Reviews for Sacrifices
Jillgrab chapter 39 . 4/12
Ugh why can’t they just say they love each other? This is torture know how they both feel but the other doesn’t.
Jillgrab chapter 31 . 4/12
What was my name again? Lol
CLEFE chapter 59 . 4/5
Wow...Thank you for this beautiful story and the long mostly happy end! I loved to read it very much!
Kksmum chapter 55 . 3/26
I have just finished chapter 59 again.
I am crying again. Such a great story so well written.
I think thats 4 times I have read this.
Thanks again.
Lillywhite1 chapter 59 . 3/25
Thanks for writing this wonderful story! chapter 39 . 3/22
I was hoping Edward would do that! Thank you so much for writing this story. I love reading it and I can’t wait to see what happens next!
RunsWithWolves77 chapter 50 . 3/17
Great to have Bella reunited with Jake & Grace.
RunsWithWolves77 chapter 19 . 3/15
It's a very good story, well written except for the double chapters.
EilonwyOfAvalon chapter 39 . 3/1
Again! Again, he felt he knew better and completely disregarded her.

I want to PUNCH Edward with Emmet’s fist and, while Mr. I-Know-Better-Than-EVERYone is trying to extract himself from the large tree he impaled, sit Bella down and have a chat about self-respect & sticking to your guns.
EilonwyOfAvalon chapter 33 . 2/28
Honestly, I spent a good portion of this chapter angry. Angry at the Cullens for AGAIN completely dismissing Bella and disregarding her request that they leave the scumbag boss to her. I get that the majority of their relationship was spent with Bella needing protection but their vampire brains remember that she too is a vampire now. She is in no danger from a predatory human.

The fact that she only spoke to them about his inability to physically assault her and not lay a verbal smack down on each of them is frustrating.

I’m enjoying this story, truly. Any art (literature, music, acting) that can evoke an emotional response from me is *good*. You’re talented, that’s for sure
Monnie Mcintosh chapter 59 . 2/1
Extremely beautiful story. Thanks for sharing it with us.
Monnie Mcintosh chapter 22 . 1/28
Every second chapter is the copy of the other one. We heard from Bella, I don’t think we need to hear the same thing from Edward.
Carly chapter 59 . 12/29/2021
I know you’ll probably never read this review, but I want to express just how captivated I was with this story! I kind of wish that this is how the saga had ended. Though everything poor Bella went through was just so heartbreaking. I love how even though she “chooses Jacob”, she ends up with Edward anyway. Because they were truly meant to be!
Greenshells chapter 27 . 12/10/2021
Loving this story but not the chapters that repeat scenes in different pov’s. It takes the story backwords, is distracting and just worth skipping unless it’s a once in an extreme while type deal.
Raven Goldwood chapter 59 . 12/5/2021
I LOVED this! I binge read it in less than a day. It is easily one of my favorites. It's amazing! I love everything about it. It's simply perfect.
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