Reviews for The Bracelet
Frostbit3 chapter 101 . 3h
That A/N was just cruel.
Frostbit3 chapter 89 . 6h
Yay Kupo! I feel like I’ve know you and your family for years but it’s literally been 48 hours.
Frostbit3 chapter 88 . 6h
I’m lost as to how her wearing the bracelet is gonna make her trust him. Maybe I have to go back and reread
Frostbit3 chapter 85 . 10h
Yessss! This is the part I’ve been waiting for! Hopefully she will listen to Theo.
Frostbit3 chapter 69 . 16h
This story is kind of giving me Vampire Diaries vibes with Stefan, Damon and Elena and I’m living for it! So good!
Frostbit3 chapter 58 . 8/12
I’m really loving this story! Thank you for writing it!
Guest chapter 45 . 8/11
"omg yeah this is my main charachter, he's a bit of a jerk, but he's so redemable! and now he thinks sexual assault is cool! and is considering it! but look at him he could be worse! consent is irrelevent anyways! he's not a bad guy!" you could at least have the decency to add a trigger warning? thanks for this
Frostbit3 chapter 18 . 8/11
I’m starting to ship Theo and Hermione more now.
scarlettcat chapter 103 . 8/7
It took me a surprisingly long time to find this fic. Why I didn't think to check my favorites on this site, I have no idea. Anyway, I am pleased to say that even after all of these years, I am still completely in love with this story. It's definitely in my top two or three dramiones of all time. My favorite part of this fic is probably what you get the most complaints about. I love how it takes so long for them to get together and then when they do get together they do something stupid to push each other away. And I love that this goes on and on chapter after chapter. I could just read that nonstop. I mean, really, after they get together, the story is pretty much over for me. I like the journey. I like when they are so close to getting together, it makes you squeal. I like being on the precipice. :) I've come to the conclusion that this is the reason, I can't finish my own WIP. I don't like dramione endings, even if they are happily ever after. For me, it's all about the middle. I actually had to take a break from reading this for a little while because I was getting too close to the end, and I did not want it to end. What am I going to read now? I can't think of another story that has this long of a back and forth between them. And that is what I am craving. It's been so long since I have been actively reading, that I know there are a lot of new fics out there, but searching for what I like is such a bother if you know what I mean. It was interesting reading this story again after all these years. I remember being very much team Theo the first time around, but this time I was definitely team Draco. He didn't seem as bad as I remembered him being. I still really liked your Theo though. This is by far my favorite love triangle in any dramione I have ever read. Thanks so much for writing this. I know I will be reading it again and again.
SlitherIn00 chapter 103 . 7/23
LOVE! This whole epic story is 10/10 amazing.
AccioBubblegum chapter 103 . 7/16
this was such an amazing story... I spent my whole day reading it and it made me feel all types of emotions! honestly the author made me feel so conflicted... I didn't know who to ship hermione with, theo or draco? I was kind of leaning more towards theo but I was still more than satisfied with the ending. I found out that you made a one-shot based on this story that showed us the more... private parts of theo and hermione's relationship. I really really hope you can publish it on FFN! I cant access it on LiveJournal unfortunately :(

anyways im rambling but I just wanted to say that this fic is honestly so well written and the plot is so unique!
Malfoy-Whitlock chapter 103 . 6/28
Hi! I’ve read this all through and want to try and give some feedback without being rude or hurtful to the author. I’m grateful that fanfic authors share their works with the world, and congratulate the author of this story on the writing being so clear and professional. The vocabulary, grammar, readability etc is really excellent. For me personally I found it too longwinded, both Draco and Hermione seemed to change personality a few times and it felt unbelievable that neither of them could be as thick and naive as they were from about a third of the way through this. I know love makes us blind etc but not that blind. Also, the ring and bracelet idea was fantastic and I loved its first use, but then while it’s second use seemed realistic, it went weird then. I found Theo’s character confusing and inconsistent.

I think all in all, you’re a fantastic writer, but this particular story became overly complicated and long, so it lost its realism and credibility. I’m sorry to say that, I have no intention to hurt anyone’s feelings. All said with true appreciation that you write and make these things available for us fans. I’m looking forward to reading more of your stories! Ohand you’re AN’s make me chuckle heehee!
Karensshi1 chapter 103 . 6/27
Omygash! i cant believe I have slept on this fic! i have this in my library for a long time but didnt bother to read because it was an old fic. i dont like older fics but wow this just blew my mind! I finished reading the 103 chapters in one day!
Guest chapter 1 . 6/24
I like that Hermione has a bit of a cruel strike towards Ron lol, I'm excited to read the next chapter :)
girlyb chapter 1 . 6/24
I have read this several times over the years and always love it. So very well done. Thank you for making Draco a complete pain in the ass. As he should be. I hate it when people write him nice. Or nice too fast, lol.
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