Reviews for Harry Potter and the Invincible TechnoMage
Bronze chapter 13 . 6/30
Regardless of what A. P. W. B. Dumbledore signs he'll do as he damn well pleases. He has his vision of the Greater Good and nothing is going to change that. Modify it, yes, eliminate it, never! This story has really kept my interest as I haven't left off reading to read another before returning.
Bronze chapter 12 . 6/30
Just love that rant you posted Clell65619. What is it about that stupid old fraud that he wants Harry to truly destroy Voldemort but a) refuses to say anything about it and b)refuses to truly train him to do the job? That's like expecting someone who's never flown a helicopter in their life to fly and fight an AH-64. It ain't happening! Just who's been making this guys Kool Aid all these years and what the hell have they been putting in it?! Dumbass must be so far past senile that they don't even have a name for his stop yet! Some people hoard clothes or pens or other things of that nature but this idiot hoards information and still expects thing to go according to his plans. Dumb as a bag of hammers! That's Dumbledore!
Bronze chapter 11 . 6/29
No complaints from me on what you do. This is after all , your story not mine. From the sound of things Remus is going to fail to0 connect to Harry just like Sirius did. Dumbass Dumbledore will not except that. It would in all likelihood take a dope slap from the Hulk to make that old goat f**ker realize that training Harry was the only way to go. However, we both know that'll never occur! The old fraud's heart is set on dragging his society back to the dark ages or even earlier. As I quoted once before " None so blind as those who will not see. " That describes the old goat f**ker perfectly.
Bronze chapter 10 . 6/29
Ya, you are a comic geek, that's for sure! Power Pack died many, many moons ago, though I liked it also. I found it hard to believe you would send Harry back into that deathtrap called a school as long as that batshit old goat f**ker still ran it. If, and I do mean if, Dumbledore truly cared about getting Harry to fulfill that stupid prophecy, he'd get off his lazy old ass and give Harry the training he needs to truly defeat Tommy boy once and for all! In cannon all he ever did was tell Harry to enjoy his childhood while he could. The only problem with that was , that Harrynever had a chance at a childhood because of where Dumbass Dumbledore placed him. Not to mention he lied about Harry having no other living relatives. The Tonks family are related to the Black family through Andromeda and Harry 's related through his grandmother who was a Black by birth. Thus proving Dumbledore lied through his teeth to place Harry in an abusive house. Thus Harry could've gone to live with the Tonks family. But they would've taught him everything about the wizarding world and likely had an inheritance test done. And with Andromeda being a lawyer in both worlds she would've pressed for the Potters will to be read. Or in the event it'd been sealed, pressed for it to be unsealed and then read. All things Dumbass didn't want to happen.
Bronze chapter 9 . 6/29
If there are boring parts I've somehow missed them. And I can't agree with you. Having the Hulk show up at Hogwash wouldn't make Tom say Damn! In my humble opinion, that'd leave him speechless with envy. Think of it from this angle Clell65619. If Harry's Chaos Magic blew a hole in the outer wall of the school and the Hulk only gets stronger the angrier he gets, there wouldn't be a school left when he finally left! Do remember that when the Hulk smashes his fists into the ground he causes major earth quake type damage. When he slams his palms together it's worse the any hurricane ever recorded. Should he turn up within the halls of Hogwash Dumbass would be wise to evacuate the whole school before even thinking of trying to fight him. I can imagine that headache Dumbass would get trying to read that brute's mind! They don't brew enough headache potion to cure that level! Though Harry might be able to talk him down without any damage to the school. Though I imagine the staff would refuse to believe that a thirteen year old could do such.
Bronze chapter 8 . 6/29
I read Waldo Inc. along with Magic Inc. some many years ago now. But it still remains a damn good read! I should hope Tony upgrades the Techsuit! Harry's going to need it to survive the old goat f**ker's plans! He may've lost the first battle to control Harry and his destiny, but he's still going to do whatever he has to to win the war. He has fixated on the prophecy to the point that anything goes as far as he's concerned. Harry told that dumbass that Quirrell was sharing his mind with another entity but the moron refused to listen. All this goes to show you just how assbackward the wizarding world of Great Britain is. Even in cannon the adults are stupid! When Harry and friends told them that Peter was alive and they'd seen him, they were ignored because they were underage! None so blind as those who will not see! I won't even get started on the Pure Blood fantasy! Those fools are so far up their own collective asses they see everything twice!
