Reviews for The Bracelet
frekles chapter 103 . 9/23
thoroughly enjoyed your story! The length was amazing! So much angst it almost drove me crazy at times, but a good book needs to evoke all kinds of feelings and yours certainly did. thank you so much for sharing it with us!
Fanficfan826 chapter 76 . 9/22
I'm 3/4 of the way through, so I won't quit now. But, oh my gosh. I keep reading a variation of THE SAME SCENE ! Over. And. Over. Since H took off the bracelet, it's just one scene after another of some convoluted misunderstanding between Draco and Hermione. Or some tension between Draco and Blaise about Tracey. Theo and Harry show up about every fifth chapter with nothing new to add. I have absolutely no idea at this point why Pansy and Astoria have even been mentioned. Enough already! The word count could be cut in half if these scenes could get tightened up and combined. This better have one heck of an ending for the amount of redundancy every reader has had to endure. Yeeeesh.
xoxoNoelle chapter 103 . 9/22
Why does it have to be over *cries*
frekles chapter 2 . 9/17
What an amazing story! I love your development of the Theo character. I know there was not much about him in the books and even less in the movies, so you have really been able to create a new character that is much your own. Yours is very different from any other I have read and yet fits more with what I have always imagined him to be!
jessica-semnadaprafaze123 chapter 103 . 8/29
The end was already a bit tiring, but I really enjoyed the fanfic. It's already become one of my favorite stories.
jessica-semnadaprafaze123 chapter 24 . 8/26
It' s so wrong. But I'm in love with Theo right now. Hahahahahh
cquoise chapter 67 . 7/29
idk how hard i dropped my jawscreamed! like i dont even predict that Theo will told her what he had known. well, we knew how observant Theo was but this wasARRRG I LOVE YOU AKASHATHEKITTY
FlyingMouse chapter 103 . 7/22
Ugh, I wasn’t really happy about how this story turned out. What disappoints me most of all is that Draco and Hermione ended up together, not because they genuinely and naturally grew to love each other, but because some silly little accessories twisted their minds and feelings for each other. If anything it was Theo’s character that I loved most about this story. I really wanted Hermione and Theo to end up together, but as a huge Dramione fan, I also wanted something good to turn out for Draco and Hermione…and although it did, the reason why it turned out well just completely disappoints me. If only they had somehow escaped the power of the ring and bracelet and made it clear that they were no longer subject to its aftereffects, then I would have become more satisfied with the way things turned out for them. (Just stating my opinion here, though. Not trying to tell you how to write or anything)
FlyingMouse chapter 76 . 7/21
I've been reading these past few chapters really quickly, just hoping something will lead to Theo wearing the ring and Hermione wearing the bracelet. Prbly won't happen, but still, I REALLY WANT THAT TO HAPPEN
FlyingMouse chapter 69 . 7/20
FlyingMouse chapter 67 . 7/20
Nooo...I'm so sad. I knew it was bound to happen at some point, but still...RIP: Theomione :'(
FlyingMouse chapter 65 . 7/20
Hermione and Draco, you IDIOTS, BOTH OF YOU! Seriously, if Hermione's goal was to help Draco and Theo get along again, she was stupid to have even considered wearing the ring and subjecting herself to its effects. Yeah, Theo would definitely want to get along with Draco after that.
I really hope Draco and Hermione (or whoever it is Hermione will end up with) don’t end up together because of the bracelet/ring, but rather, because they genuinely want each other! I have a feeling this isn’t going to end so happily for all three of them…I’m predicting that one of them—either Theo, Draco, or Hermione—is most likely going to have utter misfortune by the end of this story... :(
FlyingMouse chapter 64 . 7/20
You know what would clear things up a bit? Hermione getting back together with Ron. That would mean neither Theo nor Draco would have her, so they could become friends again. But given that I'm anti-Romione and I'm fangirling over both Draco and Theo, that prbly isn't the best option :p
FlyingMouse chapter 63 . 7/20
You've got me conflicted between wanting more Theomione or wanting more Dramione! GAHHH
KnightTeru chapter 60 . 7/15
not gonna lie, i love this story and the way you write...
but... i hate hermione for being such a huge bitch towards draco and i hate draco for being portrayed as a pathetic wimp who cant get over someone or at least keep façade and make it look like he is over that person. if i ever though of draco getting over someone, i would never have thought of a wimp but instead of an enraged idiot. im sorry but he just seems so pathetic here, even though at the beginning he was so violent towards her. the character change is soo big. but then i get that it was because of the bracelet.
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