Reviews for Playing With Scissors
ACleverName chapter 1 . 5/23/2010
Nicely done. You've got the dialogue down perfectly.
unoriginal-elizabeth chapter 1 . 2/9/2009
(better late than never?)

This is just brilliant :) So funny and in-character - I firmly believe that this *completely completely* happened and not even a contradiction from the Moff could convince me otherwise! I love...well, all of it, but that makes copying and pasting favorite lines a bit...impossible. So just take it that there are too many beautifully funny and in character lines for me to quote.

I love your reasoning behind Sarah's haircut - it makes perfect sense - the only sort of rebellion she can manage then. I like her conversation with Sam and the way her inability to stand up for herself flavours the whole fic. I like that the Lynda-Sarah relationship, and the way Sarah *allows* herself to be treated isn't resolved, and that Sarah doesn't even really properly examine it - but it thrums away in the background, influencing everything.

I'm sort of terrified at what you've accomplished, implausibility-wise! :)
EstellaB chapter 1 . 5/3/2008
Oh, :D

I'm going to have to leave one of those long random reviews which pretty much dissects the fic and lets you know exactly what I loved about what. Sorry, but I have to.

-Sarah brandished her Curly Wurly in what she hoped was a menacing fashion.


-‘It’s nice,’ added Kenny from his desk.

Opposite him, Lynda briefly glanced up. ‘It’s brown.’

‘Brown can be nice,’ replied Kenny, a little hurt.

(PERFECT Kenny and Lynda. Completely perfect. And in so few lines :D)

-‘But why burn your trainers?’ Sarah managed. ‘I offered you a tenner for them last month. They’re nice and worn and we’re both a size 6.’

(That's DISGUSTING-and not in the normal PG way. Why would you wear Colin's old shoes?).

-‘Ignore her,’ added Kenny, ‘she’s still grumpy because of You Know Who going back to You Know Where.’

(I love Kenny. *hugs Kenny*).

-You could practically hear the clank of his mental gears switching into Hustler Mode at the vaguest mention of money.

(Well, yeah).

-‘I’d be happy to charge a very special Friends Rate if any of you Cool Cats were looking for a Fresh and Happening new look…’

(I could always hear Colin talking in Capital Letters whenever he was Hustling).

-‘Kenny did.’

All eyes turned to Kenny, who was suddenly very interested in his biro. Kenny coughed.

‘And a very good job you did of it too, Colin,’ he told the pen eventually.

(Yet more perfect Kenny).

-‘Do me.’

(LOL. Sorry.)

-watching him as he picked up a colourful toy watering can

(Oh Colin. I wouldn't let him NEAR my hair with that watering can, let alone scissors).

-Especially by someone like him… in fact, the thought of him of all people running his fingers through her hair was one that she had never so much as entertained until that moment.

(I reiterate. I love Colin, but the idea of him running his hands through my hair makes me feel somewhat queasy).

-‘You’re going to tell me you love me.’


‘Happens every time. It’s the reason the lads stopped using me, it was just getting too embarrassing all round.’


-‘It’s the 90s, Sarah. Masculinity… Femininity… they’re not the social constraints that they were back in the Dark Ages. They’re just words. Outmoded concepts. This can’t be a man’s haircut if a woman is wearing it, now can it?’

(I'm glad it is no longer the nineties).

-And as her hair began to grow longer along with the nights, she began to think about going back for more, to be able to close her eyes and transport herself somewhere else for half an hour and come back cropped and zinging once more. She began to think about going back again and again and again, of getting those little confidence injections on a regular basis, until either she no longer needed it or he had no more to give.

So that is precisely what she did.

(I love that ending. Just... perfect. :D)

Sorry. Told you it would be a long review...
bethamphetamine chapter 1 . 12/12/2007
Oh, how I LOLed. I LOLed a lot.

"Now will you please just leave me alone… please. Thank you. Please."

I like SaCol too . . . because here in South Australia, the biggest canned fish/tuna company is Safcol! It seems appropriate, somehow.
bibsy-bebs chapter 1 . 12/10/2007
That was fantastic!

I absolutly loved it!