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TheLionOfLannister chapter 1 . 6/26/2009
Ah, man, I loved this. Seriously - loved it. You totally had the characters down, and it was a blast to read. And I have you to thank for my knowing who the characters are in the first place, heh! I love fics where I can hear the characters speaking in my head as I read the dialogue, and this was one of those, definitely. Shows you really wrote them well.

Oh, I love Kaidan so much. Seriously. He reminded me a lot of Carth, for obvious reasons, but without so much paranoia. And Garrus was just the coolest. Ever. Also, Joker.

I know it's on hiatus, but I enjoyed reading what you've already written anyway. The best post-ME fic I've read yet - I could see this following ME up clearly. A very engaging story - thanks for writing! :)
Zing-baby chapter 8 . 8/22/2008
So, i just read your story, and I love it! I really wish you would continue, it really is a good piece. Please, please, please, please, please?

I'm waiting for more ever so impatiently. )
Sarcasm Turtle chapter 4 . 8/13/2008
Just read all of it, but this chapter definitely made me giggle bc of the TalixGarrus thing. Haha, I loved it! And the Shenko is definitely wonderful :) Hope you update soon! :D
Row chapter 8 . 3/28/2008
By far one of my fave stories on this site, keep it up! Bioware should recruit you as a writer for Mass Effect 2! :D fantastic work.

I felt quite guilty after completing the "Bring down the sky" mission, as I followed the same path in your story. But thats what I love about Mass Effect, the intereaction and the consiquences.

PS: The "pain in the glass" joke? LMAO now THAT was clever and funny as heck. Onya Wrex! Na, Stop picking on poor Joker! lol XD :P
Zarunai chapter 8 . 3/27/2008
Easily my favourite fanfic on the site, and obviously for many others, too, judging by the number of reviews. I like the time and detail spent on each character, it makes a nice change, but Shepard and Kaidan are so intriguing that I can't help wanting to read more that relates directly to them. Well done, can't wait for more. :)
MasterGizka chapter 8 . 3/23/2008
i love it ) good fanfiction. you kept the characters, in my opinion, straight up. i enjoyed everyone acts and seems the way they should be from what we experienced from the game. the story is great, and i hope you don't stop. this is very good writing. )
wyvernrider chapter 4 . 3/16/2008
Poor Garrus... *hugs him*
J.A. Carlton chapter 8 . 3/15/2008
Did I mention that I LOVE the shoutout to TPB? No? I do! THank YOu! :D

Okay right nowI'm thinking... that cleansing ritual sounds a wee bit archaic... and thoughI understand the principle for it... MEEP!

I love that she didn't even think about not returning until she got back. :D Speaks to a little bit of that alien influence. ... hm

Also love the fact that she never even gave it a thought that he might send others besides her. :D

IT's interesting to see Kaiden and Shepard fight... they both have their valid points which makes it even more interesting... ah Ilove those shades of gray.

Pain in the Glass... lol *Waves at WRex*

Love seeing Shepard able to banter a bit... its a great stress relief.

And Ambassador Alenko huh?

interesting... especialy for a first contact type sitch... *spocks eyebrow*

Can't wait for more. :D

and Yes, Great Generals aren't always great people.


Also good of Kaiden to have that *facepalm* moment when he realized what she'd done by doing what she did. :D

He's a smat one... just a little slow on the uptake sometimes. Tis okay though. :D


and as always, can't wait or more! :D

thanks milady.

bulletformybanana chapter 8 . 3/15/2008
Oh, what a suprise, another great chapter! I really like this one, alots going on. I still love this story, great job on this chapter. I'll be waiting for your next update! ]
Row chapter 7 . 3/12/2008
Top-notch stuff! You're portraying the characters perfectly, even better.

This story is brilliant! Keep it up! :D
katzy85 chapter 7 . 3/3/2008
This is probably my favorite story on the site right now. I really like the way you've portrayed Wrex. It remains faithful to the character that's presented in-game, but you were able to give him a greater depth of feeling. I love the image of the pet varrens.

Can't wait for the next chapter. I'm wondering what's going on with Shepard and the rest of the Normandy crew. That was a cruel cliffhanger you left us with in the last chapter.
AssaultSloth chapter 7 . 3/3/2008
Cool stuff.

First of all, a whole chapter of Wrex! Awesome! I am so glad you are keeping him in the fold instead of inundating us with the romantic exploits of mere humans. Please do keep the trend up, for you write the aliens beautifully.

This chapter was cool from start to finish. Your tidbits about krogan society were subtle and well-done. Most resonant for me was Wrex not even staying to watch Mtavo's fight, and concluding Mtavo had been victorious merely by virtue of not being attacked while he slept. Also great was Wrex using the word krogan to insinuate Mtavo wasn't necessarily fully trustworthy.

The high point, though, was "Maybe not. But you'll still be dead." That line is so perfect for Wrex. It belongs in Mass Effect 2. Just awesome.

If I could offer a couple minor criticisms: 1. At one point, you have Wrex reaching an arm out and wrapping it around Jedda's waste, rather than waist. 2. I like how you've hinted at female krogan appearance, except that I think making their tails prehensile is going overboard. A longer tail is one thing, but one that's sensitive and dexterous enough to bus tables is unlikely to show in one gender and not the other. Not a big deal, but it irked me. That said, the tail-wrapping of affection is very good. And for 3, I'm not sure if I want to say it. The complaint is that Wrex manages to kill his grandfather with a mere swipe of the blade, which seems, to me, contrary to the depiction of Krogan as hard to kill even with a gun/having redundant organ systems/etc. I am hesitant to even mention it, however, because of the awesome brevity of the fight, which really made it stand out better than if it had dragged on. (As a possible compromise, perhaps a bit of description in there about how Wrex had aimed for one of the few death-spots on a Krogan would be prudent)

Those minor complaints aside, awesome, awesome work. I vote we get Tali next, but I'm biased.

Keep it up.
Mike chapter 7 . 3/3/2008
I loved it you nailed Wrex right on. It was well worth the wait please keep going i anxiously await you next installment..

J.A. Carlton chapter 7 . 3/3/2008
Hee hee the softer side of Wrex... lol ... sorry I couldn't resist! and I don't even know the guy!

Seriously this chapter just blows my mind! I mean it's surgically precise, go in, explain only what has to be explained, recon, and strike!

Beautifully done. And I love the explanation of how the city is laid out and why, it's very logical for a warrior race, and Wrex's minor ruminations about the interference of one species in the development of another and the understanding that at some point in time all intelligent beings are going to have to fight the urge to play God to another... Very insightful...

I'm curious about his relationship with Jedda though, he must trust her beyond question... I'd be interested in finding out a little more about their history and why that would be. (is she an OC? or Canon?...sorry, I wouldn't know.).

Anyway From the sparse description of his dying world, to the abrupt and complete coup, I want to know more! and I eagerly await the next installation!



MasterGizka chapter 6 . 2/22/2008
i absolutely love your story so far ) it is very addicting haha, i'm definitely gonna be waiting for the next installment of it. keep it up.
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