Bronze chapter 7 . 6/29
Not quite true Clell65619. It'd be rather easy to forget but he better get it right or else. Self oblivate and no more memory of the beat down. But one little ooops and there goes all his knowledge. A whole lifetime of it. No memory of walking, talking, reading, writing, toilet training, even magic gone. Spell damage ward for the rest of his life. After all, who's goning to be stupid enough to restore Tom Marvolo Riddles memory? Oh, sorry, stupid question. Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore is who! He is so convinced that the prophecy is true that he'd have to restore Tom's memory just so Harry and he could fight and Harry die after weakening Riddle enough for Dumbledore to kill him and take all the credit. Now in anther fanfic I read Tommy boy was killed by a wizard in Romana who was also born on 7/31. Just because it said a child born as the seventh month dies doesn't mean it has to only be Harry. After all, was Harry the ONLY child born on that day in the entire world? That's as unlikely as the moon gently leaving orbit and settling gently on Earth with out cause any harm to the planet. So Dumbass's interpretation is so full of shit it needs to be flushed!
Bronze chapter 6 . 6/29
The ongoing battle of words and pranks between Ben Grim and Johnny Storm has ben a staple of the FF comic fro many, many years. As has Ben's battles against the Yancy Street Gang. Though, with the Yancy Street Gang, it's more about making themselves look big in their own eye. Harry's very lucky to be able to call all these people friends. It should make Dumbass really rethink his plans for Harry's life as it could become extremely hazardous to his power if he hurt or caused Harry to be badly hurt.
Bronze chapter 5 . 6/29
That Dumbass didn't bother to tell the parents of the children's adventure shows just what they ( Hermione, Padma and Harry ) are likely to face in the coming years. Dumbass didn't think it important enough to inform the parents that their children were attacked by a mountain troll in the school. That sets the tone for what he'll do whenever ANYTHING happens in the school. With that attitude, why is he even the headmaster? He doesn't truly have the best interest of the students in mind. He told Tony that it was for the Greater Good. But the question that needs to be asked and answered truthfully is, WHOSE GREATER GOOD? It certainly isn't the students.
Bronze chapter 4 . 6/29
Well, that's the first time in any fanfic I've read about Harry that the author HAS actually told me just what the hell the power he knows not is! I almost pity Tommy boy. When Harry finally reach adulthood he's going to be one hell of a bad ass wizard!
Bronze chapter 3 . 6/29
What is it about that old goat f**ker that he has no color sense?! If he's color blind, is there a potion, spell or charm that can cure it? If not, lock him in one of the oldest, deepest dungeons and seal it shut! Never to be opened again! And absolutely no help from the house elves! With him out of the way, the children WILL be so much safer! Especially Harry!
Mistress Saturn1 chapter 21 . 6/30
Has this been abandoned? I'd love to see more of it.
Bronze chapter 2 . 6/28
That certainly put the old goat f**ker on notice that Harry is prepared to walk and leave him without any hope of fulfilling the prophesy. And Severus Snape is very deeply in debt to Harry for his childish act. Though that's in keeping with his personality. If or when Harry has dealings with the Goblins, they'll love his views on the British magical society.
Bronze chapter 1 . 6/28
It would seem Harry is asking questions that no one else has bothered to. Supposedly Ravenclaw is the house of the learned. Well for the house of the learned were you're supposed to verify your facts, they are taking everything about the night Harry SUPPOSEDLY killed the Dark Lord Voldemort as factual without looking at the story logically. Even their Head of House has fallen into the same trap. I think it's a case of Dumbledore prepping the wizarding world for his plans for Harry's future.
WHCnelson chapter 21 . 6/30
interesting story
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