Reviews for Harry Potter and the Invincible TechnoMage
Space King Wizard Duck chapter 13 . 7/26
Well, remind me to never piss of Lunas dad, because thats some Dresden Files Fae-level of "I'm annoyed" so i really don't think he's human or entirely human.

Or he somehow knows Steven Strange, which still counts for that first part.
Mackenzie chapter 7 . 7/19
The beautiful thing about this book is that you switched everything up. You are extremely accurate with exactly what would happen if Tony Stark did take in Harry. I also love the fact that you made Dumbledore the, honestly, abusive , annoying, and terrible character whom almost got multiple students killed. Thank you for existing and creating this amazing book.
wikidsilverwolf chapter 23 . 7/19
finish thispleaseeeeeeeeeeeee
Nom de plume chapter 23 . 7/14
Please add more!
Kitteninthemoonlight chapter 23 . 7/11
You have GOT to continue this story PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE! this story has had me in it's grips from the first couple paragraphs. the fact that it has ended where it has has left me in a minor panick thinking about what will happen next! I mean seriously all the things you have come up with in the story leave my mind racing to fill in the blanks that "might" happen. but without you writing up what WILL happen I will never know since it was YOUR mind that came up with this story not mine and the fact that only you can continue it. so once more I ask of you to please continue this story!
Kitty Kat Vixen chapter 23 . 7/11
This. Was. Awesome. I freaking loved it. It was beautiful, graceful, basically perfect. I adored this story. Can't wait for your next update!
Kitty Kat Vixen chapter 11 . 7/10
I'm really enjoying this story. There are really not that many mistakes, and in all honesty, this is one of the coolest books I've ever read. You provide logical, clear explanations, you don't go overboard, you you make sure things get done in an awesome fashion. *lifts and drops hands onto lap* I don't see why people complain. Go away if you don't like. It really is that simple.
waffleiron72 chapter 1 . 7/10
I really like this fic! Good premise, and nice dialogue.
There are a few problems, though. One is your dialogue tends to go like thisBlah blah blah." He said. (That's just an example.) The period after the last blah is supposed to be a comma, and the He is supposed to be lowercase.
Then there's a piece of dialogue from Harry that bugs mePlease thank Stephen, Steve, Clint, Wanda and Mistress Harkness for helping me get ready for this. Make sure JARVIS, pepper, happy, and Rhodey know I miss them already. I love you Dad." That's very wordy and a little hard to read. Edit it down to "Can you tell the others thank you for helping me get ready?" It reads kind of like a letter that Harry would write home to Tony, not actual dialogue.
Good job!
Guest chapter 23 . 7/8
Excellent chapter! I loved Harry's solution for the first task as well as his meeting with Von Doom. Is he the unexpected ally? I like how the champions are working together and look forward to your version of the second task. Harry's Christmas gift for Hermione was very funny, especially since he wasn't aware of the added feature. The scene between Franklin and the bullies was intense and a good demonstration of his powers. The scene in Dumbledore's office was very well done and didn't paint the teacher'said in a very positive light. Thank you.
cellester chapter 23 . 7/8
Great chapter! Love when magicals get put in their place. Hope you update soon.
Procusi chapter 3 . 7/8
I've never finished this story and whenever I see it listed, I wonder why. So I start rereading it and get to this chapter. And I see Harry apologizing to Snape for Snape destroying his property.

The stupidity is so incredibly jarring, especially after he is threatening to leave the school and charge Snape for his destroyed property in the previous chapter - but FOR REASONS, he decides to let Snape walk all over him and not bother following through with the threats he made and force Snape to face the consequences of his criminal behavior.

And I am reminded why I never have bothered finishing this story and I stop reading it again.
Honestly don't you two read chapter 23 . 7/7
It is a great story, I really hope you will continue soon :-)
Cayar chapter 16 . 7/5
US: a-LOOM-ih-Num (my part of it at least...)
silversongs chapter 23 . 6/28
Bravo! I just loved the way Franklin put those turds in their place. And I'm so disappointed in Albus, Minerva and Snape. Won't they just learn to leave poor Harry alone? Thanks for the updates. I do so love this story!
ThatGalladeAcrossTheStreet chapter 10 . 6/27
I like this story so far, you've done a very good job on it.

That being said, I've noticed a worrying habit that you seem to share somewhat with Sinyk, that being your tendency to "punish" boys, as it were. While it's not so major to keep me from reading this (yet), it's something that isn't exactly nice to see.

Although, at least in this, Hermione doesn't punish Harry for giving her a vault of Galleons as part of a present (her birthday, if my memory serves). Not telling her about his friend is somewhat better of a reason, though still irksome.

There are other mentions of male-punishment in the story as well. It's something I figured I'd bring up in a review as it's an unpleasant tendency rooted in what is essentially reverse misogyny. This is both unreasonable and unnecessary.
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