Reviews for Harry Potter and the Invincible TechnoMage
Romily chapter 23 . 21h
I would really like to see you continuing. I dont like marvel a lot, but this read was fun.
RebeccaRoy chapter 5 . 12/13
Wow, Dumbledore better be on his best behavior, and it seems Snape is trying to do right here, playing Slytherin but still doing the right thing here.
RebeccaRoy chapter 3 . 12/13
Wow, I do like that Harry started over with Snape, in too many stories he does not do that, but here, it was right and hopefully he now has a ally in him. What he did with Draco was genius too, great way to deal with a bigot and not make an enemy.
thatperfectsomeone chapter 23 . 12/11
So just found this and it appears you haven't updated in almost two years. I enjoyed reading this and hope you haven't abandoned this story.
RavenSummoning chapter 23 . 12/9
Excellent story! I love that you wrote this, or at least started well before the deluge of Marvel movies. I hope you come back to this at some point, because it’s a very good read, I was a bit sad when I ran out of chapters. Thanks for writing!
Thumper13 chapter 23 . 12/5
I pray you don't forget us. Those of us that are limited in our ability to go places who follow adventures not only in non-fiction but also fictional writings. Please don't forget those of us that enjoy an adventure that is filled with characters that have the basic of their characters but have a slight twist to them but the same basic building blocks. I wish to thank you for your time and effort you put into this story. I pray you will have a good Christmas and New Year.

Beast Mode92 chapter 23 . 12/1
I really have to compliment your merging of the marvel and hp verses.
Beast Mode92 chapter 21 . 12/1
this story is really good. i loved how you blended the marvel and HP worlds. L also like the cameos for bruce wayne and oliver queen. This and A Third Path to the Future have become one of my favorite hp/marvel crossovers to date.
agdery007 chapter 23 . 12/1
Great story so far, you have blended the two worlds quite well. A great blend of humor, action, teen drama, etc. I look forward to more.
PGHammer chapter 23 . 11/24
It figures that the Ravenclaws (and the Muggles) would be up on Foom (and WHY Harry would know him). The embarrassing part is that Tony Stark lost to Foom - twice. (Losing to Foom as a Dragon is kinda expected; losing to Foom the chef is - rather embarraskin' as a certain sailor would say.) What Hermione is trying to swallow is that Harry DID try to introduce HER to Foom - and his restaurant - three different times - and SHE blows HIM off, How is she going to recover from this "snipe-fest-that-wasn't" without looking like "sister-of-Crabbe"? (Especially in front of Padma?)
PGHammer chapter 22 . 11/24
Okay - Lockheed partially explained. (Lockheed is, in fact, partially-telepathic - and not just to Harry; he has mindspoke to a few X-Men - not alone Jubilee and Wolverine.) Yes - Lockheed is named after the firm that built the Blackbird for the X-Men; still, I wonder what happened to Martin Aircraft in the Marvelverse. (Points of divergence - Martin Aircraft existed in both the Marvelverse AND the "canon" universe, of course - World War II was pivotal for both companies, or have we forgotten the Martin bombers sold Lend-Lease to Canada and the UK? Martin merged with Marietta Aerospace (missiles) and moved to Bethesda, MD; they are the core of Lockheed-Martin's Missile and Space Division today (still in Bethesda).
PGHammer chapter 23 . 11/24
Absolutely positively *canon* Marvel - Foom is as real as Spider-Man - or Jennifer Walters. And he has a Chinese restaurant in Four Freedoms Plaza (the replacement for the original Baxter Building). The quality of the food is such that not do ALL the Four like it, even no less than Doom orders take-away, (Seeing Doom show up and dress down Karkakoff was choice - finding out that Doom is related to Victor KRUM? *GULP-O*) Harry's been busy apparently - pilfering Deadpool's bodyslide tech? Franklin Richards is a Muggle, and a Mutant and THE most powerful such in ALL the Marvelverse. (Yes - including Dr. Jean Grey - if not Grey and Wanda Maximoff *put together* - heart-attack serious, that.) And he held back.
Milagro626 chapter 23 . 11/24
Hey! Awesome story as always. Anxious to see the next chapter.

Haven't seen Pepper around, and as she is the "mother" figure maybe she can show up talking to Sue Richards, or the other female Avengers about Harry and the other "children". Maybe bring in Pepper to help with Sirius's baby situation, and how her maternal instincts would like a baby. Tony will have to give it some thought!

Also, how about Franklin "copy" Snape and Dumbledore's memories and put it into a Psi-cloud. That way Harry and Neville can learn from them for future "adventures"?

What do you think?
WillItWork chapter 23 . 11/21
This was a lot of fun, and a great read getting caught up.

I really like well-justified fusions, and the one divergence works really well as a possible basis from Marvel and Disney properties.

Also, using personal knowledge and basis makes for great writing and realistic characters.

Thanks for sharing!
Seren ferch Dafydd chapter 21 . 11/12
Up to now you have painted Hermione's parents as pretty nice, especially about magic. However, any parent that dumps their 14 year old child alone in coach while they sit is 1st Class are jerks. Speaking of the parents of two [now grown], we only flew 1st Class when we could get up grades for all 4 of us. Otherwise all four of us flew coach. I know parents do this, I have seen it, but they still are jerks. I hope this is a momentary aberration.
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