like coming back to Sora again, that was really something else. LOVE.


-Coming full circle at the end. Cuz I'm a dork like that.
Axie Flamesilocks chapter 8 . 9/24/2008
Axie Flamesilocks chapter 7 . 9/24/2008
Ah, I totally should not be getting as entrenched in this as I am, but DAMMIT RIKU you're so DUMB. Even SORA'S going "Seriously, DUH!"

This is kinda different for me-I'm not used to seeing it from both sides of the equation, and when I do, the relationship's usually assembled, stamped, and packaged by Chapter 1. Here it's so simple but so damned COMPLICATED, because even if Sora says "Ya know that crush I mentioned? IT WAS YEW." Riku will probably still freak out and be all "BUT I EMO AN KANT FYND HAP(PENIS)." It's definitely not on par with your current stuff (but c'mon), and it's cliche, I'll give you that-but it's still better than 90% of the crap out there, if only because the characters and motivation are consistent and engaging (dabs of assorted cheeses notwithstanding).
Axie Flamesilocks chapter 4 . 9/24/2008
AW. I liked the last chapter, but this one's definitely my favorite thus far. (WTF, one with no buttsecks? SCANDALOUS.) It's cheesy but I could squish it. Tidus was way too much fun, and while I keep feeling like Sora's hormones are rocketing into action too fast, it's still funny and cute. I'm really loving the moments like the 'I'm Riku and I'm all mysterious and cogitating' thing, and how Sora's quick to screw with that. (My version's way too straightforward, now that I think of it. I fail at Riku-ness.)
Axie Flamesilocks chapter 2 . 9/24/2008
LMAO. I love semi-ditz!Sora. And while the idea of everyone being pretty "Er...duh?" about the whole mutual crush generally turns me off to a fic, it's not really bothering me here. (They weren't exactly subtle. XD) I was about to be up in arms about Tidus addressing it, since he's not as close as Kairi, but he's gay so he would have an IDEA what's going on, at least. Ultimately, the only thing that really irks me is it strikes me as too easy a setup, but since you gots chapters and chapters, I'm guessing it doesn't stay that way.

Sora's description of Riku is LOVE. I like how he's kind of got a role model thing going on just as much as a rival thing, and I guess that comes naturally, but I like it anyway. The "guy group" thing? WIN. I never would've picked up on anything like that in a million years, and it ties in SO NEAT.

It's most definitely hilarious-the idea of Tidus beating himself in the head with a paddle will haunt me to my dying day
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