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Bronze chapter 5 . 6/29
That Dumbass didn't bother to tell the parents of the children's adventure shows just what they ( Hermione, Padma and Harry ) are likely to face in the coming years. Dumbass didn't think it important enough to inform the parents that their children were attacked by a mountain troll in the school. That sets the tone for what he'll do whenever ANYTHING happens in the school. With that attitude, why is he even the headmaster? He doesn't truly have the best interest of the students in mind. He told Tony that it was for the Greater Good. But the question that needs to be asked and answered truthfully is, WHOSE GREATER GOOD? It certainly isn't the students.
Bronze chapter 4 . 6/29
Well, that's the first time in any fanfic I've read about Harry that the author HAS actually told me just what the hell the power he knows not is! I almost pity Tommy boy. When Harry finally reach adulthood he's going to be one hell of a bad ass wizard!
Bronze chapter 3 . 6/29
What is it about that old goat f**ker that he has no color sense?! If he's color blind, is there a potion, spell or charm that can cure it? If not, lock him in one of the oldest, deepest dungeons and seal it shut! Never to be opened again! And absolutely no help from the house elves! With him out of the way, the children WILL be so much safer! Especially Harry!
Mistress Saturn1 chapter 21 . 14h
Has this been abandoned? I'd love to see more of it.
Bronze chapter 2 . 6/28
That certainly put the old goat f**ker on notice that Harry is prepared to walk and leave him without any hope of fulfilling the prophesy. And Severus Snape is very deeply in debt to Harry for his childish act. Though that's in keeping with his personality. If or when Harry has dealings with the Goblins, they'll love his views on the British magical society.
Bronze chapter 1 . 6/28
It would seem Harry is asking questions that no one else has bothered to. Supposedly Ravenclaw is the house of the learned. Well for the house of the learned were you're supposed to verify your facts, they are taking everything about the night Harry SUPPOSEDLY killed the Dark Lord Voldemort as factual without looking at the story logically. Even their Head of House has fallen into the same trap. I think it's a case of Dumbledore prepping the wizarding world for his plans for Harry's future.
WHCnelson chapter 21 . 21h
interesting story
tgcgoddess chapter 20 . 6/30
I'm not up on all the Marvel characters, but I like this story. Your Harry seems really believable. I enjoyed his Julie-angsting a lot. The balance of humor here has been well done; not too over the top, just a nice sprinkling. If you do more in this world, would you consider adding more of Sirius' "Magician"? That plot point could go either toward sheer hilarity or an awesome way for Harry and him to bond.
Reine de la Mort chapter 3 . 6/30
Well, this is going to be a review for the first 3 chapters of this story so far, combined. So far, I like your premise, and I like your introduction. Your flashbacks explaining Harry's past in the Marvel Universe canon are short and unobtrusive enough that they don't interfere with the narrative of the present-day story, which builds upon what we have in the flashbacks. It is quite nice to see. Your knowledge of both canons, down to the background info, is clearly complete and the details are all put to good use, which is again something I don't often see in a fanfic. I appreciate minor details a lot.

But of course, I do have complaints, otherwise I wouldn't even be reviewing. Mainly split into two different gripes. The first is your usage of humour, which so far hasn't been too overbearing, but since it's only been 3 chapters, I'm probably not as annoyed by it as I normally would be. I like humour as much as any other person, and I'll happily cite examples of comedy stories I love, all day long. The thing is, I need my humour to make sense within the story itself, to really like it. Or it has to be related to the plotline or something. In chapter 3, the whole Pirate Day segment just doesn't make sense, which you admitted as much yourself in the author's note. In short, you pretty much just say, "It's in there because I like it, and I don't care whether or not it actually makes sense in the story. Deal with it." Of course, I could justify it by saying that it fleshes out the relationship between Hermione, Padma, and Harry somewhat, and so it serves a purpose. A really weak purpose that could just as easily be served without the Pirate Day thing, but a purpose nonetheless. But your author's note just implies that you don't really care about any of that, you don't care if the story here makes sense, which, to me, reflects badly on your writing and causes me to lose confidence in the rest of your story.

The second here is related to characterisation. I went and looked at your profile, so now I know of your personal dislike of Snape. The problem is that your dislike is colouring your writing of Snape. Honestly, I'm not saying that he's necessarily mischaracterised here. Mischaracterisation doesn't bother me as much as inconsistent characterisation. A character can be OOC from canon in a fanfic, as long as the author provides sufficient justification for their change of character. Here, in Harry's case, he is quite different from the Harry of canon, and that is sufficiently explained by Tony being his father.

The problem with Snape here is that I think you have him acting entirely too irrational and petty. It's odd that you have a lot of adults in this story acting extremely childish while the kids themselves act quite mature and reasonable. Draco, for example. But on Snape. I don't deny that he is petty in canon. He holds a grudge against the Marauders that, while understandable, he then chooses to vent on Harry himself, who is completely blameless in that respect. Despite that, Snape is professional, which sounds like a huge contradiction and, I suspect is part of the reason why people are so divided as to his characterisation. He's either a saint or a demon, and never in between, in my experience. But yes, he is professional. He holds a major grudge that he vents upon Harry, but he still protects Harry. He still fights for the Light. Harry does a lot worse to Snape, in canon, than simply disrespecting and disobeying him as you have here, and never does Snape actually pull a wand on Harry for that. Even the Occlumency lessons were on Dumbledore's orders. Snape never gets violent simply because he dislikes Harry, or to retaliate against the slights.

And that's related to the fact that Dumbledore is specifically tasking Snape to protect Harry. Which is why, for everything Harry does, Snape never necessarily pushes for his expulsion from Hogwarts. At the very least, I don't ever recall him saying or trying anything of the sort in the series. In this story, you have Snape acting petty and violent. Far more so than in canon. And while I get that this story isn't canon, you have yet to provide any sort of explanation for how this story deviates from canon. What causes this? What causes Snape to be so much more petty and violent than in canon? What happened to him specifically in this story, that was different from what happened to him in canon, that causes him to be like this. Because unless you can provide satisfactory answer, other than "I don't like him", I can only assume that everything that happened to him in canon happened the same way in this story, but he's just different because you don't like him. And once again, that reflects badly on your skills as a writer. If you cannot separate your dislike of a character from that character itself to write them properly, your story becomes biased and inherently illogical, and I just personally dislike those kinds of stories.
willam and jack and jake chapter 21 . 6/30
nice can't wait to read more
stars90 chapter 21 . 6/26
This is excellent work! I'm really enjoying watching Harry develop into the technomage and use it to drive the wizarding world around the bend. More please!
Guest chapter 13 . 6/22
a computer made for sorting out books and running on magic without going boom!, nice comsept est. value for the next five years at least 1.5 million gallions
Bogus chapter 21 . 6/21
Incredible Story,

I really cant remember having that much fun reading a HP FF. This is outright hilarious and you really really have to continue writing. This is awesome.

So hurry hurry pretty please:)
LoveSpock chapter 21 . 6/18
Read this storyline again. Hope you continue it.

Absolutely love your writing!

Please update soon.


hpf2114 chapter 21 . 6/13
Still an amazing story. Full marks!
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