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Reply to Hopefortheo chapter 103 . 9/21
Well yes you're absolutely correct. Its to much fun to see Hermione stand for hours and it is not enough then also get ordered by Draco . Really I am questioning whether the author have read or even seen Harry Potter. Yes its too much exciting to see how low Draco 's character will go. I am eager to see in each and every chapter how today he'll humiliate Hermione. See I am laughing as he calls her mudblood, wow what a loving declaration we got. I am swooning when he can't even think of dating her ooooh so sweet. Well atleast you got one thing right which was Draco's cowardness. Was the protagonist was Hermione? Didn't seem like that, are you sure author?
I forgot to mention I totally enjoy 100 long chapters of morbid humor and sick romance. For your kind of information I'm another reviewer not "the guest with long review".
Hopefortheo chapter 1 . 8/30
The guest with the long review, you do realise it literally says "7th year AU" in the FIRST authors note? Also, you probably missed it since you complained about it, but the first A/N also states that it is a soap, so your way of "degrading" this story by calling it a soap is illogical.

It doesn't matter what YOU think it should be about, if the author writes a fanfic, and clearly states that it's an AU, they have all the right to ignore the war and make their own plot, no matter what you think.

This is a good story, it's a fun read. Not extremely complex like a lot of other stories, but this story is what I turn to to do some "lighter" reading, as I personally prefer to read dark/angsty fics normally.
CaliforniaCougar chapter 103 . 8/28
great development character!
CaliforniaCougar chapter 102 . 8/28
lol I love that she fake slapped him
CaliforniaCougar chapter 101 . 8/28
dumbass draco
CaliforniaCougar chapter 79 . 8/26
oh shit. lol didn't think he would just blurt that out
Well chapter 1 . 8/25
Here's a warning, if you want to read a Dramione fic with actual quality, go read Isolation by Bexchan and not this. This story, literally and figuratively, completely ignores the characterization and background in the canon story, and frankly, should be thrown into a garbage bin.

In this fic, Hermione is a brainless, bitchy, whiny and petty, submissive and weak protagonist while Draco Malfoy becomes a complete ass (even way more than in canon with no redeeming qualities). AkashatheKitty, do you need me to remind you they're in the middle of a war? It's like, the whole thing's been completely forgotten in the story! Shouldn't that at least be brought up once or twice? Perhaps DA being revived? Harry's Horcrux hunting? Hermione obliviating her parents and sending them to safety? No, not a word mentioned in your fic.

And come on, by their seventh year, Hermione's already grown up enough to give literally no shit to what people think of her. She wouldn't care about little children not going to the Head Girl for help. If anything, she would be quite glad that Theodore Nott's doing the job so she could save time to study, do research on Horcruxes and train herself. Perhaps she would even realise Theo's a good person and recruit decent Slytherins she never knew like Theo, Blaise, Tracey and Astoria into the Order to fight. Draco might even be one of the people she would want to recruit. She knows the war is more important than her petty moans and groans. She wouldn't complain about Theodore Nott being more popular. If anything, she might even admire him for running away and not going to the dark side just like Sirius did.

Moreover, Hermione wouldn't be so petty that she would enter a competition about wizarding history with Draco Malfoy to prove herself. She knows her value, and she knows she has more important things to be doing. It is just way too silly. And, Hermione would never, ever, agree to wear that stupid bracelet that messed up her head.

Apart from that, Hermione's been literally tortured by Malfoy and almost got raped by him, how on earth and why on earth would she fall for Malfoy? It's just degrading and the portrayal of Hermione Granger in your fic is a disgrace to the actual character.

At last, even though Draco Malfoy's an ass when he was a kid, the Malfoy portrayed in this fic is a thoroughly evil person and deserves to rot in hell. Firstly, he's so whiny! For someone who's been pushed through a murder mission of the most powerful wizard by Voldemort under threats of your death and your whole family's death, he surely would have at least matured by a bit. But no, this Draco Malfoy is even more childish than how he was in his second year.

It's a complete waste of time reading this incredibly long, illogical, soapy and trashy fic. It doesn't even qualify up to be called a soap opera.
Guest chapter 1 . 8/24
I am on chapter 16 and my only thoughts are: what the hell? Is this a Dramione? Of course I will read the whole thing but damn... Malfoy is such an ass and Hermione is so annoying... I don't see any reason why and how could they end up together... But I trust the writer and love your other stories (BTW, maybe an "Secrets" update? ) OK, I'm going back to reading ;)
CaliforniaCougar chapter 58 . 8/22
why does it seem like Theo is angling to set up Hermione and Draco while simultaneously angling for Hermione for himself?
CaliforniaCougar chapter 50 . 8/21
damn. poor draco. damned if you do and damned if you don't
Hate This chapter 103 . 8/21
You know I came across this fic while I was searching according to reviews number and this got 6k. Then when I read through the chapters I didn't knew whether to laugh or cry cause this story is so torturing for Hermione and you flipped her character from a smart feminist independent girl to foolhardy lovesick miserable twat. I was surprised after seeing Draco's behaviour towards her whether he had some redeeming qualities or not but there was none. This story is a waste of my time and your brain. You're a sick writer who only wants to humiliate the protagonist and even after that accept everything. Hello its not harlequinn era so think according to present time. I will not read garbage of low self esteem and bullies.

Do us a favour and remove this sick fantasy of yours.
CaliforniaCougar chapter 31 . 8/21
that was actually kind of sweet for draco to do that for pansy
Giselle22 chapter 18 . 8/19
Ch 18! Am i the only one falling in love with Theo?
CaliforniaCougar chapter 10 . 8/17
slightly frowned upon roflmao
Guest chapter 54 . 7/24
This is the third time reading this story and it really just hit me how judgmental Theo is in this scene. I was always Team Theo (I love me a good written Theo) but now he is rubbing me the wrong way. I really love how the further the reader gets in this story, the more and more you see the character's flaws. It is so easy to be on Hermione's side but then you read further and realize how short-sighted she is throughout this entire fic. Anyway - I love this story so much and enjoy how you humanize all your characters, even the "villains". Draco's character growth in this entire story is truly impressive.
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